Summer cure! Take a look at your diet and sneak in a daily power snack


Summer is finally here! The globe has begun its walk on the other side of the sun. We still have many bright days to come and they must be enjoyed and capitalized on. Have your swimsuit been fitting a bit too small, or are your shorts too small during the winter? Are they tight in the wrong places? Then do a simple and easy summer cure and get rid of your unwanted weight.

Make sure that the bright time allows us to enjoy wonderful walks and exercise in the open air. Keep in mind that nature now offers all the healthy and fresh greens, like streams of vitamins and minerals. Something that our body needs after the long winter. You should use that and that is exactly what my good friend Hanne has taken care of.

Maybe you can remember Hanne from her career with WinFit or you can read the entire course on the blog. Hanne relaxed with almost 6 kilos of unwanted fat and built a muscle growth of over 4 kilos of approx. 7 months. But how has Hanne gone since? Yes, I can tell you that’s good.

I see him regularly, and Hanne tells me that, even though I do not hold her ears anymore, she still keeps her weight at around 73.5 kilos – quite nice considering the starting point was a weight of almost 80 kg. She is barely as persistent as during the course of the 7 months I followed and wrote about her on the blog, but the cost-cutting is holding her and her family. So I allow myself to conclude that the new weight is a result of her perseverance. Do you want to study her course for weight reduction, fat burning, and muscle building, so have a read: My post WinFit Update 6, where I summarize and conclude the course.

New lasting eating habits

Hanne and I have just been together to wish each other a good summer and of course to just ascertain whether diet and exercise can be adjusted. Hanne wants to hold on to her new weight and maybe get rid of a few pounds more from the depots. She will also hear if I have any suggestions on how she keeps the weight in the long run. That is, how she maintains a relatively balanced calorie account – like a slight negative for a continued desire not to build depots.

We agree that all “excess” calories that do not match the combustion are deposited. If you want to reduce depots – that’s fine – there are three wheels to turn on: intake of diet, type and composition of the diet as well as combustion.

The combustion/metabolism can be adjusted up or down according to your wishes and goals with exercise. Dietary intake can be limited and you can adjust the type of diet that you consume. Just here there is a lot to download for Hanne. One can make it easy or difficult. The ‘light’ solution means that you can NOT eat what you want. Then you have to sort and be smart in your choices.

By working with her diet and by realizing what brings her to a goal, Hanne has come up with what has made her hold the weight since the process of WinFit. She still eats within her 8-hour diet window (ie she must eat all the day’s meals within 8 hours in a day). She tells her that she has been very well after she has said goodbye to bread, rice, flour, and pasta – including the usual bread-based food package, which for many years meant a meal in the morning and at breakfast.

Today, lunch and dinner are more and more different – with the exception of the easy-to-sell and starchy foods. If you eat the food window, where you eat all your food within an 8 hour window, then the day can be. Start at 11. Here you eat “breakfast” which can consist of a protein-rich salmon or chicken, egg and salad and a fancy dressing topped with what you think of. Good and healthy snacks without added sugar and like with fiber, almonds, yogurt/sprouts with mustard/nuts, seeds, a little fruit etc. (as well as good with water during the day).

Something else that has changed for her is taken of sugar. Sugar – in the form of snacks, candy, cakes, etc. – but also the added sugar. The sugar is found in pre-made goods and it’s easy to turn a blind eye.

Hanne is a little surprised when I say Tells her that the bottle of Rosé we have shared contains a lot of sugar in the form of carbohydrate, approx. 600 kcal, depending on alcohol strength. So there is about 300 kcal for each of us. This corresponds to approx. 15 pct. Of her daily calorie needs. Not that it’s a problem for her, but she puts her fat-burning machine on pause for a while. A good nice glass of about 150 g requires a 25-minute walk before it is burned in the calorie account.

But in the summer, the summer is also tempting for light dishes, more green and maybe a little less packed lunches. The little quick and often not so imaginative catering that we bring at work; Packed lunches (which for some weight consist of a lot of bread) and a little too big cake and sweets, which draws the wrong way in our calorie accounts. So what’s more obvious than napping a small diet during the vacation, a month or a little longer.

The Sommer Cure: 11 tips to achieve improvements in 6-8 weeks

If you have a courage and want a body that is a couple of kilos easier, then hop on Hannes’s summer curse:

1. Control the intake of the “three whites”: sugar, flour and dairy

Reduce or pause all sugar – also the added cooked food. With all plain flour – ie Bread, cakes, biscuits etc. Wrap all other fast-processed starch like rice, pasta, and dishes made with flour/corn etc. These white goods easily smoke on the depots and expose the desired fat burning, as all the sugar and carbohydrates are taken first for combustion. Other than filling and dulling, it also puts your insulin production on overtime.

Dairy products can fill too much with its relatively high saturated fat content. Check this out and adjust if necessary. You get a nice protein part from here, but at the same time a tall fat portion – of saturated fat.

2. Take a look at the good fats

The good fat from olive oil, linseed, rapeseed (omega 3), coconut, hemp oil (omega 3,6,9) must enter! Avoid the strong omega 6 oils like soybean, sunflower, grape seed oil and more.

3. Eat poultry

Get good meat and preferably light from chicken poultry. It provides a good fat composition and is not so stressful for the body as the fat from the four-legged. Avoid injunctions of substances that you do not know.

4. Enjoy fresh fish

Eat fresh fish and fish dishes, like the fatty fishes salmon, herring, mackerel, sardine (omega3).

