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There are many different approaches when first coming across LifeWave and all the patches, dietary supplements, skin care, etc. Many of us are skeptic of being helped with patches, but then become curious and study the subject a bit more.

In my first blog post I wrote about the fact that I came across LifeWave because of my daughter’s need for pain relief. Ever since I’ve studied a lot about David Smith, who is the inventor and founder of LifeWave.

Acupuncture for everyone

I’m fascinated by how he already at an early age declared that he wanted to be an inventor and brings familiar elements from acupuncture into this millennium with nanotechnology. LifeWave is now a common approach much thanks to this. The genius part of it is of course that you don’t need to know everything about the body and meridian lines in order to use it.

David Smith was hired to develop a patch for the Navy Seals, which would strengthen their stamina, and the Energy Enhancer was born. David Smith quickly realized its potential for other groups and organizations and the breakthrough became a reality when the swimming coach of the US female Olympic’s swimming team in 2004 studied the medical treatise of the LifeWave patch. The coach decided to test them on the US swimming team. In just three weeks, six out of eight swimmers beat their personal bests and delivered such amazing performances at the Athens Olympics that he Olympic Committee intervened and examined the patch thoroughly to rule out doping. It was such a success for LifeWave that the patch attracted wide media coverage and the Olympics Committee subsequently “exonerated” the patch for doping suspicion. Read the story here.

Since this several athletes have tested Energy Enhancer. The energy patch is used diligently before, during and after sports performance. For the triathlon in Copenhagen in 2014, Crown Price Frederik wore LifeWave patches. Other examples of athlete celebrities who use LifeWave is the former professional football player David Beckham, the American swimmer Michael Phelps, cyclist Marcel Kittel (Tour de France, Tour of Denmark), WTA player Anna Karolina Schmiedlova (over Caroline Wozniacki), skier Cristian Simari, and many others.

But what about us ordinary exercisers?

Running with pain

I haven’t done any sports for several years due to my arthritis. My amazing doctor at the hospital have said many times that it’s important that I get moving, but that I shouldn’t expect to be in the same shape that I used to be (I used to love running when I was young and participated in various races, like the Eremitage Race). Several times I’ve gone running or done spinning and it’s fine while I’m doing it, but the pain the day after is terrible.

But I would really like to exercise – it’s very much in line with my overall desire to live a healthy life. Besides, I initially decided that a chronic illness is a challenge that must be handled and not something to be cultivated. I believe that positive thinking is important and makes it easier to manage the disease. That being said, I’m also aware of the fact that that I have to accept that there are bad days with negative feelings.

In January 2014 I start again from scratch with my running. It is not a New Year’s resolution, but a promise to myself. I’ve decided to run three times a week and have found a program that I’m going to follow to the teeth. My starting point is to run 3×3 minutes with 2×2 minutes of walking in between. The next day I go out and do it and it seems to work!

May, 2014

My diet will also be addressed so that the most acidic foods are removed, as well as sugar. I’m so successful that I in May of 2014 finish a 5 km race with my daughter, a ace we had joined in January in secret so the training had been taking place in secret as well. Boom – I post it on Facebook and it’s such a great feeling. As great as I felt then, I would feel pain the next day. It did more than just hurt. Thank God I can eat painkillers until the joints have gone back to their normal size again.

Small steps – listen to your body’s signals

And then the patches from LifeWave come into my life. August of 2014 is when and I get my first order from LifeWave. As I have previously written about here on the blog, I start off with Corsentials supplements and it makes a world of difference to me. I use the patches Y-Age Aeon, Glutathione, Carnosine, Silent Nights and Energy Enhancer at the same time to detoxify the body of medicine and to get control of any inflammation in the body. Suddenly I realize that I no longer experience pain after exercising. I’m actually able to enjoy a jog and increase the length of my jogs – and the day after I look forward to the next trip.

