Living with a chronic disease – and chosing to do without medicine


The first tentative signs that something was not quite right in my body began to show up in 2001. I was sore throughout the body. I had all sorts of tests done. Yet, the closest I came to a diagnose was the umbrella term “rheumatism”. For many years, I endured having so much pain throughout my body that at times I could barely walk.

Painful rheumatoid arthritis

The pain increased in frequency, so when 2005 rolled around, I was examined again. This time, it was found it was rheumatoid arthritis. I was assigned a rheumatologist who injected my joints with corticosteroids and later prescribed me pills along with a variety of other arthritis drugs, along with powerful painkillers.

After that, everything went pretty well. Until 2008. One day, I woke up and could not get out of bed. The rheumatologist gave up. She sent me to the hospital, whereafter I had to take seickleave for 3 1/2 months, attend rehabilitation, and frequent visits to the hospital to be prescribed even more medicine.

My everyday now included semianual visits to the hospital’s rheumotology wing and blood samples at the hospital every 6th week. I never really considered myself seriously ill: It was just a condition of life, and I accepted it.

Fewer painkillers with patches

If you have read my second blog post here on, you already know that I received my first package from LifeWave in September of 2014, and that the first thing I did was to try 4 weeks of Corsentials. In addition to that, I use the patches from LifeWave quite a bit: Energy Enhancer for pains (yes, they are great for chronic conditions), Y-age Glutathione for swollen joints (as arthritis is inflammation of the oints), and then the patch SP6 Complete (regulating the hormons and good for arthritis as it regulates the sugar balance in the body).

I already experience a marked fall in the use of painkillers. Something my stomach appreciates – because it can truly hurt when vast amounts of strong painkillers are taken.

I had to test LifeWave

When November arrived, it was time for my semiannual control at the hospital. I went in happy and had placed a Y-age Glutathione on the back of one of my hands, as I had woken up with a sore and swollen middle finger. Early in the conversation, the doctor commented on the blood samples which revealed that my liver count had been quite bad throughout the last year – and now they were off the charts. I was stunned, and asked why I had not been told. I was convinced that since I had to do all these tests, that I would be informed if something was wrong!

I stared at the screen with the test results, and that only one figure was right during this last year – the November figure. I immediately asked what the cause of that was, and what could be done. The answer was that it was probably the medicine, and then the doctor asked me what I thought might change for the better.

Very atypical to me, I went quiet for a little while, and then I made a decision – took a deep breath and said: “Well, then I think we should stop with the medicin, order new blood samples and make a new appointment in three months. As you can see, I am using LifeWave patches, and I will now test them”.

The doctor nodded. That was a deal, but I needed to realise the disease would only get worse.

Detoxing with LifeWave

I left with a print of all the blood samples. Home again, I immediately contacted my sponsor, Sabina, who had introduced me to LifeWave.

I choe to go visit Sabina in order to be detoxed in her machine. In addition, I went to work, pouring over the test results – and in partiuclar that single good November test result – could it perhaps have any correlation to Corsentials?

I took out a new Corsentials box and started again. I also used the patches to detox my body. The clever thing about the patches from LifeWave is that there are simple recipies – protocols – as to how to place them depending on the challenge. It does not take a whole lot of time patching your body.

For five days, I followed the detox protocol, took two days off, and then began again. I did this four times, so my consumption of Corsentials and the detox took four weeks in all.

For the detox furing the day I used the Y-age series: Glutathione and Aeon along with the patches Energy Enhancer and SP6 Complete. During the night, I used Y-age Carnosine along with Silent Nights.

It felt good getting rid of drug remains consumed through many years. Even better, my body was not giving me problems.  My sleep even improved to the point that it became so intense and good that I woke up with a lot of good energy in the morning. I think that would be considered a good spiral.

Great liver count despite reduction of medicine

Obviously, I still had blood samples taken, and we had now reached an agreement that I was to receive the test results. It felt like a present being able to note that my liver count once again was quite normal – in the span of two weeks, my numbers was the best they had been in the last year. .

It has now been almost a year, and I still do not take medicine. The doctor at the hospital shook his head in wonder when we met up just after the summer holidays this year: All the figures are so grat, that she does not want to me see me until another year has passed. The taking of bloodsamples is now only every 8th week, and are now done at my own doctors..

It may sound weird, but it has given me a tremendous feeling of freedom, not having to constantly go to the hospital – but being able to choose a normal everyday as everyone else.

Oh, yeah, I elected to not be vaccinated against the flu, while I was at it. And, no, I have not had a single sick day.


  1. Have been there as well – could not get out of bed because of pain – chose painkillers, and vitamins, minerals and dieticians to – live now as I lived before – just a little more healthy and painless. : -;

  2. Almost the same thing here, diagnosed fibromyalgia. I will not be checked by a doctor who does not understand that I do not want to take cholesterol medicine. I have not taken painkillers at any time but only used healing, warmth, meditation, etc. For a year and a half, have used LifeWave patches and just started on the Corsentials vitamin brand. I’m 70 years old and I’m not afraid to grow old. Fibromyalgia is a chronic disease and I am not cured, but lives a much better life with these products and by avoiding gluten and lactose. A good proof that chronic diseases can be alleviated without side effects from medicine.

  3. Thank you for your words…. nice to hear your stories.
    And yes … I still enjoy it! And on sunday I run again a little run. Not fast … not far. But delightful joy right into the bones and deep gratitude to be able to.

    Enjoy the summer
    Happiness and joy from Mai-Britt


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