5. An abundance of vegetables

Eat large amounts of fresh new greens – most of it that grow over the earth. It contains less carbohydrate and thus results in fewer fluctuations in blood sugar. There are also reduced insulin requirements and faster fat burning, as there is less sugar/carbohydrate available on a daily basis.

Good vegetables are the nonstarchy Mediterranean vegetables such as tomatoes, aubergines, cucumbers, broccoli, olives, fennel, cabbage, onions, asparagus, artichoke etc. To get a good absorption, they must be steamed or cooked and best baked in dishes with Good oils and spices.

6. Make your own healthy bread

If you’re spending the holiday at home, then skip the traditional bread and behind an alternative bread. Look around at all the many healthy whole grain recipes online. Please try it out. My easy alternative “Low Carb-High Fat” recipe completely without flour. It’s totally wild and is super easy to make: Have touched and baked in less than an hour!

Bread recipe: The alternative bread

Here’s a recipe for a good alternative to plain bread baked with flour. You’ll need:

  • 2 dl amaranth, ground
  • 1 dl quinoa, ground
  • 200 g nuts ground/chopped for flour – almonds, hazelnut, walnut or other nuts
  • A bit of salt, 1 tsp.
  • 1 dl water or other liquid, almond milk, oat milk, coconut milk etc.
  • 1 dl yoghurt
  • 2 tsp. baking powder
  • 2 eggs

Mix all the dry ingredients, including the baking powder. Stir in liquid, yeast and egg. Put in a greased form that you can sprinkle with a little whole quinoa or something else. Lay the lid on and behind 200 gr for 40 minutes. Allow to cool in the mold. Bon appetite!

7. The right amount of protein

Get the right amount of protein. One should not exaggerate, we need less than we often get to know. The body also produces proteins. Daily requirements according to the Food Agency are approx. 0.75 g per kg body weight – approx. 53 g for a 70 kg person. If you get extra/excess protein intake, then this is included in the energy metabolism in the same way as sugar/carbohydrate and there is excess, so it is stored as fat. Extra protein is only for bodybuilders.

8. Beer and wine in moderation

It’s the holiday and a nice glass of wine or a cold beer is a must. However, you should know its limitations if you want to stay in shape.

  • 100 g of wine gives up to 100 kcal or more
  • 100 g of beer 47 kcal
  • 100 g soft drinks approx. 50 kcal.

Wine beats all other beverages – except for spirits, liqueurs, etc., which have a higher calorie content per unit.

9. Drink water

Water is extremely important for your well-being. One should drink sour through the day – 30 ml per 10 kg body weight, which for a person of 70 kg corresponds to approx. 2.1 liter. Drink half a liter for cold water in the morning – possibly. Add the juice from half a lemon. In this way you can cleanse your body and support more efficient combustion.

10. Make sure you get plenty of good sleep

You should get approx. 7.5 hours per night. Be aware that alcohol can be disturbing your sleep – may cause easier sleep, possibly. With early awakening and with poorer sleep quality.

11. Power snack!

This is very important! Sneak in an energy booster in the form of a daily short, but high intensity, activity. See below.

You choose what makes the most sense. But you take whole bread/flour and pasta/rice (starch) thing out of the equation. Give yourself good protein and supplement with a daily power snack. It is my conviction that in late summer (about 6-8 weeks) you have said goodbye to a few excess kilos. In addition, you will experience a significant improvement in your overall well-being, perhaps even a greatly improved sleep and several other health benefits. In addition, you should be welcome to increase muscle growth.

Power snack – intense exercise in 10 minutes

You can define a “power snack” as a very powerful physical activity in just a few minutes; eg. From 6 to 10 minutes. The activity can be performed anywhere and must involve large muscle groups, buttocks, thighs and lower legs and the activity does not require much space. Examples include:

1. 10 minutes of jumping jacks

Make 10 jumping jacks next to each other. Pause for 1 minute with deep breathing and circular swing with arms and light jogging. Repeat with 10 jumping jacks more followed by 1 minute break with other easy-to-do exercises/what you can find, etc. Repeat it all 6 times!

Takes about 10 minutes, providing excellent fitness training, increases combustion depending on the intensity and length of exercise. The energy for building and repayment of the spent oxygen (oxygen debt) to the relatively large physical exertion is taken from the depots and mainly from fat. If you have the guts, you can look up “anaerobic training and oxygen debt”. Note! Take care of your knees and, if necessary, go down to only 90 degrees bending during exercise.

2. Intense running exercise

Is always a good training opportunity. Just need a pair of good shoes and you’re on your way. Can be varied indefinitely after temperament. If you want to use running as a power button, try using the above procedure after a good warming of the leg. For example, you can do it for 30 seconds (run as fast as you can) followed by a 30 seconds break, etc. Do it, for example, a total of 10 times or more.

You can find more options that match one’s ability at the given time. Remember, you get better every time! And you can be glad that in the next many hours you burn fat!

3. A cocktail of jogging, running and racing

“The fast race game”, or 10-20-30 races (30 seconds jogging, 20 seconds fast running and 10 seconds of racing) is also an example of an easy and powerful power snack. I use it very myself and attach it here as a link.

LifeWave patches as a supplement

If you’re lucky enough to have plasters from LifeWave, then I recommend using these. Read or reload the many posts here on Blog.tohuman, where you will find suggestions for help and relief for the many challenges we all face.

Also, use our TOHUMAN app with a wealth of suggestions and protocols for LifeWave products. I can always recommend the Y-Age series – including the use of Glutathione by day and Carnosine and Silent Nights to the night. Also recommended is the SP6 patch for hormonal regulation and as a rule of appetite.

Have an excellent summer!

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