Winter ready! Snot and sniffles – with LifeWave we keep it at bay


Winter is upon us, and some of the worst for families is snot and colds, flu, sore throat and the other many diseases such as families with children will be hit by over the winter.

Some families are laid down for weeks because everyone settles on shift at home in bed. When the whole family is finally healthy, go there sometimes just weeks before it all starts again. Sick again – in turn. This means that the profits of periods is low, many are stressed about everything that they do not reach over all the profits they have for their children. Time goes just – and we do not get anything out of it.

At our home we are a very normal family of four as most others. We have children in the institution, the work that we must take care, as well as an everyday to serve. We are like all other families with children highly vulnerable to bacteria and viruses. The difference is that we are rarely sick.

We have found the cure for winter illnesses: Our unique LifeWave patches! It has certainly changed and improved our quality of life. It has increased our profits as a child in a busy day because we pretty much NEVER sick.

A mother’s love letter to LifeWave

Who hasn’t tried to go to bed at night and feel that you are fresh, but then get up in the morning with the most uncomfortable neck pain and runny nose! Yes, we probably know it all together. It’s dreadful! And not only that. The truth is probably that we NEVER have time to be sick – bad, not when you are a mother of small children 1 and 3 years.

LifeWave-apotek-til-hele-familienSo here is my love letter to LifeWave: I love the patch from LifeWave wildly. For it has made my life much easier.

I can feel that something is brewing, then I immediately glutathione patch on, along with Y-Age Aeon patch, as shown in the brochure. Within a few hours, there are air passage in the nose again, and the pain in the neck is gone!

No more antibiotics

Before I started using the LifeWave products, I was always one of those who got the flu and colds. It was always when I least expected it and certainly did not have time for it because of the job. It took me about 14 days to get on top again. With a lot of doctor visits and penicillin.

Today I luckily it well. Today I do not go to the doctor to get to know that it is “just” a virus and that the body itself must come out! No one needs to tell me that I’ve got strep throat or flu, and I no longer have the pharmacy to pick penicillin! I will not go through a 10-day penicillin and feel that the body is completely weakened – filled with chemicals and toxins from penicillin. It escapes me now completely!

A boost with Y-Age patch

Usually we know very well that when the disease affects the body, the body’s own immune system that is out of balance, and the body is stressed! So it’s a good thing the boost themselves with Y-Age series by LifeWave – Glutathione and Carnosine and Aeon patch, which lowers stress levels in the body.

I drink Corsentials every morning, which is a combination of stress patch Y-Age Aeon, the dietary supplement Theta One and Theta Activate. These three products support each other and provide tangible improvements for my well being in a short time.

Glutathioneplastret is our favorite

Our absolute favorite is Y-age Glutathione patch that we use a lot for strengthening the immune system. The patch boosts our glutathione levels in the body and keeps bacteria at bay. It makes us less susceptible to being infected with various diseases affecting the winter season.

Y-age Glutathione-fra-LifeWave

Glutathione patch is one of the most frequently used patches all at home. It is our husapotek! My two sons aged 1 and 3 years and my husband use them as often as I do. Especially when at least the man wakes up at night with coughing, I put a Y-Age Glutathione patch on him. In a very short time disappear the dry cough and he can sleep safe and sound on again!

Our two little boys are both in day care with a lot of other kids. Here, it is inevitable that they can easily become infected with various diseases! I am so grateful that I can help to get them forestalled by boosting them in with Glutathione!

Did you know this about the Y-age Glutathione?

  • Glutathione is an antioxidant that occurs naturally in the human body?
  • Glutathione is one of the most important antioxidants in the body?
  • When we reach the age of 30, begins our glutathionsniveau slowly fall?
  • As we age, the body can build up toxins that weaken our immune system. Glutathione clean up the toxins and excrete heavy metals in the body
  • as we age, weaken our immune systems. Glutathione can keep the immune system in top
  • Using LifeWave glutathione patch, boost your glutathione levels by 300 percent in just 24 hours.

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Brita Stentoft Amby Thomsen tried the patches from LifeWave, because she could not stand upright at work without painkillers. Brita is a trained hairdresser and makeup artist and has always played a lot of handball, but were suddenly struck by chronic pains. She is also a mother of two small boys. Today, she uses LifeWave as a home pharmacy. Contact info:


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