This is where it all gets really interesting. Does my body no longer limit itself? I start using the energy patch Energy Enhancer more regularly and get such an increased sense of energy and stamina that I playfully say that I’m going to join a race of 10 kilometers on New Year’s Eve of 2014. It’s probably not the smartest move, but I finished it and even did better than I expected to.

I am completely worn out after the race. It’s affirmative – tons of pain. I’m reminded of the fact that the LifeWave patches of course isn’t hocus-pocus, though it often feels that way. The patches are a great way to live a good and healthy life and restore balance in the body without any chemicals. But to think that it all this happens in just a few months after several years of illness and lots of medicine is just an. However, I’ve come a long way and actually become become overconfident.

Although my hubris is costly, I have my chemical-free home pharmacy to get me through and restore the balance in my body. It’s a long road but it just goes to show how important it is to listen to your body’s signals.

Energy boost with LifeWave

I choose to go back to shorter distances, and in 2015 I participate in races during the spring, summer, autumn and New Year’s Eve. All the races are 5 kilometers. I have not been able to jog three times a week (because of his back primarily). On the other hand, I have supported my body by using Y-Age Aeon patches, glutathione and Carnosine regularly among other things to reduce inflammation and stress and improve body functions, better immune system (no sick days in 2015) and inhibit lactic acid. I have also used the Energy Enhancer for increased energy and stamina as well sleep patch Silent Nights by the need to achieve a deeper sleep.

For the New Year’s Eve race of 2015 I choose to follow a particular protocol in the week leading up to the event. You can find it if you search for ‘sports performance’ in the To Human app. It’s a recipe for how the different patches should be placed a day before the race, during the race and after the race. In my bag I always have my little case with mixed plasters and on my mobile I have the To Human app. That makes it nice easy to follow a protocol, no matter where I am as you see pictures of where the different patches should be.

It’s just a small effort to make a difference, since I’ve only during a few trips of 3-5 kilometers from end-August to 31 December. I run without a clock, because my main goal is the pleasure of running, but the serial number at the New Year’s race of 2015 includes s one-time chip, and yes, I’ve reduced my time by 5.20 minutes compared to August . And ask me if I was I sore the next day! Not at all, just comfortably tired and happy.

LifeWave can improve the body’s balance

Whether you do sports at an elite level, or if you’re just a suburban exerciser, the LifeWave patches can do a lot of good things for improving the balance of your body. The victory in your everyday life will feel just as sweet as the victory on top of the podium!

I think it is a pleasure being able to create results for myself, but also helping others who suffer from knee pain or similar sports injuries.

I really wish that our wonderful young people who use various energy drinks loaded with caffeine and sugar become aware that the patches together with the energy drink Theta Fuel from LifeWave can give them a natural energy explosion throughout the day.

We’ve seen a lot of teens who are on the right path and are happy to tell their friends about it, but it’s us adults who must take the lead. So we do.

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I am interested in the body, health, and living well with a chronic disease. I have a background in the financiel world with 25 years of experience with number and facts. In 2014, my life changed. I became a distributor of LifeWave products. These days, I am a networker, ambassador, and distributor of LifeWave. Follow me on the Facebook page Maibody.


  1. Dear Mai-britt
    It sounds like a very good story. I will take it on my further path.
    Just get in place, did you start with Corsentials – and how long do you think it went before you felt an effect?

    • Hello Hanne.

      Yes. Back 2014 I had delivered my first delivery with both patches and corsentials.
      And to start somewhere I started immediately with corsentials for 30 days. And I became aware at the end of the 30 days of the unexplained pain.
      Since then I started with the patches and took a round of corsentials about every quote.


  2. Where is the wonderful Mai-Britt that you can enjoy the joy again by running. When I started with corsentials, I was out and running one month after I started, I had not run the last 2 years before, and usually I had to go down and walk for about 1km, but suddenly I could run 5.62 km. Completely without stop. That was amazing 🙂


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