How to achieve a better life with PCOS – my story


Diets where I usually gained weight. Constant frustration that my hair on my lower legs grew darker and faster. Discomfort showing my bare legs – unless I just took care of them. A blooming face as if I was 17 again. Chronic fatigue and a craving to eat everything I could get my hands on – the more sugar the better. All this without me knowing why. It wasn’t until I spoke with an former colleague I figured out I had PCOS – Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. It has now been 6 years.

I was diagnosed with PCOS in 2009. The symptoms of PCOS are menstrual problems, irregular bleeding, cysts on the ovaries and too much testosterone. Due to this, for many years my period was very irregular (sometimes up to 12 months between). I was frustrated and resigned and thought it was unmanagable to find heads or tails in anything. Whenever I thought I had it down pat, something cropped up I had not taken into account. And then it was back to square one to start all over again. That upset me quite a bit – and frustrated anew. I constantly had the feeling of an uphill battle.

As a consequence, it was in many ways nice to get clarity on what I was up against. Many of the things I used to eat via my innumerous diets was suddenly off the table: Sugar, starch, light flowers, root vegetables, and many other food stuffs should be removed from my diet. It helped, and I lost 10 kg with the help of my dietitian.

But in order for me to maintain this weight – and not be fatigued and not have acne – I was to follow the diet. Boom! I fell in. The 10 kg was quickly back on my body. Due to the PCOS, exercise does not equal weight loss. It is good for the body and so on, but the weight does not change. So, there I was – in the same place I began.

Fresher and good-looking skin with Corsentials

During the autumn of 2014, my husband’s masseuse (Jeanett Beate Jensen) introduced him to LifeWave. He came home sporting quite a few LifeWave patches, and I of course asked him what they had now been up to. I was told that I would get a call that night with an explanation.

Jeanett Beate Jensen phones me up and introduces me to LIfeWave. I admit that I was quite curious. What is it exactly she thinks these patches can do for his bad back? The following week I meet up with Jeanett, and when I go home, I have bought a silver packet with Corsentials Theta One, as she thought we both needed it. I immediately upgrade to a gold packet, offering some patches too.


I begin with Theta One, and wait excitedly on … something – without really knowing what. As soon as in a week, I notice I need less sleep. I can stay up for longer and do not fall asleep on the sofa. My skin is much nicer, and when I get some pimples they are not as large. My production of hair on my legs are cut in half and they are not nearly as dark.

I spent the first six months trialing a variety of combinations with Theta One and the patches, and I am now able to conclude that I need to use Theta One every other day in order for my skin and body to stay in shape. My stomach suddenly functions much better. Another prositive is that my mood is much better, I view things in a more positive light. I know I will probably never look like the people in the magazines, but it doesn’t matter. I am me, I feel good, and with the help of the great products from LifeWave, it can only get better.

No more sugar cravings with SP6

SP6 Complete has to be “my” patch, as it removes the sugar cravings. Now, I’m able to leave the hot cocoa in the afternoon and I have no internal dialogue going about whether or not I need one or several pieces of cake. Suddenly, I am able to do my shopping without buying a piece of chocolate for the way home – even if it is just 500 metres.

When I know I’m going out, I supplement with a Y-age Glutathione patch. That way, I’m sure not to visit the buffet three or four times and then have a dessert afterwards.Now I can make-do with a single time, and then a little dessert.

And now for the greatest win of this! My periods are now regular. The pimples are not entirely gone, but they are fewer and smaller. I havenot lost weight, but most importantly, I have not gained weight either. To me, that is a victory – a great one. The other will surely follow.

5 facts about PCOS

  • About 1 in 10 and 1 in 20 women of childbearing age has PCOS
  • PCOS is a hormonal disorder
  • Polycystisk in the term Polycystic Ovary Syndrome means there are many cysts on the ovaries
  • The word “Syndrome” in the term PCOS means that there are many symptoms present at any one time
  • It is assumed that a lot of simultaneous changes in the genes increase the risk of getting PCOS.
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Anita Hellner was introduced to the wonderful world of LifeWave in 2014. Ever since then, the patches and other products have been her faithful companion. Anita has PCOS and LifeWave has helped her lessen her problems and have given her more energy. She uses LifeWave for both small and big challenges that may arise and loves helping the people who cross her path to achieve better quality of life and health. Contact information:


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