WinFit update: How Hanne lost 2.9 kg in 10 days


Hanne is a good friend of mine who has the problem that she would like to get rid of some excess weight. She hasn’t really tried any kinds of cures, diets, sports or fitness. The extra weight gradually came out of nowhere, just like it does or a lot of other women and men. You live with it, says Hanne, but the mirror doesn’t lie. She’d of course like to lose weight and have a more “youthful” body shape. In fact, she dreams of getting rid of eight kilograms or so.

Hanne is 172 cm tall, 56 years old and weighs 79.4 kg, which is evenly distributed over her body, especially on the back, thighs and stomach, but also across the chest and under the armpits. She is healthy and doesn’t have any issues, but don’t worship any other sports than cycling back and forth from work – about six kilometers every day.

WinFit perfect fit for Hanne

When I introduce Hanne to WinFit, she is fired up. She’s especially excited about the fact that the system is easy to understand and can readily be embarked on. A daily guide and a bit of teaching, as she calls it, suits her perfectly. The easy access to training videos that LifeWave has available for iPad in your living room also attracted her to the WinFit system.

So she buys the WinFit start up package with everything she needs for 30 days – and I’ll be helping her as well.

WinFit’s fat loss concept

The package comes in under a week along with the information and the system. We will now be reviewing what it means to follow this particular WinFits fat loss concept:

  1. Drink plenty of water
    I tell Hanne how important it is that she drinks plenty of water throughout the day to boost her metabolism and get rid of waste products. Therefore, she first thing she does in the morning is drink a liter of water.
  2. Exercise as needed (ONLY on workout days)
    If it’s a workout day, which you only do two days a week, then she must prepare for the workout/walk. After getting into her workout clothes, she’s out on the street and go where she can jog/exercise/jump, or whatever else she’d like to do. It’s a good idea to go to a park or similar area later to do some more high intensity training. But that comes later, once the progress has been made and she feels more confident. I tell Hanne that it is important not to do too much out training at the beginning as her large joints – knees, hips and back – will gradually be trained up to handle increased weight. Hanne hasn’t had any other exercise except for her 6 km bike ride daily. I tell that it is important because muscle can quickly gain momentum, but the joints will regain more slowly over the next few months.
  3. Put on the WinFit patch
    As it’s not a training day, I attach the WinFit patch and then she’s ready to go.
  4. Follow the dietary window
    Hanne will have to eat all her food over a period of eight hours – LifeWave call it the eating window. The eating window is important: This is where you decide your individual eight-hour dietary window that fits into your life, work, etc. This means that all food should be eaten within eight hours. The diet should be healthy, organic, non-toxic and have no added sugar, since we do not want the blood sugar to go up and down. Hanne select 10-18 pm as her diet window. It fits well with her routines and her family, which means that her last meal will be eaten at. 6pm.  I inform her that if she gets hungry without eight-hour window, she has eaten too little and can easily adjust to take a little more protein – which she is precisely intended to use to build muscles. I also stress that there is no need to cut off from the party and gatherings over the weekend, which of course is a huge barrier for many. It is possible to cheat – also with a cake and a glass of wine. We promise that you’ll achieve your goal anyway. 
  5. WinFit nutritional supplement and patch
    Here Hanne should use the other components included in the system: The muscle building WinFit patch, the nutritional supplement Theta One that helps immune substances and B vitamins and potassium, as well as the cell generating Carnosine patch.


Achieve fat loss with two days of training

Since Hanne weighs 8 to 9 kilos too much, she is in the group below 15 kilos. This means we are already doing morning walks – after a thorough warm-up and some flexibility exercises. Then we can do some intense workout/interval training that’ll really get your heart rate up. We use about 15-20 minutes effectively, but remember: 10 minutes is enough! This has been proven in laboratory studies. So everyone can join!

When doing HIIT training and interval training you are working submaximal and maximum. For example, you’re running slowly and then faster and faster until you eventually can only go a few more meters. The small portion of maximal exercise will show in your workout progress. Doing this is called cardio. This means that you move your performance to a higher level in terms of strength.

