Painful nailbed inflammation gone in no time!


Jorgen and I sometimes run together. We are roughly on the same level and know each other’s race technique. And it’s actually easy to see if a person is out of balance. If the race is not rhythmic, you do not even settle on both legs, there is an error somewhere, so you can see it immediately. Back, hip, knee or ancle – even in the bridge of the foot and toes. The entire chain must be in order for the cycle to run pretty well.

Jorgen suddenly does not run as he usually does. And it’s not a rock in the shoe. He actually does not know why, but evil does. “It’s a matter of a few toes,” he says, telling him he had a couple of days.

As always, I’m curious, so after the trip we look at the foot – and yes, nice blush and swelling around the nail on toe number two and three. There is no doubt. It is nephritis inflammation! I myself have had it on my fingers and toes and know that it can be extremely annoying, painful and inhibitory to one’s unfolding, especially on my fingers.

We all know it all – everyone gets it at some point or another; A painful toe or fingernail with heat, redness, swelling and pain just above and around the nose.

What is nailbed inflammation?

Naibed inflammation, or paronychia, can be painful and last for days, sometimes up to a week or more. The condition may be chronic or acute from time to time. The acute condition may be caused by damage to the skin around the nail, possibly. By manicure, thereby damaging the nail band or skin around the nail.

Nail bites or other pills around the nail can cause bacteria to invade the area around the nail so that inflammation may occur. Footballers can often go home from a fight with blue toes – possibly. With a hole on the skin and bleeding with partial nail damage. Here there may be a risk of subsequent inflammation. The acute condition is the most painful and it will often cause you to get a few days, maybe a week’s time, where you either have challenges walking or using footwear. Is it a fingernail that is affected, you may have trouble using the exposed hand properly; eg. Can bump your finger causing severe pain.

The chronic nephrotic inflammation can last for a long time – or come back from time to time. People who work with their hands in a wet environment where the skin is damaged and / or partially broken can be particularly vulnerable. People with jobs with the cleaning industry or people who wash their hands frequently through their jobs are particularly vulnerable. For these, the fungal Candida can even often be the actual cause of chronic nephrotic inflammation. Also, people with diabetes with a consequent challenge with the legs and feet can be particularly vulnerable.

Normally I always have my plaster pung with me – but not on the run. So on the next run we will talk about which patches are particularly good to use in this situation.
Jorgen himself has the plastics from LifeWave, so he has to put some patches on the two toes.

The Y-age collection is a must

“INFLAMMATION INHIBITOR” – The Y-Age series is a must here! These three patches are unique and should always be in place and ready for use in your personal pharmacy! Pronounced “Why Age” in English, these three patches can also: counteract an early deployment of our aging processes in the body.

The AEON patch, which is generally stress reduction and as aiding and supporting – booster the effect of all the other patches – is a must as a pain reliever for all pain conditions.

The GLUTATHIONE patch raises the level of all other antioxidants in the body. It also raises the level significantly of the body’s major and strongest antioxidant glutathione. In conjunction with one of the other two patches in the Y-Age series, the patch usually cures the acute situation for you.

The CARNOSINE patch should be particularly emphasized here. Carnosine is an antioxidant that we have in the body and which is of major importance for renewal repair of our cells. Studies have shown that high levels of carnosine are important for keeping the body young and vital. Carnosine helps to raise the level generally in the body, but also locally. In this case on the skin – both superficially and in the deep layers where the regenerative processes are important with a rapid onset of inflammation, cell renewal processes and a rapid shedding of the skin surface. If you have skin problems of different kinds, it is important to maintain a high carnosine level, and systemically throughout the body, but especially at the exposed places.

In addition to inflammations around nails and various small wounds, skin abrasions, strokes, bruises, pimples etc., we have heard from many users of very good results with a strong improvement in many non-specific skin problems. Also, the skin condition psoriasis, which bothers many, has helped some users with the special Carnosine patch in combination with some of the other products.

Anti Age patches

The production of carnosine decreases with age and thus our ability to defend against the body’s destruction – that is, “age changes” of our cells and DNA.

The three patches of the Y-Age trio we call our supportive “youth patches”. They are unique and fantastic results. Used together and at the same time putting them together in combination, at the same point, you get an extra strong effect. Something you exploit in difficult challenges or where you want quick results. It’s easy, as there is a small instruction for each patch – and where we need them in combination, we’ll find help in our TOHUMAN app, which we have easily and conveniently installed on our mobile phone. Here we have over 800 different protocols with different locations for various challenges you may have. New protocols with alternative placements are constantly coming.

Acupuncture and patches

Of course, as LifeWave distributers, we do not make any diagnoses. They must be done by the doctor. Having said that, we see amazing results using patches for various disorders and challenges. When we use the patches, we promote the body’s healing properties by creating flow – eliminate blockages in the body, where there are temporary blockages. Exactly as with the acupuncture, working on meridians and points – just with their needles.

I have a few colleagues who work classically both with needles – and with the plastics from LifeWave. Here it seems that the LifeWave plasters often work where the needles have to give up – or sometimes it’s faster to achieve the desired result with patches alone. An explanation for this may be that a needle treatment often only takes 20-40 minutes, whereas a plastic appearance is on for 24 hours or more. As mentioned in previous posts, the patches work maximal for approx. 12 hours after which they blow the next 12. Many choose to let them sit because we have experienced effect for 48 hours or more. Where we want a fast and maximum effect, you change after a maximum of 24 hours.

This is how we solve Jorgen’s problem

Well at home again, we have agreed that Jorgen puts an Aeon patch at the point of the neck, which we often use. A placement where the head of the neck stings most when we bend our head forward. We do this to minimize stress in the body and generally reduce the level of pain. Jorgen remembers drinking a large glass of water. It is very important that you have enough drinking water throughout your day so you are well hydrated. Coffee and tea unfortunately do not count with here. The water is important as the patches help to eliminate waste in the body.

For the inflammation of the two toes, which at Jorgen are the two middle, he puts a carnosine patch on the upper side and a glutathione patch on the underside of the two toes. In this case, the location above / underside is indifferent.

You can only use Carnosine patch alone – but if you want a quick result, it is a good idea to combine as suggested with the Gluathione patch.

Successful patch use

When I talk to Jorgen the next day, the pain in the two toes has taken place – already the next day he is painless. Redness, swelling and inflammation are completely gone the day after again.

Follow the blog here this spring, where some of the other patches will be presented and, with some examples from small everyday stories, I will tell you how to help yourself, children, family and friends with simple means and with a few patches. – or maybe another person you meet on your way!

If you would like to know more about the use of Lifewave patches and other products or if these could be anything for you, get hold of me. Contact info can be found in the bottom section below.

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