This is why LifeWave should always be with you


Many of my clients use the patches from LifeWave. But many don’t always know how much these little patches can really can do. That’s why I have people coming over on a daily basis, or call me, to ask about the patches before choosing other alternatives. They can achieve benefits with the LifeWave patches in a natural way and relieve pain, sleep better and find that they generally feel more fresh and have more energy, etc. than they would have if they had chosen a more traditional approach.

I myself have had tremendous joy of LifeWave and would really like to share my knowledge. I love my patch box, which I always carry with me. Just in case I need to, I can help increase someone’s quality of life, alleviate pain and symptoms, etc. So I always try to help if for example my clients cancel due to a cold. Many of my clients often gotten back to me saying that they don’t have a cold for very long and quickly get over a flu.

How LifeWave relieves pain every day

In a single week, I think I mention LifeWave every day in some type of context – often several times. Over the last few days I’ve received two calls from clients. Both have patches lying at home, so I recommend them to always use their “medicine cabinet”. Right now a lot of people have coughs, and in that situation I recommend using the Energy Enhancer. Many are surprised by the fact that their cough goes away so quickly.

Gitte shows up on Monday with an injured knee. She has been coming to me for a while but the knee works sometimes. She has been told that she should take 3×2 pills a day, but her pain still doesn’t go away. I give her a set of IceWave pain patches and a Y-Age Aeon, which relaxes the cells and may help to take away some of the inflammation. I tell her to try using the patches at night. It works on Gitte. She quickly noticed that it soothes, while she feels that she can turn down the pills because the alleviation of pain is so great.

Dorthe Hansen pops by on Tuesday. She has a really sore neck. The pain radiates down her back and she can’t turn her head to the left. She also has a really sore knee, which she had surgery on. Yes, this is actually a new knee for the third time! I ask her to rate her pain from 1 to 10, 10 being the worst. She says it is at a 7 so I put an Aeon on her neck. For the next 10 minutes she experiences so much pain relief that she’s no longer in pain. Dorthe herself is very surprised and puzzled.


She needs to know more about these patches, she says, and has already signed up for the upcoming LifeWave introductory meeting about the patches.

Malthe is an 18 year old hockey player and has come by every now and then. He needs to rehabilitate his knee after a new cruciate ligament. It’s been 14 days since his surgery and he’s able to walk like nothing has happened. Only three days after the surgery he begins training again. He starts with the Corsentials and Glutathione patches to purge and rebuild his body. He also uses the IceWave pain patches diligently. Malthe is also treated with 3A-ion therapy as anesthesia takes a toll on the body. Malthe also uses sleep patches, since it is difficult to sleep with a splint. This makes it difficult to fall asleep and he wakes up way too much at night. Silent Nights helps him sleep better and wake up much fresher. Now the stitches have to be taken off. Malthe fights back so he can get back in shape. He has been told that it’ll take a year before he can play hockey again. But with the improvement Malthe has made now, there’s no doubt that he’ll get there sooner.

All I can say is that I love my patch box!

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