My journey as a breast cancer patient! The hard choices and the help from LifeWave


This is the continuation of my story and my experiences on my journey with breast cancer. I have chosen to write and share it with you because cancer is still a big subject of taboo. On here I’ll tell you about the progress and some of the things I’ve done to strengthen my body in the process, in addition to the usual recommendations regarding diet, vitamins, sleep, etc.

I finished my previous post by telling you about my quick scan and successful operation. However, I forgot one thing about this, namely that I, like everyone else, was given a dosage box of painkillers for the first days.

I clearly remember telling the staff at the hospital that they don’t have to give me them because I certainly won’t use them. But the nurse insists, so I take them to throw them out. I choose to use pain-plated IceWave along with Carnosine for wound healing. I only use the pain pads for the first 2 days, and I no longer need them. In the aftermath there is only healing of the operating wound and the reduction of scar tissue I focus on, so I use the Carnosine patch.

Another difficult time of waiting

Then start 10 days waiting time again, where there is plenty of time to wonder and panic. It’s a few long days where my mood changes like the wind. 10 days after my surgery, I will meet again at Herlev Hospital. This time I will have the final answers regarding the cultivation of the cancerous nodule and the lymph nodes removed during surgery. The answer is as positive as it can now be in this situation. My form of breast cancer is hormonally conditioned and with a small growth marker.

I will meet at the oncology department the following day. I know through my education as a kinesiologist on humans and animals a lot about the lymphatic system, hormones, etc. So I ask the doctor at Herlev if I can not get a measurement of “the dangerous estrogenic” estradiol via a simple blood test. He looks surprised at me and says, that’s a good idea, so he says yes, even if it’s not something they usually do. I am quite certain that they can not reach the answer to the blood test ready for my meeting the following day, and therefore ask if it should not be moved. But no, I just have to go over there.

3 different oncologists at the hospital

At my first meeting an oncologist is ready with a stack of pills. I get an anti-hormone pill, which I have to take as part of the cancer package. Of course, I ask if they have received the answer to the blood test. They do not have it, but the oncologist just thinks I should get started with the pills, and then we can change them to the other type of anti-hormone pills, if the blood test shows that I have been through menopause.

I know from many others that there are major side effects on those pills and I do not want to get started with them unless it is absolutely necessary. Therefore, I will have the answer to the blood test before I make a decision. I’ll have a new time the week after and that will happen the same. New oncologist is ready with a stack of pills. They have not received the answer to the blood test. So now a new one is taken because I still refuse to take pills without knowing the answer to the blood test.

I’ll get another time a week later, and when I come this time, oncologist No. 3 is ready for pills! Now they have answered my blood test, and it shows him that I should take the anti-hormone pills for women who started menopause. He pushes 2 stacks of Letrozole so I have over the table for the next 6 months and start telling about all the side effects I can risk. I ask if he has looked at my blood test and yes he says: That’s why I give you these pills instead of the others. I ask again for the blood test, and then he says a bit annoyed, your ear strain level is at 0.04. It is the absolute lowest level and the level that the system inserts as the minimum cursor, even though it can actually be 0.00.

I’m wondering if I have understood correctly that I almost do not form more of the dangerous estrogen. Yes, he says. I ask why, why should I take anti-estrogen pills with all the side effects you’ve just told? It’s part of the cancer pack sounds the answer and I’m not able to do anymore. I take the pills into the bag and raise me up. Those I reach at the door say, “IF you take them now, I would recommend you to take them to the night, so you can be lucky to sleep from nausea”!

Russian roulette – or not?

I don’t want to play Russian roulette with my life by any means. Therefore, I choose to go to my private practitioner and talk to her about it before I make the final decision about whether or not to take pills.

