Heir to WinFit: Training and detox with the TOHUMAN app


I have been on an exciting journey with WinFit since it launched. I’ve followed instructions and it has been easy, but as I’ve previously written on the blog, I haven’t had the same success as many others have.

My gosh, have I been frustrated, but I’ve also got a lot of good feedback about how I can improve. It has given me lots of courage to continue. It’s nice to be part of a network like that.

What has happened lately?

I continued for 3 weeks and adjusted the diet so that it wasn’t too sparse. I have bought ALA capsules to help the process get started. It’s been a walk in the park. I have been bursting with energy and threw myself into more training in addition to WinFit training. I’ve been to Crossfit and I enjoy it. I can really notice my strength and there are a few people who have noticed that I’m getting more toned in my arms and upper body. It feels wonderful!

What is the challenge with WinFit? Why did I choose to stop?

I have two teenagers who pay close attention to what I do in relation to exercise and diet. I have always emphasized that we are eating together in the morning and evening (whenever possible) – so we gather on the table and talk about what the day brings or how the day has gone. But suddenly I have not been able to participate in the same morning. I have simply been drinking tea – and it is noticed! Evening meals are usually served at. 20.30 because of leisure and sports – so suddenly we do not eat there either. It has also been noted by the roots. They think it’s super annoying and not the same anymore, even though I’m sitting.

Frankly – the dining window sheds my values. This means that we no longer have a good rhythm together.

In addition, after 3 weeks, I’ve been hit by health challenges, which means that eating windows can not work at all. I have been completely down with my neck and stayed broke for several days. After I’ve gotten better, I’ve considered whether WinFit is right for me at this time.

After that week, I have chosen to stop WinFit for this time and let everyone else gather the experience of this beautiful body toning system. I look forward to reading all the good results daily.

What should replace WinFit?

Now, it was important for me to get on top of my health again, so I found the TOHUMAN app and a 5-day detox protocol. Every morning for 5 days, I have placed an Aeon patch in the neck, Glutathione under the navel, SP6 and Energy Enhancer in varying locations and made sure to drink plenty of water while I’ve taken care of my workout. In the evening I have taken all the patches for an hour before bedtime and put Carnosine in the middle of the breastbone and Silent Night in changing locations.

It was just amazing to feel how energy and well-being have come back. No discomfort in the throat and stomach – no headache – no more fatigue. After four days I woke up completely fresh and full of energy to grab the day. It’s all done with smiles and profits. It feels amazing.

I just love my products from LifeWave.

Do I think WinFit has been a failure?

No, not really.

I have gained a lot of workout technique and have gained the energy and strength from it. And now I look forward to this Christmas time of candles and cozy, regular healthy food – except for on Christmas Eve in all its glory.

In January, my usual “white January” will begin where my body is cleansed on December’s sins. I know that I get great pleasure from patches and supplements from LifeWave.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from me!

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