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Another late night for my 13-year-old son as he comes into the bedroom saying that he can’t sleep. Normally, his sleep couldn’t be disrupted by anything but then everything changed all of a sudden. My son, who was never sick, complained about headaches, stomach aches and boredom over school.

It may just sound like something every teen parent experiences. But this is different and something that I hear about often from my friends and acquaintances with both younger and older children. But more about that later in the story.

In 2014, the new school reform kicked off, and the table was longer for all. It is understood that the movement to be more into the class. At the same time, it established homework cafés for “depth study”, where young people have the opportunity to get their homework. As parents experience I Unfortunately, there is no more movement in udskolingen, and the “professional immersion” takes place not necessarily with the relevant teacher present (teachers must of course also be able to settle their meetings within the school now). It gives frustrated students who sign passport and must arrange their homework at home anyway.

In the fall of 2015, the Stress Society sounded off the alarm after a specialist in children’s diseases spoke out about seeing more and more stressed children and adolescents. It was quietly escalated after the process began, since the absence due to stress symptoms suddenly increased steadily. The remarkable thing is that there are children and young people across the board – not just those that are usually considered to be at risk.

It sounds otherwise so cool that homework etc. is done in school, and that there is more movement. That should generate profits and a healthy body. But that’s not what happens. DLF backs up and recognize trends. Association recounts how the teachers get reports that there is no time to give students the care that may be needed. There’s no more teachers, although the hours are increased. Additionally, please include children and youth with special needs, which is also not the time – and the spiral is that teachers are frustrated and stressed. It rubs off on the students, who after all spend many hours together.

In the spring of 2015 made the National Center for Social Research a study on the country’s public schools. The entire 76.1 percent replied that the days were too long. Study was published by the Department for Children, Education and Gender Equality 30 January 2016. Interests are skipped, and the energy is gone after dinner – so there is not much energy left for socializing with family and friends.

I was (is) otherwise in favor of reform. I think there are many good qualities and intentions behind and hope it could ultimately succeed.

It’s not just school reform that bears all the blame. Society as a whole puts the great pressure on children and adolescents. You must be a loner, could something special, creating results and get 12 eights. Get the coolest education and the coolest job – and in addition you need to be the best friend to have many of them and cultivate a good hobby (or two – or at least at the elite level).

LifeWave at school camp

Well…my son says one evening in the doorway around midnight and he just can’t fall asleep. During the day, he has a hard time maintaining energy, sitting quietly and paying attention in class.

On this particular evening he just can’t take it anymore. He knows that both his sister and I use the patches from LifeWave. He hasn’t wanted to ask before, but this evening he asks for the Silent Nights sleeping patch. I get it out of my medicine cabinet och put it on his forehead between his eyes.

It does not take long before he’s off to a deep sleep. The day after he gets an Y-Age Aeon stress patch on the neck and makes it through the day much better. After a few days we try it without the patches to see where his body is in terms of balance. Now he doesn’t need any patches anymore.

Before heading off to camp he asks for some LifeWave patches just in case, so we pack a small pouch. Once back home he tells us that his first night sleeping in a hut with three other boys was a little hard. The two of them slept quietly while the third kept turning and twisting.

So my son took decided to put a Silent Nights patch on him. He sneaked up and said: “Now I’m just going to put this patch on your head so that you’ll get some sleep.” And then he fell asleep and off to dreamland they flew.

It’s easy to send the patches from LifeWave with our kids because nothing enters the body. It is only the body’s natural processes that are promoted. I would never dare send as much as an aspirin to leave without adult supervision.

Stress, pain and sleep patches on the journey

My younglings have ever since had a little case with supplies on their trips. This way, the fear of flying can be fixed with an Y-Age Aeon stress patch, pain can be managed with for example the IceWave pain patch, and sleep can be promoted with the Silent Nights sleep patch.

My oldest has downloaded the To Human app on her phone so that she can get help quickly, while my son has small guide booklets that come with each package of LifeWave patches. It doesn’t get easier than that!

Exam anxiety end with an Aeon on the neck

As I mentioned earlier in my story, my own children aren’t the only people who experience these kind of changes and stress symptoms.

I’m regularly in contact with young people, especially from 9th grade or higher education, as they sometimes find it hard to grasp their everyday life. There is also a very specific pressures around exam time.

It’s so lovely to meet them because they’re always so trusting and inquisitive even if it’s my first time meeting them. They will always be greeted with smiles, the comfort of candles and a large glass of water, and get an Y-Age Aeon on the neck to the start them off with some reassurance. Then we talk. I ask just a few curious questions, and then we’re off.

We also talk about how they can help themselves with food, sleep and fresh air – and then we make a plan for how they can use the patches for their exam, or whatever else is appropriate.

Recently I had a funny experience with one of the young girls who sees me. She was quite excited and nervous the day before graduation. Immediately I pull her ponytail to the side and put on a Y-Age Aeon stress patch in her neck. The day afterwards I get a text message: “Yes!” – I was so happy!

I just love to seeing that familiar Aeon smile emerge, particularly when parents ask: ‘Wow, where the heck did that smile come from? ”

So I’m ready to help now that exams are right around the corner:

  • Y-Age Aeon stress patch on the neck – to calm the nerves
  • Energy Enhancer patch on either the wrist or on the shoulders – to get a better overview, focus and energy
  • Silent Nights sleep patches – to make sure I sleep well and deeply.

It’s that simple.

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  1. As you read your story, you are so happy that many schools now again do shorter school days. But as a starting point, I was also pleased with the reform, which seemed to be good, but practice is not always included when planning :-).
    Delightful that your young people have every opportunity to get help with LifeWave (y)

    • Hi Winnie
      I get that 😉

      You are very welcome to contact me – either via my facebook page “MaiBody” or per. Phone 61 35 40 47.

      Then I would like to tell you more – also how to get your fingers in the small marvelous patches.

      Good Friday


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