Do you get car sick easily? Soothe your nausea with patches


Do you easily get sick when riding the car or going on a boat, or do you get uncomfortable when flying? Are you among those who struggle to the extent that they have to plan their trip carefully? Do you have to look out the window the whole trip in order to not get sick – even if it takes 5 hours to get from point A to point B? Do you have to drive yourself because you as a passenger by bus, train and car will be incredibly bad? Have you taken seaports to cope with the sailing trip? Then you also know that you are getting dull and actually do not have to drive. You do not have to travel further from the ferry. Better, of course, it will not blow up and there are waves on the water, there is turbulence in the cabin, or you are already tired and have not eaten enough.

As a child, I was terribly suffering from driving sickness. My parents always had a bag to handle the city buses. Fortunately, I’ve grown from it. Since my own children were small, they were also bothered, most my son. Fortunately, it’s no big problem anymore … and though, for my son was actually really bad at our skiing week in week 7 this year.

We are eight people left. We fly to Krakow where we are picked up by a minibus. The two front seats go to the youngest participant in 10 years, who is very bothered by driving sickness, and her mother who is sitting with her. We others stuck in behind the bus, where three of us were sitting with our backs. Unfortunately, I’m not aware that one of them is my son.

The atmosphere is high when we start our three-hour drive towards the ski resort and there is lively discretion, etc. Suddenly, her son became silent after a few hours, and his face shadow changed to pale and cold-hearted. Quickly, we get changed seats and opened the window so the fresh air helps the last block towards the hotel. It will be done without accident, but he is a little bit of food the following hours.

Energy patches against nausea

We are having a very nice skiing holiday. The days are practically flying and suddenly it’s time to go home. We will be picked up at 5 in the morning with a big tourist bus and will pick up many other tourists. This time, of course, the trip will be a good and relaxed experience for the son, so I hurry to take a set of LifeWave Energy Enhancer patches and put them on the inside of his wrists. The bus is running and everything is peaceful from the son’s seat. Lovely.

I know from previous experience that this point is super nauseous. Last summer I helped a sassy lady when we were on whale watching in Iceland. She was really bad and I did not have the patches on board, but did acupressure on her with great success. But if you’re alone, it’s neither convenient nor particularly easy to get it done. The point is located on the inside of the wrist, 3 fingers over the wrist fold at the 6th point of the circuit meridian. And if you’re bad at first, you can not overlook the mass of the point.

LifeWave plasters work in the same way as acupuncture / acupressure. They stimulate the body by means of light therapy – without anything penetrating the body. Therefore, anyone can use them regardless of background. The plastics work around a circle of approx. 5-8 centimeters, so if you do not even hit the correct position relative to the meridian point, it still works.


On top of the front seats, our small company’s youngest participant is sitting together with his mother. They are good at the window as far as possible in the morning darkness. On the other side of the hall is another little girl sitting with her mother. They talk a little bit that the girl has been riding a car on her way down there, but that she has now got a seagull and the bags are ready.

I’m sitting down and slamming through the morning darkness towards the airport. Suddenly I notice that bags are sent between the front seats – and then our youngest participant will be really bad.

Fortunately, the driver is quick to find a gas station where he swings the bus and gives the driving sick a break. While mom and daughter are drowning into the toilet to freshen up, I dive into the handbag and find my case with the patches forward. I snatch a set of Energy Enhancer and catch the girl’s father: “Can not you slip in and put these patches on your daughter’s wrist – the brown on the left and the white on the right” and then I demonstrate myself about where they should sit . He hurries away and after a while, the family returns and board the bus. The mother comes to me and asks if I may have an extra set. She is a real driving sick and she wants to avoid she throwing up too. Come on with another set of them.

Fortunately, the rest of the trip is quite peaceful, and when we arrive at the airport after an hour, every man is fresh and ready to fill in the stomachs again. It’s great to help you in such a simple way – I’m totally crazy about my little plastic kit in my handbag. Many challenges can be resolved quickly and I love every single time to see the smile on people’s faces.

Anti-stress patches soothe children during flights

Wush! A little extra story pops up straight. On the way home in the plane there is a baby who cries more and more heartbreaking. Slanting behind me are the parents trying to bring him to rest, but just as much helps. Inspired by one of my blog colleagues’ history, I travel and have snatched an Aeon anti-stress plastic in the handbag. I hug and greet the parents. Tells me quite briefly about the patch and shows that I myself have one in my neck (I’m a bit nervous about flights). The parents listen curiously to me, as I say they just have to put it on nightwear – and then I have to get back in my seat when a flight attendant will pass by a carriage.

Shortly after, there was peace from the little man, and I turn around and catch the mother’s eyes. She just blinks just short. I smile for myself – happy to have helped.

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