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Sugar is today recognized as being one of the very big challenges for our health and quality of life. More and more is being said about the harmful effects of sugar. The debate is now moving towards a more serious approach to the subject – without yet having the actual breakthrough towards completely new habits with the phasing out of what more and more consider the ‘white poison’. Here I am thinking of restrictions on sugar intake in the form of a serious tax to reduce the consumption of sugar.

On the contrary, the industry only seeks new and more sophisticated initiatives by concealing the sugar content of our food and drink. The industry masks the sugar or gives the sugar more mundane names. This is often done by presenting the sugar with something that we traditionally consider to be healthy, for example. fruit sugar. The sugar also appears with milk or protein – foods that are violently exposed in advertisements everywhere and traditionally perceived as healthy. The sugar is found in everything we eat – try to look into the product declarations when you buy. Here you can see quickly if you expect that there are often unreasonable amounts.

There are several who have asked me how to get their sugar craving alive. We have it all sooner or later, more or less and at times. The sugar is there, so do not we just live with it and is it in fact as bad as anyone will do? Some people can physiologically handle a larger amount of sugar intake daily, while for others it is pure poison and causes major health problems.

We’ve probably all heard the statement saying “go sugar” – that is, you can not manage for lunch break without a little snack of some kind. One tries to keep hungry at a distance until the next major meal.

When you go sugar candy, you may be burned out and sleep at. 15. Here’s the rescue a walk in the drawer after liquorice, to the candy bowl in the office or a trip to the coffee machine, to the cookie box or fruit bowl. We all know the little hunger, the many small and fast meals in the form of cakes, biscuits, crispbread, muesli bars, candy, fruit bars, chocolate bars, etc. – or where the rescue will be a trip to the coffee machine for a cup of chocolate or a cup of latte more.

I have a personal knowledge of a person who frequents quite a few gas stations and kiosks, where it stands for unimpeded and uncontrollable overuse of various easily marketable confectionery products for the quick energy shot – perhaps because there is no time for a proper healthy and nutritious meal.

The dangers of added sugar

The so-called added sugar – here I mean the pure, refined and cheap sugar, as you know from stale flour – often occurs in literature and in food debates, such as so-called added sugar. The added sugar is found in a number of consumer products. Please read my post ”New year – new body” where I describe the industry’s strategy to get us to the pub: read the section about “The Bliss Point”.

Today, the food industry adds sugar to everything, from baby food, meat pies, salads, fresh meat in the form of various marinades, biscuits, bars, ready meals – yes, go ahead. What can you think of a Heinz ketchup standard fl. 500 ml / 580 grams, which is a loyal fixture in many homes, and has an added sugar content of 145 grams or 72.5 sugar calves. Imagine how much it will be. serving.

Even in tobacco, sugar is added. The tobacco leaves are marinated in a mixture of sugar and alcohol before drying. This gives a more friendly smoke, which is sucked further into the lungs. If you smoke, you will not be free here either.

If you take a trip to McDonalds to make your hunger, a nice amount of sugar has been added, for example. In the burger ball, how much can you not get informed. Here, no declarations of sugar content are given, only on the total calorie content. In the organic smoothie that some of my friends give to their two-year-old children as an intermediate meal, there is a sugar content of 14g – corresponding to 7 whole sugar cloves (one divides the sugar amount per 100g by 2). Keep going on your own!

There is nothing to say that many of us smoke at the sugar hook when we are bombarded in our consumer goods this way. One can apologize for being partially “ignorant” – the sugar sneaks quietly into our lives in areas we do not have imagination to imagine. The immediate purpose to give flavor. The overall purpose is to make you dependent. All serious research has long concluded that it is a one way ticket, which in the long run leads to too many people from unhealthy habits and many varied disorders.

World-renowned food journalist Gary Taubers argues in the book “The Case Against Sugar” a serious and accusing finger on sugar as the main cause of major chronic people’s diseases with its ability to destroy people’s metabolism. Special attention is paid to insulin intolerance – a precursor to insulin resistance – where we have the initial stages of diabetes or the actual advanced disease. The impaired ability to regulate sugar in the blood is being recognized by most serious researchers in the field as the cause of the increasing obesity epidemic worldwide and type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, some arthritis and cancer . More spectacularly, Alzheimer’s is combined with a high sugar intake and fat liver problems.

“The Case Against Sugar” suggests the problem that ordinary sugar contains 50 percent fructose – a sugar that the body can not metabolize / burn in your cells but must be stored in the liver as fat. This aspect is interesting when you consider the many claims in the consumer of, for example, Fruit bars like fast and “healthy” small meals. It is also interesting when considering the many juices that shoot up and frequent for the intake of various juices made from fruits, with a high content of fructose, a sugar type containing 20 percent more calories than plain white sugar, and As the future research may be able to demonstrate, business is particularly problematic.

In 2014, the EU opened up for free imports of the highly dangerous “High fructose corn syrup”, which exploits the huge overproduction of corn in the United States. This is a particularly problematic sugar type, which is about 8 times sweeter than plain sugar, and which is a cheap replacement for the traditional sugar, produced from beet or sugar cane.