Endurance on the other hand is when you exercise with lower intensity over time. The intensive training called aerobic training is a kind of exercise where you runt out of breath. The oxygen you used during your relatively difficult work out must now be paid back by the end of your session. This is called oxygen debt. You will find that the heart beats on for a long time after you’ve stopped working out and in the long run you’ll feel different than you did before. For example, you’ll feel higher heat in your body, which means that you’re burning fat. So, you’ve started paying off your debt. If you continue in this way and follow the system – day after day – then you’ll lose weigh in no time and improve your body and feel your muscles becoming stronger and fuller. You are in the process of “toning” your body.

Hanne think it makes sense for her and she’s been doing it since day 1.

Before you begin: Measuring and weighing

Before Hanne can start achieving any goals, she needs to be measured and weighed and calculate her body fat percentage. See tips on this below!

Your goals are individual. You can create as many goals as you think are important for yourself. Hanne has her issues on her butt and thighs, and especially on the inside of the thighs. She also has some fat on her upper arms, chest, forearms and back. The bra area is also something that she’d like to improve.

These are the areas:

  • Measure the thigh at their widest point – slightly up hips at the widest point.
  • Waist
  • Chest – widest point of nipples – men/women
  • Chest, under the breasts for women
  • Chest, above the breasts for women
  • Shoulders – from the middle of the shoulder (where you are widest) to the middle/out towards the opposite shoulder
  • Shoulder/back – from the middle of the shoulder (where you are the widest) to the middle/out towards the opposite shoulder
  • Biceps – upper arm flexor
  • Forearm at the widest point
  • Neck

4 important tips about measurements and weight

  1. Make sure that it is always the same person that measures you. We all measure differently!
  2. Use the goal that makes sense for you. Take some pictures (eg. the front, rear, side) so that you can see your progress.
  3. Make a good routine that suits you: Weigh yourself at the same time every time; best is morning after using the toilet and before you drink the half liter of water to kickstart your metabolism.
  4. Use a battery-powered/electronic weight meter – preferably not an old-fashioned spring weight as it’s too vague.

Hanne’s fat percentage

It’s important to know your body fat percentage throughout this process. It’ll be highly motivating along the way towards a more attractive and shapely, slim, muscular body.

The key for Hanne is to know how much fat there is on her body. It can give her picture of how much she wants to lose. For the purpose of this she has chosen to use a fat calculator online. We choose three different ones and uses the best one.

Hanne’s fat percentage ends up being 32 % – See link to fat scales here. There you can find a calculation formula that you just enter your numbers into.

Hannes new life with WinFit

We meet twice during the eight days that I go with her to her morning workout (heating and light interval in the local park). We work out for about 20 minutes. Hanne drank half a liter of water and nothing else before working out.

The rest takes care of itself. She just follows the simple system of the WinFit Body Shape System. Afterwards she puts on the WinFit patch and gets back to work. The rest of the day she follows the system without any issues. The first meal for Hanne is her breakfast at 10 o’clock, and then lunch at 13 o’clock, etc.

She takes Theta One at 21.00. At 22.00 she goes to bed and puts on her WinFit patch and take the Carnosine off, which she is instructed to do by the system.

A week along in the process and Hanne excited. She thinks it’s easy. She’s also already lost weight 2.5 kg, so she has tons more energy, she sleeps better and she hasn’t had any joint pain. 

This is probably due to the help of Theta One, which of course gives her a good supply of immunoglobulins from colostrum and supplements of B vitamins, and the WinFit patch that works for her during the day and the cells generating that Carnosine provides at night. The Carnosine patch alone improves your sleep immensely.

In about 3 weeks you’ll be able to hear more here on the blog about Hannes progress. We will weigh her again, this time we’ll be looking at the improvements that she has been able to achieve, and see if she has come closer to the results she’s dreaming of.

drommer-du-om-vaegttabWhat kind of changes do you want to see?

Are you ready for permanent changes toward a healthier, more efficient, leaner body? Do you want to burn fat and build muscle? If you’d like to start with WinFit as well then please contact me.

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