No more nut allergies with LifeWave patch


Advantage of nut allergy: Great, full lips like that of Dolly Parton.
Disadvantage: Ruptured lips becoming large ulcers filled with puss, hurting like noone’s business.

For as long as I remember, I have had a nut allergy. It took us a long time before we realised that that was the cause of my lips swelling. Now I know it is the brown membrane around the nut I react to. It is not even necessary to eat it: Merely holding it to my lip for 5-10 seconds results in my lips swelling, rupturing, and becoming large yellow ulcers. And ulcers on the lips are not very flattering.

For many years, anything with nuts has been replaced with almonds, because for some reason, they are not giving me problems. Some of my great LifeWave colleagues urged me to try to patch it away.  But what if it did not turn out so well, was always me reason for not trying it. Yes, even if I do have great confidence in the LifeWave patches.

Cake on the table and Aeon on the forehead

In December of 2015, my father and his wife Hanne came for dinner and wanted to bring a cake.  When they arrived, they had brought to very large cake boxes from the best pastry chef in town. Boy, am I looking forward to those things! We eat and get to the coffee and cake. The plates are on the table, and the cakes are unboxed. Man, they look tasty. I have the honour of cutting the cakes, and with the first cut, I realise it is filled with nuts. Oh, man. I had been looking forward to cake all day long. It just cannot be true. Hell no, I want some cake!

I retrieve my LifeWave patches. I am sure of which suggestion to try. The thing is, I have seen a suggetion via the To Human LifeWave app: Cat allergy. Yes, now you might be thinking what the hell that has to do with nuts. In truth, the only thing in common is that they both have the word “allergy”.

I place a LifeWave Y-age Aeon patch on my navel and a Y-age Aeon patch on the 3rd eye (on the forehead, just above the eye brows). I wait for just shy of five minutes, and then I dig into the cake, to much amusement from the rest of the company. They are not capable of taking me seriously with the patch on my forehead.

Eating nuts without a patch

Unbelievably, nothing happened. My lips remained completely normal. So far, I have eaten nuts three more times – without a patch – and have not had a single reaction in any way.

I have only tried hazelnuts, but I cannot see why it should be any different with other nuts. I really do not know, but the body is a funny thing, and I wish I had tried it earlier. It would have benefitted me with all that cake I at times had to pass on.

I have further tried the same suggestion for horse and pollen allergies with superb results, but that is something completely different.

What’s not to love?

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  1. Yes, it’s amazing what products from LifeWave can accomplish. We just need to learn to find the right combinations and do not be afraid to try.

  2. Hello, amazing story 😉 Do you use the patches every time you eat nuts? Or have you gotten rid of your allergy? Best regards, Connie

  3. Horaaaaay for the small stickers. Your quality of life improves significantly when you can live without allergy ❤

    I myself have been successful in removing cat allergy with the placement of patches that you have just tested.

    Long live life!

  4. Wow… that sounds wild !!!
    I have often been trying to try it on my son who gets tomatoes but has not really taken action on it… This justifies the wild game to try it!

    Thank you for sharing your story <3


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