My doctor Karen is great and she always wondered why women and men with hormonal cancer just smoke on anti-hormonal drugs without checking their blood tests first. She says she really understands my doubts as to whether that type of pill really is beneficial at all in my situation. She has a lot of clients with many side effects of medicine, and, like her, she would not even take the medicine if it were her. She says she understands that I’m a little “scared” to defy the system, but that I can get exactly the range I want and measure the estrogen level so I can be calm. My decision is now complete and my choice is not to take the pills. They still lie in the fridge at home.

Caribbean cruise or radiation treatment

I’m part of what we call the Gerda club. The Gerda Club consists of me and 5 other girlfriends, whom I have known for 30+ years. We travel together every 2-3. Years and have been in Rome, Malaga, London, Dubai and New York, etc.

We pay a fixed amount per month and in this way it seems that we get the trip paid. We even have our own credit card for that account so when we’re out, it’s always Gerda who pays. We usually say: No hurts, Gerda pays!

With these beautiful women, our next destination is a trip to Miami including a cruise in the Caribbean. This trip is scheduled for a long time before I am aware that I am ill. We are going to travel in September. That’s how I’m scheduled to start my radiation treatment. Many thoughts ran through my head. Of course, I want to get my money back if I choose to stay home, but I almost do not have to go around like a lion in a cage at home, while the teens are enjoying themselves and joining up with wonderful experiences on Facebook. Really many of my family and friends, of course, despise me from leaving, as the insurance does not cover when I was in a cancer course. But I think so it creaks. I finally measure the quality of life that a journey will give me, the highest. The rug has been pulled away below me with the stomach disease. I have had an incredible number of mental aquaplaning tours. All of this, I am up against any possible risk by shooting the radiation treatment after the vacation and the risk. Because I can get into financial difficulties by not being covered by any insurance.

But I choose to think that the worst thing that can happen will be if I turn on my stilettos on the boat, and yes, I’ve got my suitcase full of the unique LifeWave patches, and then I’ll do it.

I am so happy that I take that choice and we have the coolest trip ever with limousine driving, sun, sea, dinners, experiences, drinks, dance and a nice company. It gives me so much again on the quality of life account, and I have never regretted that choice. Although the doctors of course are not excited about moving my radiation treatment, it will be done.

Radiation with Aeon stress patches

So then the radiation treatment starts at Herlev Hospital. I have to get radiation 5 days a week for 3 weeks. It’s really quite alright, and it doesn’t take much time. However, I’m very sensitive, and it’s strange the second time because I can feel the rays as soon as the machine starts going. Therefore, I choose to use the Aeon patch to reduce the stress on my system and it works well.

I am very aware of trying to avoid radiation damage and use Bach’s “rescueremedi” cream after each treatment and the Alavida skin patch at night. After approx. 7 times I start getting tremendously tired.

I’m healthy enough 1-2 hours after the radiation, but then I’m completely smashed and infinitely tired. My sister says why do not you try to use the Energy Enhancer energy platter to help you over that phase? Well done that it is her who reminds me of others and more possibilities to help the body with the unique patches – and thank you, it helps a lot. During this course, I meet almost new nurses each or every other time, and they all comment on how nice the chest and scar look like.

1. Control – a farce

The first check-up is scheduled 6 months after surgery already during the initial meetings at the hospital. This is now what I’m worried about. I have to say that the doctors once again don’t inform me properly, so I’ve of course been preparing for mammography and/or ultrasound scanning to see if there are still cancer cells that live and grow in my body. But no. It’s just another meeting with a new oncologist at the hospital who is just wondering how I’m getting on. What takes the most time and focus is when I tell her that I do not eat the anti-hormone pills. She only makes a manual “feast test” on the chest and praises how nice the chest and scar look like. All in all, I send a loving thought to LifeWave, which has undoubtedly made a big difference in this process for me. Almost a scarf needs to see the scar and the breast is completely normal.

I’m told that I’ll get my first scan in December. What happens on the check-up in December will be available for you to read about here on the blog. I’m now waiting again and sending loving thoughts to all other people affected by cancer.

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