How to alleviate flu symptoms with LifeWave


Everyone has the flu around this time. A large proportion of the customers who come into my salon have have been down with the flu around Christmas for the past 4 years. It’s quite incredible that there are so many cases of flu around Christmas every year – not to mention January, February and March.

I hear all the time about the flu sparking up around Christmas. Many tell sadly tell me that they might not be able to come to the Christmas party. Some report in January that they had to stay home on Christmas Eve, while the family went off to siblings, parents electricity. the like. to keep Christmas Eve. It’s just really a shame that we can not be together with those we love the most, because we are down with the flu.

Last year, my daughter spend Christmas Eve with his new in-laws for the first time. It was the first time that she should not spend Christmas at home. She left home and would like to spend Christmas with her boyfriend.

The day before Christmas Eve calling Jesper, my son, to me complaining his distress. His sister came home from Jutland, so they can all spend Christmas together, but she has gone to bed with a tremendous flu in the body. So Jesper calling me to see if LifeWave patches can help Kathrine so she can be a bit fresh for Christmas Eve tomorrow.

How to use the LifeWave patches for the flu

I equip Jesper with 1 Y-Age Aeon patch, 2 Glutathione patch and 6 pcs energy patch Energy Enhancer. I show him my Tohuman app, where he must put the patches. The day after is Kathrine fresh and can participate in Christmas atmosphere to Christmas Eve on an equal footing with the rest of the family!

The last weekend in January, it saw my son’s turn to succumb to the flu. The following day it is my husband’s turn. Both get the patches on the same method. Both are fresh the day after. However, my husband lie with Aeon on his head, because his nose is still running after the flu has left the body.

This is what the protocol looks like (read about it on the Tohuman app):

  1. Aeon stacked (sat upstairs) with Glutathione in the neck on GV14
  2. Energy Enhancer on SP10 + ST36 + LI11 that the white patch on the right side and the brown patch on the left side all three points.
  3. The white Energy Enhancer on LI11 is also stacked (sat upstairs) with a Glutathione patch.

Get a step-by-step photo guide with the Tohuman app

Don’t worry if you don’t know what the GV 14 and the ST 36 is. It’s so easy to patches of Tohuman app on your smartphone. Yes, anyone can do it – even if you know nothing as completely as meridians and acupuncture points. Tohuman app shows pictures of the patches you need. The app indicates even the color of the patch and where to sit.

Currently peak flu epidemic, and many succumb and spend a whole week at home to recuperate. But when you yourself are fresh, hits the rest of the family.

We are so pleased to have LifeWave in the house so we can take many of the small challenges we encounter in everyday life with the patches or other products LifeWave offers. And we are really happy that we no longer need to fill the body with pills and penicillin in many cases.

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Following a fantastic, personal experience with LifeWave products during 2014, I became a LifeWave distributor. Every day, I help customers in my shop with LifeWave patches. My clear attitude is that if we can make people deal with the most common "everyday problems" with a LifeWave patch, we can increase their quality of life, and maybe in the long run, the healthcare system can save some money. Contact me at


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