These 3 everyday problems can be easily remedied using light therapy


It means so much to me that I’m today able to help people help themselves by using light therapy from the LifeWave patches. For example, see these 3 offers on how this unique “at-home pharmacy” can alleviate different everyday challenges.

1. Knee pain relieved by +50%

I have a colleague who suffers extensively with knee problems and related pain. I have mentioned the possibility of trying the patches before, but he has always been reprehensible. One day we are at work, I can see that he is still very painful. I offer again to help. Yes, thank you, because he probably will not see another resort soon. I use the instruction from the TOHUMAN app called “the calf’s snout”. In 5 minutes, he relieves his pain by +50% – in 5 minutes. Brilliant!

2. Headache gone in 10 minutes

For a cozy evening with some acquaintances I meet a woman who bulls a headache. This evening is no exception, and of course I offer to help her. On with a set of IceWave, and then the headache disappears in less than 10 minutes, while the whole company is amazed back.

3. Reduce acne breakouts in just a week

Acne is a big problem for many young people. I have helped several people just by letting them use the Alavida patch, which has reduced acne by about 50% in a week.

The Alavida patch is specially designed to affect and boost processes that affect the skin. Therefore, I use the Alavida patch at the designated point in the neck from the supplied leaflet.

As a side win, it also affects the frontal loops, which in turn affects the short-term memory and so forth.

LifeWave – Help to self help

These are just a few of the infinite reports of people I’ve met and where the use of LifeWave has made a big difference. LifeWave patches can be used by everyone. They are effective and easy to use and are completely free from chemistry and side effects. However, I will once again make a blow for these unique patches of course not to replace the doctor and common sense.

I have used the LifeWave products for more than 4 years both on humans and animals. I experience to the extent that the products give incredibly great pleasure. I am often amazed at how many different issues the products can relieve in a completely natural and chemical way – just by sending different frequencies of light to the body.

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Annette Hammerich works with energy therapy and kinesiology on humans and animals, which has given her extensive personal and professional experience with LifeWave. Annette Hammerich is a very experienced dealer with very passionate and knowledgable when it comes to product use on animals. Contact information: +(45) 4264 7770 or Visit


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