So ready! 12 thrilling weeks with LifeWave and body-sds


I love playing with my body and mind. What can we actually accomplish with it? Can we learn to control it for the benefit of achieving specific goals? I have been so happy for months, like a kid before Christmas, to be in the To Human experiment. What can this journey do for me? Over the next several weeks, I’ll be trying out the small round patches from LifeWave. I have to meet the body SDS treater Jeespeer Dalgaard from Bodycheck who will advise me about the LifeWave patches and give me body SDS treatments. In a few weeks I’ll also be meeting the health coach Jeannel Dalgaard from BodyCheck. She will challenge me to drop meat and dairy products from my diet and instead live according to the principles behind the raw food and living food diet. I already know that I will live on a lot of green juice and sprouts, and I don’t have to count calories. I’ve experienced the last thing to an extreme extent when I trained for Bikini Fitness, so this is a relief for me in many ways.

It all seems both overwhelming and really exciting all at once. I’m so excited to see how this experiment can optimize my training and increase my quality of life and well-being – more than what I have already achieved. My hope is to get even better endurance, be physically stronger and achieve higher energy levels.

Working out is therapeutic

So why am I doing it here, many of you are probably asking. I am a happy workout geek. I love working out. It’s my safe haven. My rock. My therapy. Right now as I type this, I’m walking on the treadmill and writing the post on my iPhone. I write when I am not disturbed. When my mind is free and my thoughts are just floating around. Therefore, my training is a very good example of what it offers me in my daily life.

I suppose I have actually always been active, now that I think about it. When I was 9 years old I began doing Taekwondo with my father and brother for some years. I also tried ballet and aerobics. As a teenager I began to run a few times a week. I liked feeling healthy as I wouldn’t go into town to get drunk and smoke cigarettes like most other young people. Generally, I have probably had a very normal lifestyle. I ran a few times a week, but I sometimes smoked way too many cigarettes and came home late.

One Friday a few years ago I was at a bar with my friend. It was definitely not a random evening, because I remember it like it was yesterday. I had been thinking for quite some time that I wanted something drastic to happen. NOW was the time. I would stop smoking. I would start fresh. I would sign up at a gym. My life was about to change! That decision has changed my life in many ways.

Getting a taste for an active lifestyle at Fitness World

On February 1st 2014 I joined the Fitness World, just 200 meters from my former work and two kilometers from where I lived. It was lovely how easy it all was. My boss and I had a common interest: running and sports. We volunteered to Toughest, which is a military influenced obstacle course starting with a 8 km run. I immediately got a personal trainer. I wanted to be strong and able to lift myself up with my arms. And so the goals had been set. My body did experience a slight culture shock. I had never been near weights before and I was completely sore all over. But I still noticed right away that I had gotten a taste for the active lifestyle.

Toughest, first goal, was something that I did not finish. I got shin splints and my boss limped around on one foot. None of us were able to work up to it. But what about my training? I started doing it with a goal in mind. Now I had NOTHING!

Off to DC in Bikini Fitness 2015

I had seen some girls on Instagram work out for a bodybuilding competition. It was Bikini Fitness and is the smallest class where the girls are still feminine, but well-trained. It appealed to me. I quickly became curious about what it would be like. I started to read about some of these girls and their experiences building up to a competition. It was a hardcore workout where the training was hard both mentally and physically. Yes, it seemed so extreme to me that I was completely captivated by it. I was hungry for a crazy challenge but I was nervous about the thought of even standing up there. I have always suffered from stage fright and all the attention on stage really didn’t seem like me. But it was a challenge. That’s why I had to just try it out. About six months later I had been doing a lot of strength training and gone to various boxes and crossfit events at Fitness World – that’s when I finally found a coach and a team to represent. A year later, I was on stage.

It WAS hard to get through. It was demanding both physically and mentally – probably mostly the latter. My body was pushed to the limit with six days of training a week and I was lacking calories for a longer period of time. Still, I got used to it. I got used to a diet of six meals a day – that’s a meal every three hours. I couldn’t go out and be social because I had to go home and eat my own food. In addition to the training it was really stressful to make all the food and prepare to eat the meals at the right time. But I found out that you can do much more than you think you can. When you yourself think that you’ve really given it your all now, you can always do a little bit more. My will took me far because I won silver for newcommers and went on to the District Championships, where I won the bronze medal.

I’m still happy to have gone through probably the toughest sport in terms of psychological pressure. I know my body much better today and I don’t whine whenever I’m hungry or something is hard.

GI Jane – my role model

I knew that I would never do the same thing again just a few months before the competition in September of 2015. I missed my physical strength to train, which I couldn’t do before the competition as my body had to be perfectly sculptured. I missed the freedom of eating whatever I wanted.

I have from the very beginning had a very strong fire within me, which has been a source of support through my difficult training. For example, when doing my cardio (mostly interval training), I found this strange source of energy that I really don’t understand where it came from. When the body hasn’t had food and operating on low energy after a long workout, how can you then still do interval training at a relatively fast pace? I ran at a pace of 18 to 19 km/h in intervals of 30 seconds at a time right up until the week before my competition. Today I have no idea how I managed to do that.

Several times I have been asked how I find the energy to train like I do. But it’s actually really hard to explain. Perhaps I can best explain it with the help of my fascination for GI Jane – the movie where Demi Moore plays Lt. Jordan O’Neil, who must undergo training in the US Navy Special Warfare Group as the first woman ever. She refuses to give up, even if it’s hard. She has of course also her weaknesses throughout the movie, but she always faces the battle head-on and conquers the competition. The strong character in GI Jane is something that I’m wildly fascinated by. This has – even if it sounds silly – carried me through a lot of situations where I did not think I could do something.

A healthy lifestyle with diet and exercise

Well, after the Bikini Fitness competition I had previously been given a completely new and very different personal trainer who wasn’t as militant and more inspired by function. I would say he was the opposite of a “body builder” trainer. It suited me well, and I have now fallen in love with sprinting, running, and all kinds of functional exercises. I’m still working on making my body strong again. I’m actually really improving my strength and I realized that I have to work toward specific goals, like in the Bikini Fitness competition. It’s just so great to feel the energy and benefits again. I can feel my body being happy with the several days of rest, which I imposed, and just getting some more food!

I currently only work out 2-3 times a week. Now I want to find good balance in my body and strengthen it in a healthy, good way. Yes, I also want to be strong, have even more endurance and improve my energy levels.

Follow ‘Nadia Fryd’ on Instagram and the To Human blog

I’m always so incredibly motivated whenever I read about and watch other people’s experiences. So that’s why I’ve decided to this year share my myself and my love for working out on my Instagram. Now I’m looking forward to taking the next step and blogging here on the To Human blog.

I’m looking forward to testing all the patches from LifeWave on my own body and seeing how the treatments and diet can strengthen me as a whole. Not to mention finding out what the secret mystery behind the LifeWave patches is, since they are already used by athletes. I have no expectations. Actually, I’m a bit doubtful about whether or not this could help me, which is probably due to my history. I know that I’m already in great shape and that my stamina and strength is better than most people’s. Yes, I’m a gym rat and I’m happy just try this out. Maybe the difference is in the details!

In my next posts you can read about:

  1. My first encounter with the wonderful world of LifeWave
  2. What happens when I get a patch slammed to my forehead!


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Nadia Fryd has accepted the To Human experiment, which aims to test the LifeWave products. Nadia is a workout fanatic who loves challenges. She is very curious as to what will happen with both her body, energy level and psyche. She’s also hoping you readers will be inspired by her journey. Take what you can use and leave the rest. Follow Nadia Fryd on Instagram: 'nadiafryd’.


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