How to have a happy dog on New Years Eve


My dog Simba is an elderly gentleman. On 14 January 2016 he was 11 years. Simba is a bit of a mixture with respect to its race. He is labrador, Doberman, German shepherd and Rhodesian ridgeback – a large, lovely darling of the whole 50 kg. Simba has always been a very active dog. A cheerful dog – totally impossible to hold steady, if one has a ball or other toys in hand.

We are so lucky that Simba is not one of the dogs that are afraid of fireworks. On the contrary, he thinks it’s a toy. No matter what animal it is about is the days leading up to December 31 absolutely not a particularly fun time. It is very different how animals express their fear of fireworks. But no matter whether it is a dog or any other animal, it’s not fun for us owners when they are afraid – and certainly not when it stands on over several days.

Plasters for one of the girls on Grønttorvet

Last year, a few days before 31 December, I was like so many times before the Copenhagen Wholesale Market to buy flowers for my business. Here I fell into conversation with one of the girls on the square. The talk went on where and how each of us to celebrate the New Year. Tryg-hund-nytårAmid the talk she expresses her concern for her dog. She says her dog is really afraid of fireworks and always wandering restlessly around, howling and whining. He dare not run out to urinate. Being inside does not help so much. He is still very scared.

I of course mention that LifeWave products will be able to help her dog. She asks, of course, what it is for something, and how a patch can help her dog. She is very interested, but do not really think definitely that it will make a big difference.

I offer her a pair of Y-Age Aeon patch, and so she may use them if she wants. It happens nothing about it. We talk back and forth. I tell where it will be best for her dog to get the patch, since there are several possibilities. They must keep the New Year along with some others who also have a dog, and she is afraid that the patch will fall off when they are playing a little violently. I ask her why, how her dog’s collar looks. She says that it is a wide leather collar, which I propose to put it on the inside of the collar, helpful in the neck.

She is still very skeptical. I explain to her that the patches can in no way harm her dog only balance the body and take some of the stress and fear that her dog has to fireworks. The patch will not bring the dog’s body any medications because they contain only natural ingredients, and the whole thing is something we all have in the body in advance – whether we are animals or humans. Incidentally penetrate it into the body.

I insist that she take the Y-Age Aeon patches with, she has them, if she wants to try them. It is entirely up to her. She gets my phone number so she can call if she has any questions, or in any other way need my help. We wish each other a Happy New Year and go their separate ways.

A happy and calm dog on New Year’s Eve

A few days into the new year I am again in Copenhagen Wholesale Market to trade flowers for all my customers. I walk around in my own world and looks nothing really other than flowers and my papers, so I do not forget anything.


Suddenly, someone call my name. I look up, and it is she that I have given Y-Age Aeon patches. I once not to ask if she tried the patches on his dog before she says: “Are you aware of what those patches did to my dog?”

She says she told her friend about LifeWave- patches. Neither she nor her friend think in the beginning that it will work. Yet they seem both that it is worth a try, so they try it both dogs – even if her friend’s dog usually not afraid. They provide both the dogs Y-Age Aeon patch of the collar in the neck New Year’s Eve. The dogs playing little and shortly after they opt to sleep. Girlfriends eat and enjoy themselves while the hour approached midnight. The dogs are still very relaxed.

Just before midnight, ex-girlfriend to toast and say Happy New Year. He is very surprised to see that his former dog just lies asleep. “What the hell have you doped it with?” he asks. She laughs and says that it just got a patch in the neck with natural ingredients.

The toast every new year and agree to never have believed it if they had not seen it.

And yes. Personally, I’m incredibly happy LifeWave products are much more than a patch. The products can be used by everyone – both human and animal – is fantastic. Anyone can figure it out. It requires no training.

Happy New Year – even to our four-legged friends!

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In connection with my work as a self-employed florist, I was lacking energy and surplus to get me through the day. It is tough getting up between 3 and 4 in the morning. The energy and surplus is achieved with LifeWave's products. The products afford us so much energy - both the two-legged and four-legged variants. It is our at-home apothecary for both small and great challenges. Both as a preventive measure and in all other circumstances.


  1. I actually think that it’s a very good article. Last year, I made the mistake of giving my dog some calming medicine or pills if you want, in the best faith – but it turned out that it could not withstand it, so it started to shed. Not quite strange.

    Some also talk about breast milk replacement, but this also has bad rumors.

    • Hello Morten

      What a boring experience – one thing is a scary dog, but it looks so bad too.

      Hope you and your dog will have a nice and peaceful new year without the big challenges.

      Regards Malene

  2. Hello. I’m trying the LifeWave patches on my dog with a bad hip. The first time she was wearing it, I quickly thought I could see a difference. Here the second time, in the evening, I could see improvement right away, and the following day she was bad again. Do you have experience with dogs with bad hip? Regards Mette.


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