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So are we in Two Human team once again ready with a variety of news about Two Human Life Wave app, and this time also a little fun competition for new LifeWave protocols. I hope that you will participate to make Two Human Life Wave app even better for the many users – you might be the lucky winner of a gift card.

In recent times, we have worked hard to make Two Human Life Wave app ready for App Store and Google Play. Now we are ready to announce that Two Human Life Wave app will be located on the App Store and Google Play within approximately 14 days.

Many users have requested the ability, as they are accustomed to the App Store or Google Play from most other apps they download. We have long wanted to meet. At the same time the demands of, among others, Apple changed. Starting in iOS 9 there are new licensing rules. This means that two Human team had to rewrite Two Human Life Wave app to the App Store. It also means that the app going forward MUST sold through the App Store – and only here! The same applies to Google Play.

Since the launch of Two Human Life Wave app in the spring of 2015 it has been possible to download the app Pay via PayPal or via credit card with Nemtilmeld. The option ends when we go to the App Store and Google Play. We regret this course. It is not something we in Two Human team can do something about. App is to be sold via the new channels according to the license rules. We must not sell it in several places. We will notify it when the change occurs.

This means, unfortunately, that the price of a year’s access to LifeWave protocols and knowledge of LifeWave products in Two Human app increases. Apple requires a substantial percentage – that is a substantial financial compensation for having the app lying. So from the transition to Google Play and the App Store, we are forced to raise the price to 99 crowns a year – only to cover this extra expense. The price of Two Human Life Wave app to cover licensing and operating costs, development of the app as well as support the work of disseminating knowledge through That is revenue from the app keeps, among other operations, development and innovation running.

Double up on protocols in Two Human app

We hope that you also in the future – despite the changes still experiencing the value of Two Human app is really high. We also hope that you still want to support the project on optimal LifeWave app on the go in a busy day. We even think that it is most important future tool and we will continue to develop it.

We are currently working on increasing LifeWave protocols in Two Human Life Wave app significantly. We will during the autumn and winter would increase the number of protocols 700-800 – indeed almost double.

When we have reached 700-800 protocols, we can embark on Two Human Life Wave app version 2.0 and add a new ideal search with free text search so you can search symptoms, protocols, LifeWave products etc. At the same time we will over the winter update the languages ​​of Two Human Life Wave app.

Warning! If you update Two Human Life Wave app for iOS 9

For those who have iPhone and want to update to iOS 9, look right here. If you update to iOS 9 and still has Two Human Life Wave app installed, so you should not run into any problems. We have tested.

However, if you delete Two Human Life Wave app, then you need to buy it again from the App Store. What you just pay attention! Deleting Two Human Life Wave app, we have no ability to help you in the support team.

Two Human Life Wave app for Windows 10 ready for November

To the many patient Windows Phone owners, then Two Human team soon come with very good news. And we have been looking very much forward.

There is no doubt that Windows Phone has been a real tease, partly because Windows 10 only released now. We have now reprogrammed Two Human Life Wave app for Windows 10 and now is ready to test it here in October.

We hope and expect that Two Human Life Wave app for Windows Phone to be released in November. The app is of course tilbagekonvertibel. We promise much more info as soon Two Human Life Wave app can be downloaded – watch here and on our Facebook page.

COMPETITION! Win gift cards – send us your best LifeWave protocols

Help us to expand Two Human Life Wave app and make it ready for version 2.0.

We would like that the app constantly offering new and exciting knowledge and continues to be an indispensable app in everyday life. We double the number of protocols over the winter, then we in the spring of 2016 offer Two Human Life Wave app version 2.0 with free text – an exciting and interesting feature that all users will love.

But, but, but … We can only make version 2.0, if we have a large database to search. Therefore, we hope that you would like to help to make Two Human Life Wave app even better by contributing to doubling the number of protocols over the winter. We have therefore made a little competition …

Win a voucher for a value á kr. 300, –
Make a list of your best LifeWave protocols

We designate three winners in early December. Whoever sends us the most protocols, obviously get a gift card, while we draw the other two. All is thus a chance to win.

Regardless of how many protocols you can gather, there is opportunity for good self-indulgence in December. The competition will run into on November 30, so you have time to make a long list. We look forward. And p.s. in fact, we are all winners because you are with your participation makes the app even better for us all.

The contest is only valid for protocols that do not exist in Two Human Life Wave app in advance.

Send your protocols for – subject line: NEW PROTOCOL + [YOUR NAME] – for example: NEW MINUTES OF JAN DIBBERN, then you are in the competition.

Best regards,
Two Human team
Jan Dibbern

Do you have any questions, please write in the comment box or mail directly to

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2014 was the year I began my first foray into LifeWave. I chose to test all the products on my own body. I changed my diet and had a targeted training programme made. It has turned around my life 180 degrees. To Human is a concept I made to increase the quality of life for myself and for others. To Human blog is a forum, a magazine, and a knowledge-sharing centre for LifeWave enthusiasts - human to human. The To Human app is an online guide, helping you step-by-step with the use of your LifeWave products on-the-go.


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