Patch therapy helps horse put weight on leg


Here is a sweet story that I just received from my downline Sarah. Sarah is even frequent user of LifeWave patches and love helping everyone in her salon who are having problems with different things. She loves patching people up and makes sure to tell everyone that the products have NO chemicals what-so-ever. You might as well try it out – it might not have to stuff your body with all that medicine.

A success story with LifeWave for horses

This is what I received from Sarah:

Hi Jeanett,

Just a small success story for you: I was with my son and daughter Saturday evening, where Emilie tells of a small horse who is ill. It can not support the right foreleg. It has lost weight will poor eating and watching just really sorry it out. The vet has been there and give it a spray, which does not really helped.

I suggest, of course, the patches. It ends with Emilie and I run on the farm where I need to see her own horse and the little white, thunder, who is ill. We put IceWave on that shot through the front foot, Y-Age Aeon in the neck (behind the ears) Energy Enhancer front of Glutathione on the brown. They get two sets more of everything for the next days.

The next morning is thunder and munching happily on the food. Thunder even come out to walk a bit (it might very poor standing on the leg before). The day after the horse has it much better, and this morning I’ve got big thank you for helping the horse from the owner. The vet is canceled.

Best regards,

BEFORE and AFTER IceWave and Energy Enhancer

I also sent a few videos where you can see how it went, BEFORE and AFTER LifeWave patches were put on and the next morning. Sarah considers that it was only the first night, the horse needed IceWave, then got it instead Energy Enhancer in the day, when it seemed as if that was what it needed.




Sarah isn’t even a horse girl but tried to do as she does on humans. “Keep it simple” as we say. It worked.
Thanks to Patricia for a super story that I simply have to share.

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