Colic vanished with IceWave pain relief patch


Our young baby was just three months old back in February of 2015. The days went by, and when evening came, crying and screaming began from 5 pm till midnight – every night. Was it colic? I wondered while looking down on the crying baby in my arms.

I never thought we would experience colic. But when the nurse visited us, there was no doubt. She could see something was troubling our little son.

Our son was born a stargazer and as a result he was unequal in the cervical spine in the neck. I thought that that might be the reason for his pains. We contacted a chiropractor, since the neck obviously had to be straightened.

But our screaming, crying baby was still in horrific pain, every night. It not only hurt him, it hurt deep inside of us. What were we going to do? We thought we were running out of options, and became increasingly frustrated about not being able to help.

First test of Y-age Aeon patch

Following plenty of frustrations, and us trying everything under the sun, it hit me that our LifeWave patches should be able to do the trick. I realize the LifeWave products are only to be used by healthy adults, because LifeWave Inc. naturally have reservations about using the products on children. But I saw no other way out, and no reason to not try. I wondered if there were any experiences concerning infants and colic?

We took to the help groups on Facebook to look for experiences with LifeWave, and very quickly, positive responses came forward. We proceeded to try things out very carefully, because we are also aware of how sensitive small children are.

We began by placing a Y-Age Aeon below the belly-button. We placed it on the diaper (not on the skin) – solely to be extra cautious. We tried that with a little luck. Our son calmed down, but it was not enough. The pains were still there.

IceWave pain patch on the sole of the feet

The following night we thought we would try the Y-Age Aeon again. Once more, the result was as the night before. We took a look at each other, my husband and I, and came to an agreement that there had to be more we could do with the patches from LifeWave. We found a set of IceWave patches for pain relief. The set was placed on the outside of the night suit of our son. An IceWave patch was placed on the sole of each of his feet, as this is a point for whole-body pains. WHAM! He calmed completely down, and within five minutes he was asleep. My husband was now standing with a sleeping baby in his arms. What a wonderful experience!

”Do you want me to tuck him in,” he asked. “No, not yet. I bet he wakes up in a moment, and then we have to do it all again,” I responded. And I desperately needed the five minutes of calm. My head felt like it was exploding because of the crying and screaming baby. My sleep deficit was enourmous, and the reaction came promptly: We both shed a tear, because could this be real?

A little time went by, and then we agreed on tucking him in. He kept sleeping – without waking up. He usually woke up when we laid him, because he was in so much pain. But not this time.

12 hours of sleep for baby

That night, I almost didn’t have any sleep, because there I was, with complete calm around me. My little baby used to wake up every 4-5 hours. But suddenly there was a disturbing calm – but in a good way. The next morning (and as I had done several times during the night) I went into his room to check up on him. He was still fast asleep. When he woke up, he had been sleeping 12 hours consecutively.  He has done so since then.

The night we tried IceWave, the colic disappeared. We were happy. Colic is like inviting your worst enemy in. Now, the pain is only gone by the aid of the patches. Our son is just under 11 months, and the most happy, and well-adjusted boy. Thank you to our great LifeWave products. The IceWave pain relief patch was our saviour.

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Brita Stentoft Amby Thomsen tried the patches from LifeWave, because she could not stand upright at work without painkillers. Brita is a trained hairdresser and makeup artist and has always played a lot of handball, but were suddenly struck by chronic pains. She is also a mother of two small boys. Today, she uses LifeWave as a home pharmacy. Contact info:


  1. A totally breathtaking story. Although you emphasize that LifeWave products should not be “used” on children, as the company wants to safeguard itself against “everything”. – LifeWave has not performed clinical tests on how their products work on children. Thinking about all the different distributors who have been in the same situation. Should we choose the pain-relieved solutions of the doctors or should we “take” our personal responsibility and do what we feel best. Thanks for your super writing, which I want to share among my “breeding” relationships.
    Hugs from Steen.

    • Dear Steen 🙂

      When we stood in this situation, we were delighted that we just got LifeWave in our home! Without these lovely products we did not get over it so fast 🙂 – and here we just chose what we think would be best for our child rather than the toxic solutions.

      I’m glad you liked my writing. Since this is also a very personal story 🙂 – and of course you have to share it with your “breeding” relationships.

      Hugs from Brita

  2. I’m so happy to see this blog evolving every day with new posts. This is, as Steen said, “a completely breathtaking story” that I can only say that this is a very real reality from everyday life.
    The blog is the home of relevant LifeWave stories coming directly from the highly dedicated bloggers and delivered without a filter other than what LifeWave can do 🙂

    Thanks for your very relevant writing showing that everyone can share their story “human to human” without any filter.

    Kind regards, Jan

    • Dear Jan
      It’s me who thank you for being part of it 🙂
      Already now, I look forward to making the next blog post.

      Kind regards, Brita

  3. Hello Britta
    An amazing story. I was lucky to hear Søren tell the story on Tuesday to meet in Aarhus. It seemed to Søren how much it gave you peace and surplus at home. The South’s way of telling gave “goose skin” and your way of writing has again given “goose skin”.

    Hugs from Egon

    • Hello Egon
      Thank you very much 🙂
      Glad it went right in the heart … It also gives me “goose skin” every time I tell about it. Because, as written, one’s worst fear is .. and that I won over my own fear, I’m only grateful.
      I love our amazing products that give us a better quality of life;)

      Hugs from Brita

  4. Such a lovely story – touch me so much, as both my children had colic and I can so clearly remember the power, desperation and the failure to help his child.

    Who had just known the possibilities with Lifewave, when my 2 kids were small and had colic & lt; 3

    • Exactly this feeling, I also had, and you are almost willing to anything.
      I know how many out there have been / are in the same situation!
      (This one will not even wish for his worst enemy)

      So I’m so glad that we could help on our own!

      Vh. Brita

  5. Thank you very much for sharing your moving story. It’s hard for parents to stand there completely powerless – we want our children the very best.

    The best wishes for you and your family in the future.

    Love from
    Carina & lt; 3

    • Hello Carina

      We want the best for our children, and so I’ve written my experience about it because I know how hard it is to not be able to help my child! I’m so glad we can help our way.

      Thank you very much 🙂
      Kind regards,

  6. Dear Brita

    This was a nice read.

    It’s really nice for you to help your little son and have a normal life. A day when there is a surplus to be parents.

    I can only imagine how frustrating it may be like parents with a screaming little child. It must be a relief to find the solution.

    Looking forward to reading your future posts here on the blog.

    Regards Malene
    Aka the girlfriend and networker


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