Maria suffers from side effects of the HPV vaccine – improving in two weeks


In a previous post, I told the story of 16-year-old Kathrine, who in just over five years has been ill of the HPV vaccine Gardasil. Recently, calling another mother of a HPV side effect affected girl of 27 years. Maria gets the HPV vaccine Gardasil in 2012, and four months after she feels the first effects. The family lives in Jutland, so it’s hard for me to deal with Maria. Maria goes fortunately already with a healer. Therefore, instead I advise her to use the LifeWave patches over Skype.

Corsentials supplements

Maria experience like other HPV side effect affected girls and their relatives that they are in an intoxicated condition, the body reacts abnormally and out of balance. I start by recommending Corsentials, which is a great dietary supplement product from LifeWave. It contains many good things such as raw milk, antioxidants, fiber, potassium and B vitamins, and more. Corsentials is a good product that relieve stress and supports the immune system. It has a detoxifying effect – that is, that it cleanses the body of toxins.

I also recommend the Y-Age Glutathione patch, which helps to eliminate toxins and heavy metals from the body – precisely the HPV vaccine is criticized for giving heavy metal poisoning. Health patch Y-Age Glutathione boosts our own glutathione levels in the body, which is our most important antioxidant. Maria also has difficulty sleeping, so I recommend sleeping patch Silent Nights.

Effect of 14 days

Maria and her mother have been intro meeting in Aalborg to get a little background on the patches from LifeWave. When Mary has used the patches for 14 days, we talk together over Skype. Maria has already much better. She started to read books again. She has more energy for his friends. She can bike 10 minutes to the bus without being nearly as breathless as she used to. She was better to deal with dizziness and overwhelming situations with many people. She can slowly feel that she is better to concentrate and focus – not on the same level as before, but she sees that she is on the right track. She sleeps better at night, have less joint pain and reduced headaches.

We are talking about the new LifeWave patches she will use. Among other things, I recommend energy patch Energy Enhancer, which can increase strength, stamina and enhance energy levels. And so I recommend that she continue with other patches from LifeWave that she already has good effect. We have agreed a new Skype Meeting before Christmas. I look forward to telling you more about the course in the new year.

Kathrine is still doing well

16-year-old Kathrine Thorius, which I wrote about in this post,it is still well after the treatments with among other LifeWave patches.

Kathrine trainer 1-2 times a week for Health Brixen on the six electric motionsbrikse who train the major muscle groups of the body without risking getting pain and injuries. It is important when you have been through it a course as Roxanne that you do not practice hard. We focus too much on breathing exercises and training is relaxing and meditating. Kathrine is still coaching about diet patches and thoughts. When she differs from the healthy diet of eating pork, sugar, sweets and soft drinks etc., Facing her symptoms returned. It’s all a process and getting used to a new lifestyle. Kathrine is a strong girl. She is doing her school and work wonderfully well.

In January you can here on read Roxanne’s mother Helle Thorius’ description of the whole Roxanne course: frustration as a mother of a family in crisis and see all the symptom list and the list of doctors and specialists who Kathrine and family visited.

Intro Meetings of HPV side effect struck

Along with Helle Thorius keeps Health Brixen introductory meetings around the country, where we talk about Roxanne’s history and treatment. I offer to advise and make treatments – including Reikihealing with 3A-ion therapy. Intro meetings will be held when there are 6-8 interested.

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