HPV vaccine took five years from Kathrine


We have just been to inform the hospital. It should be seen as a support for us, but once again I sit back with frustrations that no one can help us. Feeling that I am not a good enough mother, that it is I who have done nothing wrong, although I have a background as an educator. Kathrine has never received a diagnosis.

Sick after HPV vaccine

It all starts in 2010. Kathrine 12 years and all peers girls get her first injection of the HPV vaccine Gardasil. The vaccine is given three times over six years to protect against the different cell changes can develop into cancer. Kathrine get the plug on 21 September 2010. Only 10 days after she is a physician first. Kathrine feel bad. Very bad. She looks like a poisoned the entire body, one who has bad hangover. It ends up that she is sick for a week. It is the beginning of almost five years of frustrations. Five years where we run nonstop for doctors, neurologists, admissions, physiotherapists etc. With Kathrine.

Kathrine-HPV-bivirkningsramtNo one can give an explanation for Roxanne’s disease or lack thereof. For she has no diagnosis. Maybe wrong with her nothing? Perhaps she is lazy? Have mental problems? I was perplexed. I have no idea what I should do, and how I can support Kathrine. As a mother, it hurts me to see her feel this way. I feel powerless, because I nothing can stand in spite of that I work as a teacher for a day. I feel alone, because nobody really listens, because nobody knows how to help because I can not even get help from doctors and professionals as well should have a solution. I have nowhere to go. No lifelines. We have isolated and alone.

The downturn and exhaustion

In autumn 2010 sheep Kathrine it worse. She is now bedridden for about one week a month. She has severe headaches. Her hormone cycle is completely unpredictable. She vomits, has stomach problems, can not focus, think or read. She can not be upright and maintain balance, and she has no appetite. She put on weight. When she has been a week, it is as if the state drop. She can again get up and continue life … until 14-20 days where the condition recurs.

In 6th grade – after HPV vaccine and all sick periods – we can feel that Kathrine will find it harder to get and maintain social relationships. She becomes more and more isolated because of ill periods. She stagnate in its development. In school she gets to know that she professionally is no longer with. The doctor says that we must not press her. It repeats many times.

We are perplexed, because something is wrong, but we feel that no one believes us. No one can make a diagnosis. We are stagnated and doubt our own abilities. At one point, we are so frustrated and perplexed that we choose family therapy, if Roxanne was sick, then it might be us who are out of balance! We feel that we have to make more trouble.

In February 2014, following the winter holidays and the exam in 9th grade, she is only in school each hour. Her teachers are supportive, and we have helped her through the exam. It seems as if the pressure becomes too great, and her whole system breaks down. I start at some point to ask the doctors, it may be symptoms of HPV vaccine. They look puzzled at me. I feel belittled and walk around with a big frustration.

Through the summer of 2014, Kathrine however fortunately much better. She begins to look forward to come to the sports boarding school. It is a big dream. She draws feelings of expectation and leave. After one and a half weeks is pressed too large. She must return home. Roxanne’s symptoms become progressively violent – again: headache, lack of focus, sore joints, dizziness, weakness and so on.

A family in crisis

Kathrine begins at one point to say that her heart’s content. It makes us very scared and insecure again. Therefore, we in the psychiatric emergency room. They value her not to be suicidal, but extreme pressure and frustrated.

In December 2014 Kathrine drop out of sports boarding school. It is a huge defeat. The dream is with an off yet feel Kathrine not so much. She’s so bad that the only thing she can think of is to come home and curl up on the couch.

In January 2015 I go down with stress. I can no more. I get sick. I am in crisis all my values. My whole family is in crisis. I have come to doubt my own skills: Am I good enough as a mother? Am I good enough teacher – a job I would otherwise have had in many years? Kathrine, I and the whole family has spent almost five years at it. Her twin sister Sascha and Roxanne have drifted far away from each other. An insurmountable frustration that finally is all too much. We are a family in crisis.

Kathrine’s encounter with LifeWave

I am LifeWave intro meeting in August 2014, but use only the patches to get better in my own neck. In 2015 I choose to take up the fight. I do not know where the energy comes from, because I have gone down. But in the darkness and desperation, I find my inner warrior in the midst of our life crisis. I am a tracked vehicle – nothing can stop me. I defy impotence. I will find a way forward.

I am contacting Lisa Beth Hansen Health Brixen – your body in balance, working with alternative treatment – including LifeWave patches and LifeWave products. She introduces me again LifeWave, and how it can help Kathrine.

Kathrine starts a few months later in Health Brixen with 3A-treatments – therapy with an apparatus that blows hot air with negatively charged oxygen ions of the acupuncture points of the body which has effect on, inter alia, pain, sports injuries, fatigue, stress. She undergoes a drastic change in diet and start exercising different muscle groups. Kathrine get more vitamins and start at Corsentials colostrum from LifeWave. She also gets more detox diets include with LifeWave patches. She would be amongst a purge with Medical patches Y-Age Glutathione and Carnosine.


Already after a few days, she and I noticed an incipient improvement in her condition. She seems happier, even though all her time still goes by lying on the couch and rest.

