Nirvana makes me burst with joy


I am 54 years old and have having a hard time with a lot of metabolism over the past 25 years and the following symptoms such as tremendous fatigue, diffuse pain – especially pain on the outside of the thighs, headaches, memory difficulties and overweight.

LifeWave’s products, which I fall in love with 5 years age, had made a significant difference to me and help me with the symtoms mentioned above symptoms. I have gained increased energy, overview, less pain, and weight loss. So everything was really nice and to live with…

I received Nirvana patches and tablets on Friday, June 9th and started with the patch at night. I sleep very well with the Nirvana patch on. In the morning for the first meal I took the tablet. After an hour I already had a sense of ease. I was convinced that there was some evidence. It should be said that before 9th June I had been through a brain balance and the big detox so I had prepared myself and prepared for Nirvana.

Greater well-being and increased quality of life with Nirvana

Saturday, June 10, late afternoon I’m in no doubt. Nirvana works. I get a wonderful bubbly joy inside, feeling easy, feeling calm inside and just feeling well. It has just become better and better in the good way.

I have been doing this for 14 days now. I sleep very well. All the little pains that creaked all around the body are “silent”. My pain on the outside of my thighs is almost gone. I really have a lot of energy and profits – also for what’s usually not that exciting either. Everything is just done easily and easily. I’ve had another appetite – the “stopwatch” works better. I eat less.

The calm inside cannot be described – it must be experienced. I have an overview, feel “sharp” – also in traffic, where I usually get a good buck and think I should take extra care. My skin has also become nicer, more firm and clean.

I have a little bubble of joy inside. I have always been a positive person, but this is an extra boost. I want to “tease” and give pleasure to the happiness. I really can highly recommend trying Nirvana. I want to say that you can feel results after 1-3 weeks.


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