Dog tail close to amputation – how LifeWave made a difference


I’m always happy about the fact that we can help our animals with LifeWave’s unique and chemical-free products. Animal’s energy system is structured like ours so the products are effective on them as well. Yes – I actually see the animals often reacting even faster and better. The patches are often included when clients approach me with a problem that their animal is having.

I spend much of my time spreading knowledge and awareness of LifeWave and have gradually built a network of more and more therapists, doctors and vets who also see the value of using the patches in addition to their conventional treatments.

I’ve written before that these unique patches DO NOT replace the vet and common sense, but they are great to use to support the health of your animal so that they heal and recover faster.

Here is a report from the veterinarian Kristina Runge about the difference that LifeWave has made in connection with a dog’s tail that close to being amputated.

Veterinarian Kristina Runge: How we saved Gunilla’s tail

Gunilla is a Dalmatian of five years and she’s sometimes so happy that she wags her tail until it bleeds. Wounds on the tail is not always easy to treat because the skin is so thin, the blood supply is limited and the bone is close to the skin. If a wound on the tail reaches right into the bone tissue, the wound can be very difficult to heal. That’s why the risk of gangrene is high, resulting in the tail having to be amputated.

While Gunilla is pregnant with her second litter she has a small wound about 10 cm from the tail tip. It bothers her so she licks it and it quickly becomes larger. She bites the bandage and the dressings on it and then snatches it all off. Good advice is worth its weight in gold; a wound must be able to get air, but at the same time you need to make sure that the dog can’t lick the wound.

Gunilla she has a collar on when I first see her and the wound itself measures 1 x 2 cm. I recommend the owner to bathe the wound in soap flakes and I give an antibiotic ointment to take home. Some days later the wound has widened and the outer 8 cm of the tail tip is cold and turning black and blue. Since she’s pregnant, I can’t give her medication other than antibiotics and hope for the best. The owner and I together design a dressing that is hard to get red of but will still vent the tail. The daily bath in soap flakes and antibiotic ointment continues.

The tail is really at risk of having to be amputated, but the puppies won’t survive a surgery at this time. I contact Annette Hammerich to ask about the ‘miracle patches’ from LifeWave and whether or not we can use them. She says that the patches haven’t been tested on pregnant dogs but we choose to put on a single Y-Age Carnosine anyway, as close to the wound as possible. We agree to try it out because the puppies will be lost anyways if the tail has to be amputated.

No sooner said than done. Two days later, we can already see that the negative spiral has been reversed.

Everyone is relieved when both Gunilla and her tail make it through a difficult delivery and C-section. Gunilla is the mother of nine healthy puppies.

Unfortunately, I have no picture of the tail at it’s worst state. Below is an after image about five months after the wound occurred. The tail was hairless and blue right up to and including my thumb. The tip has been hairless ever since, and there has been this thick white crust on it.


Recently, Gunilla was extra happy because she would be on exhibit for the first time since the birth of her puppies. She’s wagging her tail and it’s bleeding – again. Fortunately, I have both my vet bag and the LifeWave patches with me to the exhibition and see that there is on a crack in the thick crust. The bleeding is minimal. I clean the wound and put a Carnosine patch on as close to the tip of the tail as possible.

A week later I meet Gunilla and note that the area with the thick white crust has been reduced. There have been no problems since.

Personally, there is no doubt in my mind that it’s thanks to LifeWave’s Carnosine patch that Gunilla and her nine puppies are here today. Of course, the success was also due tothe traditional and meticulous daily care, as well as the combination with antibiotics and acupuncture. None of these could alone have fixed the problem in this way. The Carnosine patch, however, has a clear and unambiguously positive effect on wound healing in general.

THANK YOU with all my heart to Annette Hammerich who introduced me to these patches.

Many greetings,

Veterinarian Kristina Runge

LifeWave can support traditional kinds of treatments

I’m sure these unique patches will within the next few years will be a natural part of all physician and veterinarian “bags”. They go well together with other therapies since they only promote the natural processes in the body. They are efficient and easy to use – and completely without chemicals.

In some of my future blog entries I will tell you about many more everyday situations where patches have helped humans and animals.

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Annette Hammerich works with energy therapy and kinesiology on humans and animals, which has given her extensive personal and professional experience with LifeWave. Annette Hammerich is a very experienced dealer with very passionate and knowledgable when it comes to product use on animals. Contact information: +(45) 4264 7770 or Visit


  1. Lovely reading and congratulations on the great result, and the 9 beautiful puppies.
    It is SUPER to be able to help our animals with a chemical-free product.

    I use them often on dogs and every time is a little miracle.

    Thank you for sharing knowledge and experiences

    Regards, Pernille

  2. Just great – and when you see the little puppies you become quite soft at the thought of the consequence of amputation.

    Great with supportive wound healing



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