WinFit update 2: Hanne is highly motivated!


“It’s super easy – and it works!” Hanne says. She has been running WinFit for a month now and is fond of the product and system.

Hanne has started on a journey towards a different, healthier and more slim and muscular body and already she has enjoyed WinFit in several ways. WinFit has meant that Hanne can …

  • For the first time in many years, again run and move like she did in her younger days
  • She has gained strength and stamina
  • Easily manage stairs
  • Now has gained strength in her legs and back: she feels like Super Woman!
  • She seems to have a much more energy in her daily life
  • She has completely eliminated all small muscle and joint pains
  • Sleep better.

That’s exactly what LifeWave promises to do with WinFit: Enhanced “stamina” or core strength. That is, the muscles of the upper body, which are front/back, stomach and back muscles and across the pelvis, are markedly strengthened. Also the muscles over the pelvis, bumps, thighs and lower legs are noticeably stronger. This is evidenced by a different strong and smooth motion pattern. The ‘heavy’ body perception is gone.

More motivation and initiative

Both Hanne and I have noticed at the end of the first month that she is taking the initiative on the two morning sessions a week. The 15-20 minutes progressed with warming, light exercises and finishing 3-5 runs with a maximum maximum score, she is doing well. I am impressed!

Hanne is cool and with the increasing strength and stamina as well as the increased fitness from the interval / high intensity training, she gets more and more motivated. A Monday morning in light rain and low temperatures, she does not actually touch her.

I’m as excited as Hanne. It is incredibly nice to work with such a motivated person. I think it promises really good for her goal. It’s definitely going to be a long-term goal – although there is of course no guarantee of where we end. Hanne thinks it’s fun and exciting. Already now she experiences that she has got another body.

Yes, by the way: LifeWave actually promises that one will succeed; It has been proven by experiments that the system works – WinFit works with the very small physical activity twice a week in just 10 minutes as mentioned earlier. If you follow the “recipe” and the system – you will succeed.

lifewave-drik-vandRemember to drink more water!

Hanne thinks that the WinFit system is easy to go for a busy weekday. It is a great help that you do not have to think so much, but just follow a system and make sure you have enough food. Once you have understood it, it’s much easier to keep the course for the goal you’ve set.

Hannes’s only problem is that she doesn’t drink enough water. Hanne is no exception in this area. Many are bad enough to drink enough water. We have spoken well through this, and she quickly improves when she understands that without water she can not get rid of her waste. If you are not hydrated enough, the effect of the patches is reduced. The human body consists of 50-60 percent water, and we lose about 2-3 liters daily. Therefore, we should add water continuously and preferably before we become thirsty.

So what does the weight say?

So, what happened?

In a previous blog post, I have described the first 10 days. How does the day begin to drink water and then the system follows and tries to “standardize” so that it will be easy in everyday life. Because of course, problems arise while keeping what to do. It does not matter, however. There is space for swing courses occasionally. Only one keeps up for the long run. It’s alright with a party – just everyday is in place.

For Hanne, however, the first week was easy – and almost 3 kg of smoke! We just managed to think: It’s just incredible. But that did not happen anymore. So what?

Starting weight: 79,4 kg

The first 10 days: Here on the 5th day, a weight reduction occurs from 79.4 kg down to 75.7 kg. This is loss of 3.7 kg.
After that, stabilization comes about 10-day results: 76.5 kg – a weight reduction of 2.9 kg. This pattern lasts for the 19th day when a slight increase in weight occurs.

Day 20 and onwards:

Here we note a weight that is stable and swings between 76.0 and 77.4 kg. I call that daily metabolic uncertainty. We measure on periods: weeks and months. Weight measurements over the period are as follows:

Mean weight from starting weight of 79.4 kg for four first weeks – 28 days are:
1st week 76.7 kg on average over five days of measurements
2nd week 76.6 kg on average over ” ”
3rd week 76.9 kg on average over ” ”
4th week 76.9 kg on average over ” ”

So a significant reduction in a few days: In 10 days as referred to 2.9 kg – 3.7 kg even by morning weighing on the fifth day! Then we got a slowdown – and a stagnation in the “weight loss”. Notice that I put “italic”. Because with WinFit, we must remember that we are not dealing with a diet. The diet has been abolished – as one of my good blog colleagues here at expresses it. With WinFit, however, we have a system for converting fat to solid muscle tissue, which we need to burn our excess fat.