High-fructose corn syrup is easily converted to fat in the body and it has the boring property that it creates a urge to eat more, increases the fat content of the blood, accumulates fat in the liver and gives diabetes / diabetes. Majssirup now spreads as a steppebrand as cheap sweetener in consumption – 40 percent cheaper than plain sugar and with a sweetness of 8 times the normal amount.

Trendy and so-called paid research and industry money have managed to hold the hand over the sugar industry for quite a few years. Yes, actually for more than 40 years. There are unhealthy sums at stake and we are all caught when we live by consumption rather than producing our food ourselves and from the bottom. Please reload my previous post in the WinFit series: Update 3 and 4, where you can read my bid for optimal nutrition.

Increased focus on obesity

Things are changing, and the increased focus on, for example, obesity and causes, in these years, is rapidly turning away from the fat as the guilty of a more nuanced view of obesity. There is already much independent and serious research available for the role of sugar in diseases and its influence on our lack of health.

Therefore, it is pleasing that you in certain stores now can read about how certain snacks nutritionally, contain excessive amounts of sugar. Meals are particularly in focus and an interesting aspect, since approx. 80 percent of the sugar we eat originates from snack times. Our healthiest and most planned intake comes in the morning and at breakfast. The most unhealthy and planned arrive in the afternoon, when fatigue occurs and we aim for sweets and sweet snacks. In other words, it’s a good idea to look at its intake of snack times – or the little hunger – or all the little comforting rewards we sprout beyond our day.

DTU Food Institute informs us that we receive approx. 30 percent of our daily energy grants – and as mentioned 80 percent of our sugar from snack times. Here, sugar from fruit is not included, which means that our average total sugar intake is higher if we also eat fruit. According to figures from the DTU, 85-90 percent of the adults eat snacks – biscuits, cakes, chocolate candies and soft drinks etc.

The appetite regulating patches from LifeWave

LifeWave has committed the unique patch SP6. The plastic is in my eyes overlooked. I have tested it sometimes on people, especially with hormonal challenges, and the use of the patch has produced excellent results. Especially for weight reduction and appetite regulation, SP6 is unsurpassed.

The name refers to the spleen-meridian spleen in English. SP6 is a point on the left tibia – four fingers above the inside knuckle. SP6 patches are always carried on the left body part, to the left of the body’s centerline. At the SP6 point, there is a close course of spleen and liver and a related relationship with the kidney meridian. Therefore, SP6 with a position in this point gives a strong effect on these three meridians.

SP6 improves organ functions. It should be worn 5 days a week for at least 12 hours and combined with plasters such as Glutathione, the body’s strongest antioxidant and Energy Enhancer, which increases combustion by up to 22 percent. The glutathione patch is placed on the opposite side, the same point as here SP6 / right leg.

When we talk about – and want to influence the hormonal system – the mavemeridian is often used. One of the more potent points is point 36 on the Mavemeridian (St36). With plastic ring here with SP6 on the left leg and with the same gratathione glue ring at the same point on the right leg, you get a very strong stimulation. There are included instructions with the different types of plastics.

General information about the SP6 patch:

  • Helps the body control hunger sensation
  • Regulates sugar craving
  • Reduces symptoms of menopause and hot flashes
  • Restores hormonal balance
  • The Energy Enhancer and Glutathione patches can be used with SP6

The SP6 patch stimulates the part of the brain we call hypothalamus, amongst other things. This area is rich in endocrine functions such as control of hormones, metabolism, temperature, thirst, hunger, sleep and emotional functions such as anxiety, fear and anger. SP6 therefore also reduces the need for food and especially for sugar.

In a study published in the TANG International Journal of Genuine Traditional Medicine, Feb. 2012, a number of subjects conducted LifeWave SP6 patches for 12 hours daily. After a week’s stimulation, the physical function of liver, spleen and both kidneys has been improved by over 97 percent in subjects. In addition, it is particularly important that the physical function of the thyroid gland, intestines and hypothalamus was improved by over 87 percent. The function of the adrenal glands – including sex hormones, hormones for converting sugar to the liver glycogen – was improved by more than 75 percent. The average improvement for all organs was 89 percent.

SP6 is a strong patch and easy to work with – only 5 points are in play, and you combine with Glutathione on the opposite side of the body – the same point. If you are curious about what SP6 can be used for, please read my previous post: ”While we wait for the light”.

The importance of water

As always, when it comes to change, cleansing and renewal where you use the patches, keep in mind that you need to be well hydrated. This means a continuous intake of clean water during the day. The recommendation is 30 ml per 10 kg body weight, which for a 70 kg person is approx. 2 liters.

Perhaps you can read or read my posts in the WinFit series: Here I discuss the negative role of sugar for our health, the desire for lasting weight reduction / weight loss, and bodybuilding with increased muscle mass, improved health and a body that’s more you . Now it should not be boring, but if you want to work seriously with your health and, in particular, with your sugar intake, you will not have to study the content of sugar and simple carbohydrates in the food you eat.

If you would like to know more about the use of LifeWave patches and other products or if these could be anything for you, get hold of me.

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