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How nice to be able to help others to solve some of the many challenges we, as people with health disabilities and actual disorders. We are many who do not live according to healthy and good habits in relation to lifestyle, diet and nutrition. We are many who are exposed to too much stress. We are many who get too little exercise and movement in daily life; moving too little or wrong.

Listen to your bodies and each other

For me, the best quality of sleep, healthy diet and being in constant motion key to a good life. Stress, unhealthy food, exposure to toxins / spills as well as too little, poor or lack of sleep is eventually destructive and disease-generating and lead to excessive strain on the body. Sometimes, says the body from or it tells us that something is not as it should be. Too many of these negative circumstances present simultaneously over time, we can get inflammations, which could ultimately lead to imbalances and disease-causing processes in the body.

We must listen to your body, learn to interpret bad signals. Reflect on these and timely change course. Do not worry. We can accomplish much even if we have confidence in their own abilities. We just dare to listen to ourselves and take responsibility for their own health. Learning to listen to the small signals your body gives us. Dare we not quite take the full initiative, we can get help from others who have learned from others who have been helped to introduce essential healthy habits. We can all move forward by learning from each other’s experiences and listen to what they have done. Human to human – human to human.

There is for me no doubt that we must turn to nature. It has been there – before us! We must not opt out of the established field of health messages, but leave both options exist; use the whole palette as it makes sense for you. This is done in some of our neighboring countries. It is easy to help other people, you just need to reach out and tell about themselves. Then you discover that we are not so different after all.

Although I have been way down and “scrape the bottom.” All the way down! I’ll tell you in the next post here on the blog. I will also tell you how I have come back to the top and into the light, which is a good expression in this context. I did this by using me of LifeWave’s unique patches and other smart products to find in LifeWave. I have again combined with other actions and experiences I’ve made myself.

The natural path of LifeWave

In many families there are people we can help to a better and healthier life – even in my. My own daughter is now 29 years. At her have an unhealthy lifestyle was reflected in stress in the body and with a very bad skin status in the face to follow; acne, unbecoming redness and bumps. But what is more serious is: Multiannual absence of normal menstruation and thus impaired fertility.

My daughter is upset by her appearance and most of all worried about her infertility. Not nice for a young woman who wants to have every opportunity to appear young and fertile. It means a lot to her that she in this area could feel fit and healthy and with the ability to have a child, when she wants it.

Too many young people – and adults – get much of their nutrition from fast food. You eat more and more out, studies show. The reason usually given for too little tid.Familierne is pressed. There is too much to be achieved at the same time. It hjemmegjorte meal will be many displaced more and more. An excessive consumption of convenience foods over time, however, some cause a very unfortunate nutritional profile, with excessive intake of omega 6 oils and with a too low intake of omega 3 fatty acids.

I therefore choose to look at my daughter’s dietary choices, although there will be declared: “I live really healthy!”, Which the father is not quite agree.

We test therefore her fatty acid profile of 11 fatty acids. Here it turns out that there is a large imbalance with too much saturated fat (from meat, dairy and ready-meals), a large imbalance between omega 6 and 3, and with a very low content of essential marine fatty acids EPA and DHA (Essential fatty acids can not be formed in the body, but must be supplied through the diet).

A good and sufficient supply of the essential omega-3 fatty acids from the fatty fish is essential for the optimum cell membrane, and liquid, as it is important that there may be an unobstructed and easy passage for the mass transfer across the cell membrane. Cell and especially cell membrane is central to the human machine room and is quite central to a casing that is in top physical form. Are there optimal conditions and health here, the foundations be laid for future suffering and later real diseases.

I’m thinking, why not try the natural route by LifeWave patches. It is an obvious choice, SP6 Complete. SP6 Complete is our hormone regulating patch. It is also appetite-regulating in the sense that it reduces sugar cravings. I also choose to focus on the body’s most powerful antioxidant: Glutathione, when I will raise glutathione levels in the body. In combination with a special highly potent balancing oil product for daily intake, we have a few months a joyous progress. A subsequent test 4 months later, shows a markedly improved fatty acid profile, with a greatly improved omega 6/3 balance.

SP6 to balance hormones

SP6 Complete has  proven its unique ability to regulate what I call “the female challenges” for a long time now. At the young women apply the regulation of the hormonal, menstrual irregularities, sleep problems, weight problems, overeating / regulation of appetite / sweets and sugar cravings – including an excessive intake of sugary drinks. At the older women especially transition problems as the core, including bleeding problems / disorders and the hormone-related hot flashes.

To get Glutathione levels in the body to a higher level, I choose to strengthen my daughter using both the LifeWave patches SP6 Complete and Y-Age Glutathione simultaneously at selected points. These patches should she wear daily. We must remember to tell that the patches are “non-transdermal,” meaning that nothing enters the body other than light. The patches are acupuncture without needles! It is really light to selected points on the body, which helps the body to normalize and balance and thereby regulate itself for the self-healing. So too the body completely pure and natural selection.

To reduce stress on the body, we supplement with Y-Age Aeon patch.

A new life has begun

After six weeks she gets her period returned, and it is in the following months increasingly been better; eventually completely “normal” as she knows it from before. The result: Six months later, a new little life started. Scans telling that to May comes a little healthy daughter.

Daughter’s skin is still not quite good. It is said that the skin is the great snitch for how it looks inside the “engine room” in our gut; and here especially in the large intestine, where the entire mass transfer from the feed occurs. It is through research and nutrition studies by being recognized that the gut with a fluid cell membrane is vital; we must have a healthy gut and a good bowel function and optimal conditions at the cellular level, the cell is the final stop for nutrient exchange.

I am of the opinion that skin problems when they arise physical has been established over a long time. A good illustration of this is how you turn a super tanker. Therefore, it takes time to reverse this trend. For me it is essential that the nutrition and the right dietary choices central to a good and healthy skin status. My daughter is now also convinced.

A better, healthier life

Let us ask ourselves again: What changes will I introduce as healthy, good and lasting habits here in the new year? What can I do for myself? What can I do for others? And what can we do together?

It’s easy to help. It is easy to reach. It is an easy to ask for help. We have all the resources saved. It’s just making it large or small. But do it! In many families there are people we can help significantly to a better and healthier life. Let us all reach out for each other in the new year. Your options are right here. Human to human.

Godt nytår!

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The modern human struggles with many physical and mental challenges. This makes thinking about your health more important than ever. It is important to stay balanced. This is is Kim Hody's focus. Kim Hody is an educated physical therapist who has worked extensively in the art of teaching and providing prophylaxis and manual therapy. Kim Hody is a PE teacher and has worked with treatment and counseling in sports, exercise, diet and nutrition for many years. In his spare time he is an avid exerciser and swimmer. Contact info: + (45) 5190 1271 or kontakt@kimhody.dk


  1. Where is it only well written & lt; 3

    Many agree that it requires conscious choice from one’s own, but the first step is to ask for help. Even a little thing may seem great if you’re on the bottom of the bed.

    I’m about to turn my super thoughts and look forward whenever I’m allowed to help others the same way.

    And congratulations on your early title, grandfather.

    Happy New Year, Mai-Britt


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