Goodbye to pains from whiplash


I know a wonderful woman. To someone who always spread joy, energy and good humor around him. To someone who always listens present and happy to share his thoughts. And of course there are lots of concerns in relation to both family and job, but the way she handles challenges is admirable.

For a period we have for various reasons lost contact with each other, but one day she suddenly popping up on Facebook, and the switch is now restored. In connection with that I have learned LifeWave products to know, I have been so excited that I have to share with the world. I arrange quickly after my own purchase a few events where I among other things invites the whole gang from Facebook. Here dolls she suddenly stopped. Great is our reunion. The day she’ll patch her lower back for pain with pain patch IceWave and Y-Age Glutathione, but also when we do not talk more together.

It takes months before it finally managed to meet again. There are many things that must be updated. Among other things, she tells me about his fall in 2013, which earned her a whiplash. This means constant pain in her piskesmaeld-øm-nak-hoved-rygneck, back and head. The intake of painkillers is daily and large. And then ailing health in general, so sore throats and other infections haunts of the body regularly and must be fought. She has become accustomed to, that such is the condition. Instead, she uses all her strength to help family and friends in difficult situations. The more she talks, the more silent I am – all the way through it with a smile and a belief that everything resolves itself.

“When will you do something good for yourself? When are you spoiled? “, I ask – and then follows a talk about what I have done to my body when I learned LifeWave products to know. She knows well my story from the event back in the fall, but now we can leisurely talk about the positive things I experience by using both patches from LifeWave and dietary supplement Corsentials – also from LifeWave. The surplus is not present on the day to think himself into them, she must indulge.

Indulgence package from LifeWave

The summer goes and then comes a message: “Now I am just so ready for the big pampering package – summer is just continue with infections, so now is the time to pamper myself.”

We meet for a wonderful combination of coffee fun, girl talk and not least corsentials-lifewave

ordering a SILVER package with Corsentials (for two months of use) and immediately upgrade to the GOLD package with seven packages patches: energy patch Energy Enhancer, sleep patch Silent Nights and Y-Age series Aeon, Glutathione and Carnosine.

I leave her with instructions on how every morning she must drink Corsentials (water add 23 drops Theta Activate and a letter powder Theta One). At the same time she made a detox (see below) with the patches to get cleaned body and especially strengthened immune system. It all kept in LifeWave spirit “Keep it simple” when it should be easy for everyone to be able to do something good for the body.

The next time we met, in mid-November. She tells how she in September has started and how she concurrently stopped the daily intake of painkillers – it simply do not hurt anymore. Only twice since the start she snatched an aspirin. And then there’s all the positive gains: Farewell to nattetisseret (and thus the interrupted sleep) away is the stress in the body, and so is her asthma medications are not stepped up, as the otherwise usual at this time of year. On her last visit to her kraniosakralbehandler even he noticed the change – the body is different in balance.

Oh, how I love not being able to keep my mouth.

Guide to the LifeWave products

My friend got a detox with Energy Enhancer, which creates flow in the body. With Y-Age series Aeon, Glutathione and Carnosine she had to balance the flow and cleanse the body. Silent Nights for deep night’s sleep.


Every morning applied Y-age Aeon- and Glutathione patches along with a set of energy patches Energy Enhancer. After about The 12 hours taken off and replaced with Y-Age Carnosine and sleep patch Silent Nights. These out by the next morning when the other attached. This cycle is run for 5 days and then two days off before the next run 5 days.

The whole detox regimen run for 1-4 weeks at a time, depending on how sick you are / were and not least by how much medicine you have taken.
Since we can not avoid inhaling pollution and get various pesticides / hormones in through food, so it is optimal to take a one-week detox every quarter.

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I am interested in the body, health, and living well with a chronic disease. I have a background in the financiel world with 25 years of experience with number and facts. In 2014, my life changed. I became a distributor of LifeWave products. These days, I am a networker, ambassador, and distributor of LifeWave. Follow me on the Facebook page Maibody.


  1. Congratulations to you and your friend. A lovely and affirmative report that tells us that we have unique health solutions at hand. Through our own experiences and reaching out, it is possible for us to change life crucial to so many. A little push and you have been helped to change direction, gain a different insight into your own health and get crucial and forthcoming changes into your life.
    So much credit to you❤️


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