Your weight reduction stopping or slowing down may be due to several reasons:

  1. In the first week, an accelerated weight loss, which is water, fat metabolism and elimination of waste, is often seen. Therefore, be sure to drink water both morning and throughout the day. Many are bad drinkers and neglect it. But without water, you will not achieve proper disposal of waste materials.
  2. Depending on the individual person’s biochemistry, there is a simultaneous conversion of fat versus muscles. That is, fat tissue is simultaneously replaced by a muscular structure – something we just want to use by using WinFit. Therefore, some users will experience a weight pattern as described for Hanne. Others will experience a sustained and stable decline in weight.
  3. Studies in LifeWave laboratories indicate that for many, there will be a 2.35-fold increase in fat-to-muscle conversion from month 2 onwards – an accelerated fat loss and muscle mass build-up in time after the 30 days. This is due to altered and improved hormonal activity, stabilization of several of the biochemical and bioelectric functions, and not least for some, a stabilization of blood sugar and a generally better insulin intolerance. The latter aspect is important for sugar conversion. The entire package in WinFit is in play here – not least with the many advantages, including Located in Theta One and Activator, as well as the Carnosine patch.


Your body is being shaped and toned

It will be exciting to follow Hannes’s continued journey towards the goal – which is 8 kilos. Maybe she does, maybe other and exciting things happen – we’ll see. But setting a goal is important.

We hear from colleagues in LifeWave and other users that some are losing well and having satisfactory results. A few stand on the starting weight – and some even take on – Body Toning. To them we say: Look in the mirror. Have you taken photos so that you have access before and after. It can certainly be recommended. Look forward to camera / mobile and take some good pictures of yourself. I almost dare say that everyone will find that WinFit is not a diet but a system for toning the body. A muscle building system where we build muscles to burn the excess food package – our depots.

This scenario may be the case for Hanne. We are approaching a preliminary response here at the end of the first month.

What we know is that she already after a month is a completely different person bodily. Hanne now has a body where you can imagine that a very nice “redevelopment” is under way.

Hannes’s new fat percentage

When we calculate Hannes fat percentage, we use the available calculators online (eg
Here is an interesting result:

Starting fat percentage: 32,3
Fat percentage after 1 month: 28,52

Hannes’s fat percentage in weighted percentage, which is what her fat weighs, is 22.1. This is a measure of the weight in kg of her fat mass – minus bone mass, muscle mass and water.


  • Weighted fat before minus weighted fat afterwards: 25.65 – 22.1 = 3.55 kg
  • Hanne has lost 3.55 kg of fat.
  • Hanna’s total weight at start was 79.4 kg minus her loss in fat of 3.55 kg, which gives a “lean weight” of 75.85 kg.
    (Her original weight less fat loss – but she has gained weight!).

Hannes’s current weight after 28 days is 77.5 kg minus her lean weight of 75.85 kg – gives 1.65 kg.

The total calculation thus tells Hanne to lose 3.55 kg fat – but at the same time increased his muscle mass by 1.65 kg – a result she is quite satisfied with.

People are different and respond differently – but WinFit works!

It is for everyone that the individual metabolism is based on nutrition, combustion, activity level and access to the fat deposits you want to reduce. But what other factors are involved in the game? Maybe a diabetes or a pre-diabetes that some obese have without knowing it? A reduced insulin sensitivity or intolerance, resulting in reduced access to fat depots, will give different results. The hormonal must also come into place.

So how does our internal machine and our metabolism work at the start of the process and later? This is individual – so we will see many different courses. In any case, the many incoming stories for WinFit show here at the start, really good results.

28 days – before and after: The measuring tape feels longer

What improvements have you experienced?

Some measurements have reduced nicely, and others are unchanged. Particular attention should be paid to targeting the body strain/truncus – hip, waist and chest. Here are some nice improvements. The change for Hanne is also the feeling of freedom and a better stamina – as mentioned above. Her body has been transformed for the better, the pants have become looser, the shoulder strap shorter and the bra must fit in. Not the worst, she thinks!

