Eye inflammation, behavioral problem or hot spot? How to help your pet


I get so happy whenever I experience the ways we can help our pets by using LifeWave’s unique and chemical products. The animals’ energy system is built much like ours, so light therapy works on them. Yes, I actually experience animals often reacting even faster than we do. Therefore, the patches often come in handy when treating pets of my clients.

I promised in a previous post to gather some short, everyday stories about how you can benefit from the LifeWave patches, which I usually call my ‘home pharmacy’. However, I will always point out that these unique patches do not replace going to the vet and otherwise common sense.

1. Canine eye inflammation nipped in the bud

Here you see Robin, who has initial “goo” in his eye. Proceed with your home pharmacy and put on a Carnosine patch.

The first picture is of Robin’s eyes in the morning with swallowing and swelling. The other picture is taken just a day after. I chose to put it in the forehead so he did not get the goose of looking for it. These are just one of many examples of how the Carnosine patch can help animals with eye inflammation.

2. Horse with behavioral problems becomes totally calm

Anton is a very problematic horse. The owner wants me to look at him, but he is insensitive and has a lady down close. I propose that I instead send a spit test of the horse, so I can test him for peace and peace and to see if I can help him.

I recommend using the Aeon patch, homeopathic medicine and magnesium. When I see Anton later, he is absolutely amazing. I am greeted by a happy owner and a very sweet, attentive and very grateful Anton who has completely changed behavior and is now being saved by a sweet young girl.

3. Carnosine patches help a dog with a hot spot

Hot spot is an acute moist skin inflammation. Hot spot occurs because the skin’s skin is broken so that the skin’s natural defenses are broken down. It liquids itches and hurts and is a very painful skin condition for both dog and owner.

In a short period of time the wound may become very large, and it may aggravate the condition a lot. Unfortunately, hot spot is also a bit of a struggle to get rid of. It costs a trip to the vet. The coat must be shaved off in and around the wound itself. The wound must be cleaned and the dog is given an injection of adrenal gland hormone (taking itching, etc.). Additionally, a penicillin cure and possibly an ointment to lubricate the affected area. All of this often gives the owner an expense of 1,000-1,200 kroner.

I choose to cut the coat off area and clean it with chlorhexidine, and then I place a carnosine patch as close as possible. What’s amazing is that it has taken the unpredictable itching, which otherwise causes these rashes to grow at record speed and is a big genus for the dog.

The first picture was taken after I cut around the area and cleaned it and put the patch next to it. The next picture is taken less than a day after!

Once again, I have been impressed with the fast and effective effect of my LifeWave House and Stable Pharmacy.

LifeWave helps you help yourself – even for animals

The LifeWave patches are effective and easy to use and are completely free from chemistry. To all of you with pets and horses, I’ll probably also share some of the many situations where the LifeWave patches have made a difference.

I am also very pleased that more and more veterinarians have begun to look out for these unique products. This has meant that I am being contacted to hold more and more lectures for and with veterinarians who show interest in the products. Should you or your vet also be interested in hearing more about the use of the products on the animals, you are of course welcome to contact me.

There is no placebo effect in the world of animals: either it works or does not work. And yes, the light therapy from LifeWave patches works really well on our dear animals too.

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Annette Hammerich works with energy therapy and kinesiology on humans and animals, which has given her extensive personal and professional experience with LifeWave. Annette Hammerich is a very experienced dealer with very passionate and knowledgable when it comes to product use on animals. Contact information: +(45) 4264 7770 or ah@touch4health.dk. Visit www.touch4health.dk.


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