Silky smooth skin on arms and legs with Alavida


Who doesn’t dream of having lovely, silky skin? I don’t think it’d be an exaggeration to say that ALL women do – and even men.

Personally, the skin on my upper arms and thighs always been a big source of irritation for me. The skin on my upper arms and thighs have – for as far as I can remember back into my teens – been very bumpy. It almost feels like I have chills – a lot of tiny bumps. In summer, when it’s nice and warm, and I get much sun it gets a little better, BUT they have always been there – despite various creams, despite diet and despite several peeling cures. No matter, it has helped. And what do you do then? Eventually they accept just that buds are there and do not spend energy on them. This has been true for several years.

Feeling lovely and feminine with the Alavida creme

I think I mentioned it earlier, but I have used Alavida, LifeWave skincare trio, since in October 2015 came on the market. I have dreamed of getting delicious silky thighs, but not believed it. But Alavida trio from LifeWave is so much more than “just” a face cream. For you who do not just know Alavida so composed trio of ansigtsdagcreme, ansigtsnatcreme and a patch, which is used at night. Now you are perhaps thinking how on earth do you get soft thighs to smear a cream on the face. Yes, I understand that. The creams work from the outside in the patch works from the inside out. The patch reduces oxidative stress and free radicals and helps preserve antioxidants in the body. It is simply patch, which has done the work.

I am not for a moment doubt that this is what has given me delicious silky skin on the thighs – for what the heck else could it be. Not only do I have gotten delicious thighs. I also had three fat nodules. Those I have previously tried patches away with Y-Age Glutathione and Y-Age Carnosine – without success. Previously, two of the nodes fatty slightly larger than a pea-sized, and the third was twice the size of a pea. One is now slope away where the other two is reduced to 1/3 of the size. My arms have also been much nicer, there is still little buds back, but not comparable to how they looked before.

Alavida has made me feel more feminine and delicious in a natural way.

Natural skin cream – WITHOUT parabens

LifeWave said it themselves: “What we have come in, is just as important as what we have left.” Alavida is 98.6 percent natural. Alavida does NOT contain any parabens, sulfates, phthalates, synthetic and artificial scents, urea, artificial colors or dyes.

See any video below and get a better understanding of how the creams and patches work with the body, as well as more familiar with the Alavida.

As you can read here, I love the Alavida trio from LifeWave. I really appreciate Alavida. This is also apparent in my other blog posts. The majority of these are about Alavida. Not to mention what it has done to my nails and sleep. But those are two completely different stories. You’ll have to enjoy this one until then.

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In connection with my work as a self-employed florist, I was lacking energy and surplus to get me through the day. It is tough getting up between 3 and 4 in the morning. The energy and surplus is achieved with LifeWave's products. The products afford us so much energy - both the two-legged and four-legged variants. It is our at-home apothecary for both small and great challenges. Both as a preventive measure and in all other circumstances.


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