Happy feet with Alavida – say goodbye to chapped heels


“Ouch bloody hell, how can it be so painful with a chapped heal”.

Yes, I’m one of them whose heels chaps for a good word. I don’t even have to wear sandals. No, I only have to walk around barefooted in shoes. Even though I take good care of my feet’s from footbaths, filing and rubs crème over and over. Then after 2-3 days barefooted in shoes or sandals, I’m without a doubt “reworded” with a chapped heel. Bummer.

If you haven’t experienced a chapped heel, then it’s hard to acquaints oneself with it. But believe me, it’s painful. Not only once, but in every single step you’re taking.

LifeWaves no. 1 skincare series

One night after the bath, I’m standing with frustrations over that I again has chapped a heel, even though I’ve cared for my feet’s. But then it hits me, that I have to try the new skincare from Alavida – one of LifeWaves incredible products.

Hudpleje-fødderI’ve just opened a new kit (The Alavida products are bought as a kit) consisting of one face nectar, night crème and Alavida – patches – also called Alavida trio. I bring the Alavida-crème, and some nectar from another kit with me up in the bedroom along with normal patches. I’m using a squeeze Alavida in the chap at my heel and covering it with a normal patch so my bedlinens won’t become filthy. And then I apply the Alavida crème on the rest of my feet’s. After two days with Alavida day crème and patches at night the chap is all gone.

Thereafter I’ve been rubbing my feet’s with Alavida day crème every second day and I haven’t been wearing socks in fourteen days, and it’s all without a single complication of a chapped heel.

I’m in love with Alavida. By the way, read my others wonderful Alavida advices about relief of itching from stinging nettles and how Alavida won over Hot Spot on my dog Simba.

What’s NOT to love

P.S Alavida skincare series is completely without chemicals (parabens and all that kind of stuff). You can find more than 20 contributes on this website where Alavida is highly spoked about and a description of Alavida products under the fact tab about LifeWave.

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