On thighs nothing has happened – this is quite normal. We would like to reduce the size of the stomach region.
The neckline is smaller and a small bow is sprouting on the upper arm!

She is therefore confident about the coming month where we continue – at least as LifeWave prescribes with at least twice the activity and double it. Then we must see where it brings her.

See the used goals on my previous blog post.

Measurements before and after:

  • Leg: 39 cm – 38 cm
  • Thighs: 63 cm – 63 cm
  • Hips: 106 cm – 101 cm
  • Waist: 87 cm – 81 cm
  • Chest: 108 cm – 101 cm
  • Shoulders (back): 57 cm – 57 cm
  • Shoulders (front): 52 cm – 52 cm
  • Over chest: 96 cm – 96 cm
  • Biceps: 32 cm – 34 cm
  • Neck: 39 cm – 36 cm

As you can see, there are some nice reductions around the hips, waist and chest as well as a three cm reduction around the neck.
Good improvements that we both are thrilled with. WinFit works for Hanne!

winfit-kostDiet – a key element

We can’t not talk about food.
As a starting point, you have to have:

  • One third of meat, fatty fish or other good protein source
  • Good fat sources like olive oil, rapeseed linseed oil, butter and coconut oil
  • One third of vegetables
  • One third of carbohydrate.

And yes: you may want to eat carbohydrates. LifeWave actually recommends getting carbohydrates in their diet. Then there are some users who have previously opted for carbohydrates, so on the plate again and like some fruit and dark berries with the good antioxidants.
As snack / snacks can be suggested: Take a protein bar, a banana, nuts, protein ketchup, etc. Eat shells, drink almond and oatmeal. Have some of the things mentioned with To-Go on your day. This topic I will address on a later post here on the blog. Also, the choice of protein is taken up – but look for a good quality.

Hanne has a little trouble eating enough protein. It may be a relative “source of error” during her course.

Remember the other LifeWave patches as well

Energy Enhancer

Basically all the other LifeWave patches can be used in combination with WinFit. This was mentioned by David Schmidt at the launch of WinFit.

In the big starter kit for two months of consumption, there is an additional bonus of two packs of Energy Enhancer – a plastics that works like an energy boost. It makes sense to put this fine patch in the big box for 60 days.

Energy Enhancer provides a documented increased combustion of approx. 22 percent and can be used advantageously by those belonging to the group over +15kg, or by those who wish to enhance daily combustion; Conversion of fat to larger muscle mass. If you have large depots, it’s important to put all sails on while the good changes are in place. Remember to drink plenty of water – both in the morning and throughout the day.


This patch is part of the system and is applied at night (replacing the WinFit patch), where it acts as cell-generating and improves the bioelectric properties. So for those who practice sports, including intensive training that requires high metabolism, it is applied during the activity / course just to take advantage of the increased stamina and exposure of lactic acid formation. Studies say up to 125 percent compared to normal level compared to outside.


The Glutathione patch raises the level of the body’s strongest antioxidant, glutathione. The level of glutathione decreases with age – approx. 10 percent per 10 years. The use of this patch raises the exit level by 300 percent in 24 hours.

Do you use this patch regularly, it helps to maintain a high glutathione level for the disposal of toxins, waste materials, heavy metals, etc. A good idea to complement this during a WinFit process.

So what’s the verdict on WinFit?

Hanne is too shy to let me post pictures of her on the blog. I hope she’ll let me a bit later when she’s accomplished more. In the meantime, we are happy to tell you what we see in the mirror.

Significantly finer body lines – The final result on the weight shows 77.4 kg on the 28th day, so we are in the stable end with a gain of 2.6 kilograms and with a muscle mass gain of 1.6 kg – and with confidence that in it The following month will happen things and cases.

On the measuring tape she is also quite satisfied, especially with improvements around the hip, waist and chest.

Follow on us the blog for a month. Hanne has been going for 60 days – and you read about what’s happening in her second month on her journey with WinFit!

If you feel tempted to follow in Hannes’s footsteps and you’re ready to burn fat and build muscle, then I’m ready to help you – and there is space on the training track!

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