New life with LifeWave despite life-long ailment


This post is exactly what LifeWave is all about: Improved quality of life.

I would like to share this lovely story with you. During a patch meeting this summer I meet Cate Thorsgaard. Cate tried the patches from LifeWave once before without really experiencing any effect. While testing her it’s shown that she has reverse polarity amongst other things. Thi  in combination with a life-long course of disease and hosting different medications/chemicals means that we have to start with a mild detox and then tackle the problems one by one.

We quickly find out that Cate improves greatly with LifeWave. I’m really pleased that we can help this beautiful woman have a new life with better quality. The following is the story told by 52-year-old Cate herself:

A life of disease and pain

I am tall, slim and have weak hypermobile joints. I have Scheuermann’s disease and have had poor health throughout life with frequent pneumonia and chronic diseases. I have been working at the computer for most of my adult life as a lawyer/chief secretary, etc.

Virtually all kinds of doctors and therapists have been against my health including all surgeons and rheumatologists, dermatologists, biopathologists, acupuncturists, etc. From the time I was a baby, I have had atopic eczema, bronchitis and several infectious diseases, among other things stomach. Asthma escalates up the child and youth with many admissions to follow and large amounts Prednisolone (Corticosteroids). More violent and increasingly allergic rash several places on the body. Very painful, red, irritated and bleeding wounds.

Treatment: Prednisolone, antibiotics, all sorts of ointments and creams for long periods with a more and more degraded and the thin skin as a result.

In the age of 30. I get two slipped disc in the lower back, severe headaches, sore neck and shoulders. More and more pain plagued and more absenteeism from work. After an accident burst eardrum in the left ear, and several ear bones are destroyed. I have made repeated ear operations with subsequent constant tinnitus and sometimes disabling and recurring pain and inflammation in the ear.

Treatment: Antibiotics and Cortisone.

In 2006 I become sick leave from work due to stress and chronic pain. I have at that time progressive osteoarthritis of the entire body. In 2010, the diagnosis is that the cervical vertebrae on the left side of the neck are worn out. Osteoarthritis of the lumbar and two diskosudposninger. Later scans in the subsequent years: Osteoarthritis of the knees, wrists and hips.

The pain is steady and debilitating. The medicine takes only the top and gives me some terrible side effects – psychological as well as physical. One of the side effects are a damaged intestinal system with constant blockages, which are treated with laxatives. Severe headaches, tension and pain in the neck/shoulder region. My lower back collapses of osteoporosis and makes it impossible to stand (have to move me or lie) and my knees and hips works.

Treatment: Panodil Ibumetin and 600 mg in large quantities, which provides oesophagitis. For 11 years – from 2004 to the end of 2015 – I take strong morphine preparations, acid-reducing and antidepressant medication.

7-day trial of LifeWave

In summer, I say yes to participate in another patch meeting the LifeWave. I am VERY skeptical up to the meeting, where I will be tested by treating and LifeWave distributor Annette Hammerich, and there is still not much response from my disease-ridden and painful body. There are several other present that is both relieved and removed the pain in a short time, but I do not notice any real difference except a little tingling and dizziness.

Annette’s explanation is that my energy pathways are blocked, that I have reverse polarity and that my long-term chronic condition and my great medicine consumption will generally require more time – no matter what form of therapy, I choose to use. So in my startup with LifeWave, if I choose, the focus must be on getting the energies to flow freely in the body, cleanse the system and bring the body and mind in balance.

Despite skepticism I decide to test the patches on my foregoing yoga holiday to Norway. After 7 days in Norway and the loveliest yoga, I come home with a body that is stronger, smoother, healthier and with a lovely peace of mind.

You might ask: isn’t that a result of the yoga?
No, my clear answer. LifeWave makes a crucial difference. Energy patches from LifeWave helps me strength that I have not experienced before. Y-Age Aeon patch balances my nervous system and relaxes my body. My lifelong eczema is suddenly disappeared! I feel a warmth and blood circulation throughout the neck and shoulder area, and the pain relieved I am surprised, and will actually want to follow Annette’s subsequent advice. I buy several different types of plasters and start drinking nutritional supplement CORSENTIALS and use the new skin care concept Alavida

My new life with LifeWave

I now have a good, active life with pain-free days and astmaeksemen is completely gone. My asthma is improving, my chronic pain is reduced from 10+ 2 – more and more days to 0. very rare bout of tinnitus, no pain in the ear and ear infections no longer. Scar tissue after all operations have been lighter and softer. No sensory disturbances – or as I call it ‘dead’ hands, fingers and toes. No stiffness in the body when I’m going out of bed in the morning. No headaches. Much more strength and agility. It is quite clear to me when I’m doing my yoga. No skin problems, on the contrary, healthier and fresher skin on the entire body.

Many years of illness and pain hell and poor sleep is over. It is fantastic and I am so grateful.

My medication list now includes:

  • NO painkillers
  • NO antidepressant
  • NO hormone ointment
  • NO eczema cream
  • ONLY asthma medication.

I KNOW that my health gets even better by the day. My lifelong asthma and worn lungs takes a little longer. But it comes – and I’m sure that you ALSO get a better life, as I have been!

Another satisfied LifeWave user

It was Cates story in brief of herself. Today Cate one close friend and a very happy LifeWave uses. This is exactly what I love in my job: to help people and animals to help themselves and get more and better quality of life.

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Annette Hammerich works with energy therapy and kinesiology on humans and animals, which has given her extensive personal and professional experience with LifeWave. Annette Hammerich is a very experienced dealer with very passionate and knowledgable when it comes to product use on animals. Contact information: +(45) 4264 7770 or Visit


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