Kathrine also beginning to use Silent Nights sleep patches from LifeWave, so she can get a better sleep. At the same time, she is equipped with a patch purse with LifeWave patches for emergency needs through the day. It helps. It makes Kathrine off the couch.

Kathrine is now 17 years old and in remission. She is still sick, but feel nonetheless that she has got life back with alternative means. I and my husband have got my daughter back. And Sascha enjoy the fact that she has her twin sister again. Kathrine has got it so well that she now goes to social and health care training and working alongside in a toy store. It’s a great feeling to see my child – who is now a big girl – has returned to life. Now I can again hear Kathrine laugh when she talks to her friends. I know that Roxanne is looking forward to reading the educator. We are optimistic and we think now about the future.

HPV vaccine – who’s responsible?

Today, we are in no doubt that the HPV vaccine was it that made Kathrine ill. We know that the many symptoms that Kathrine saw, some other girls who have become ill, also recognizes. We follow the stories that are being reported in the media from girls who think they are sick of the HPV vaccine. Every time we can see that the pattern is similar to Roxanne’s confusion.

I know that the HPV vaccine is still recommended for the girls, despite the fact that reporting increases. It gives me chills. My mission is not that there should be vaccinated, but that this should be investigated thoroughly. Due to our own experiences, I feel that I should warn parents of girls to be vaccinated, because there are constantly new cases.

When a health care choose to make the HPV vaccine to the childhood immunization program, then you have my eyes also have a responsibility to take all side effects seriously. Then you have a responsibility to advise on risk and take care of the girls who get sick. The responsibility is there anyone who has failed.

The list of Roxanne’s many symptoms that many HPV-affected girls experience:

  • Headache – severe poisoning
  • Pain in the body – which comes and goes without context
  • Joint pain – which comes and goes without context
  • Muscle pain – which comes and goes without context
  • Pain in the neck – which comes and goes without context
  • Pain in the lower back – which comes and goes without context
  • Abdominal pain – which comes and goes without context
  • Pain in the right arm – which comes and goes without context
  • Pain in right wrist – which comes and goes without context
  • Pain in the right hip – which comes and goes without context
    knee pain
  • Foot pain in his right foot – which comes and goes without context
  • Pain in the right ankle – which comes and goes without context
  • Muscle weakness on the right side – which comes and goes without context
  • Decreased muscle strength in the lower body – which comes and goes without context
  • Decreased muscle strength in both right and left arm – which comes and goes without context
  • Muscle weakness in his right foot – which comes and goes without context
  • Weakness sensations
  • lack of energy
  • Sensations of heaviness in the body
  • Fatigue
  • Muscle weakness – which comes and goes without context
  • Problems with standing because of balance problems or other
  • Discomfort in the standing position
  • Refusing to go to school as a neurotic symptom
  • Shaking (as in chills)
  • Sense of excessive drowsiness
  • learning Difficulties
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Difficulty finding peace
  • Dizziness
  • Insomnia
  • Bouts of sudden fatigue / sleepiness
  • Hot flushes
  • Sweat more than before
  • Palpitations
  • irregular heart rate
  • Diarrhea
  • Constipation
  • Frequent urination
  • Disturbed/changed urination
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Too low body temperature / hypothermia
  • Cold hands and feet
  • irregular periods
  • menstrual pain
  • memory Problems
  • Reduced ability to learn
  • Disoriented / confused
  • Hypersensitivity / increased sensitivity to light
  • Hypersensitivity / increased sensitivity to sounds
  • Altered taste
  • dry mouth
  • Itching
  • More irritable (mood)
  • Change in personality.

The places we sought help for Kathrine at:

  • ophthalmologist
  • neurologist
  • Dentist
  • Gynecologist
  • Headache Clinic
  • physiotherapist
  • sports Clinic
  • Social Pediatric department
  • The hospital
  • Adolescent Psychiatry Department
  • Adolescent Psychiatry ER
  • Various alternative treatments.

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Helle Thorius' daughter was as a teenager vaccinated with the HPV vaccine Gardasil and fell ill shortly afterwards It left the whole family in a situation of powerlessness. According to Henne, the HPV vaccine cost her daughter Kathrine five years of her life. Helle has been able to help Kathrine through alternative therapy - including LifeWave products - to the point where she is today functioning normally. Helle talks about how to help people suffering from side effects.


  1. Totally mesmerizing reading.
    So great of you to take up the fight – and make it through…..

    LifeWave’s products show again – to make a difference…. And even more thorough when followed up with various dietary changes + possible treatments.

    Tons of respect from me…

    Hugs from Steen.

  2. Yesterday, Kathrine had an oral exam in Danish. She scored a great 12. Throughout the weekend, she has bowed to making her presentation.
    A year ago she lay under the sofa with headaches, poisoning and pain at the highest. It is deeply touching to see her child feel so much better and again be able to use her skills.

  3. I read your blog post some time ago. Today, I met you personally and heard you tell your story. Your story went right in my heart & lt; 3

    Your daughter has got her quality of life back and her whole life is for her feet & lt; 3 – thanks to your hard struggle for life.

    Long live life!
    Best regards Carina


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