Concert patches offers energy and no pain


You’re probably sitting and shaking your head. Seriously a concert patches – what can be good about that? LifeWave is for me one of the simple little joys of life. Over time by using LifeWaves products I got more curious about what the products actually can do. I’m definitely not afraid to experiment – I would rather say that it’s quite fun.

Because of my work as a flower decorator I’m used to stand up for many hours a day. It’s definitely not a job where I’m sitting down, even though I sometimes visit my costumers by driving. It’s not a challenge for me to be standing or walking in connection with my work. It’s rare that I’m in a still position.

At concerts it something totally different. I get tired, pain in my lower back and tense in the shoulders. Despite the fact that I’m not in a still positon at the concert.

On June 22 Bruce Springsteen was performing a concert at the park. The days up to, I had so many frustrations, because I already knew how painful my body will feel the following days, so I decided to experiment with the patches from LifeWave.

Energy patch from LifeWave in the shoes

The Energy patch from Energy Enhancer heightens energy and strength, flexibility, endurance and also combustion. It’s also known for creating a bigger flow. I needed strength, endurance and flow in my legs, my lower back and shoulders, so I thought that Energy Enhancer would be the perfect choice.

I placed an Energy Enhancer patch on my lower back where the pain and the exhausting usually appears. (Energy Enhancer and Icewave patches are combined in one package – one brown and one white, so it’s possible to know the difference between the positive and negative). Furthermore, I placed the Energy Enhancer in my shoes.

We have a special spot under our feet’s which is like a “highway” through our entire body. Maybe that could help me with the exhausting and tenderness in my legs and shoulders. The reason why I put them in my shoes instead of under my feet’s, is because I don’t find it comfortable to have the patches there – also because they expand for every step I take. Yes, you heard right, in my shoes. I bet I know what you’re thinking, shouldn’t they be placed on the body to have an effect? The answer is no. The patches are activated as soon as they get in contact with the bodies thermal radiation. So even if you’re having the patches in your pocket they will still be activated.

Remember, nothing is getting inside your body. When the patches get in contact with the bodies thermal radiation they’ll be activated and releases tiny lighting loads. You can compare it as the suns radiation on your body. The body will recognize the suns frequents and start to produce D-vitamins. It’s completely the same thing with the LifeWave-patches. They’ll stabilize and create a simple natural balance in your body. For more information about the technology compared with the lights watch the video.


NO sore in the lower back or exhausting legs

Usually it starts with tiredness in my lower back, but is then replaced with pain, even before the concert starts. I obviously have gotten to the concert in resemble time, to get a good position. The legs and shoulders are first becoming a challenge at the end. But NOT June 22, when Bruce Springsteen were giving a concert. There was no indication of tiredness, pain or soreness in my lower back, legs or shoulders – nor even the day after. I can’t wait until the next concert, which I can enjoy in a whole new way. I wish you all a good summer – enjoy the concerts out there.

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In connection with my work as a self-employed florist, I was lacking energy and surplus to get me through the day. It is tough getting up between 3 and 4 in the morning. The energy and surplus is achieved with LifeWave's products. The products afford us so much energy - both the two-legged and four-legged variants. It is our at-home apothecary for both small and great challenges. Both as a preventive measure and in all other circumstances.



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