LifeWave can dampen ADHD symptoms


There was a time when ADHD was ‘reserved for children’ because ADHD was perceived as something that grew from. Today we know that the same kind of difficulties can occur in adults – but the symptoms can change character with age. You can now get several different forms of treatment for ADHD, such as medical treatment, therapy and counseling.

Personally, I experience from those that I know with ADHD, a very disturbing everyday with attention difficulties, lack of concentration for long periods of time, mood swings, forgetfulness, procrastination, lack of oversight, bad temper, loss of control mm

ADHD drugs like Ritalin can put a big damper on all this in most people, but for how long a body continue to record this poison in the body, without any serious side effects in the person? According to a Danish research results from 2014 doubles ADHD medications among others the risk of heart issues.

The side effects of ADHD drugs can many prove among other sleep problems, lack of appetite, weight loss, stomach pain, headache, increased irritability, etc. To avoid these side effects, one needs to stop his medical treatment. It increases the risk of loss of control, and that smoking back to a state where you do not have control of his ADHD.

LifeWave reduces stress in the body

My experience is that LifeWave is a natural alternative product that helps many. LifeWave patch Y-Age Aeon is clinically proven to reduce stress and inflammation in the body, making it an interesting alternative add-on for adults with ADHD.

One can consider the patches as acupuncture, but without needles. These small patches are placed at a certain acupuncture point of the body and can thereby initiate a particular process.

I have now over the last five years repeatedly seen that people who have ADHD to a greater or lesser extent, have had a significant effect of using the LifeWave patches. It provides peace of body, the power of concentration come back, they get better overview and sleep better. I experience a calmer and more succinct person. With LifeWave alternative complement many experience a big impact.

Positive experiences of people with ADHD diagnosis

Imagine that LifeWave reset your Autonomen nervous system and then maintain this state. This is exactly what happens in the body. Some use it every day, while others use it less often, depending on how they are affected.

Now I do not even diagnosed in life, but I use even LifeWave products, so every day I can have many balls in the air, make quick decisions, get an overview and a better sleep and inner peace in your body. It gives me greater joy, and I experience a greater peace and balance in my life. Therefore I as ambassador and uses only recommend that you try this product – possibly in addition to ADHD drugs.

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Frank Hamann has been a LifeWave distributor since 2011. He is a dedicated user of LifeWave's product range and also uses LifeWave in his work as a plumber/project manager where there are many balls in the air. With these products from LifeWave Frank is able to avoid stress, get a better overview and find that he’s always in a better mood. LifeWave has also been a positive contribution throughout his cancer journey. In 2015, Frank was diagnosed with bowel cancer, but was fortunately enough declared cured after only six months. Contact Info: or 61729632.


  1. Yes, indeed, that Y-AGE AEON can help at ADHD, yesterday a customer had the help of getting an AEON patch in the neck after she had sat about 4 hours in my chair and get a home color. Right there I was glad that I could offer her some help, as she herself said at one point, she had the impression that she could scream, we should just prevent that 🙂


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