LifeWave – Anders’ path to a good life with Aspergers


Anders is a young man of 32 years. He has lived with Asperger’s syndrome for as long as he can remember. Anders was diagnosed with ADHD as a child. But the diagnosis was later changed to Asperger’s syndrome. He’s a functioning autistic, as he calls it.

Anders is retired easy. He has been since he was 19 years old. Up to and including 5th grade, he attended regular primary school. In larger classes, he has got various special offers, which have had to help him further in life. After school, he works for a period of light jobs as unskilled programmer. The company is incredibly good to spare him because they know the diagnosis. But it is not enough. After about two years, Anders had to stop. He can not do the job of great frustration for himself.

Lack of energy and sleep problems

Anders has always been incredibly difficult to be with other people – both small and large gatherings. When family birthdays, he has been forced to withdraw and go home after a short time because it is difficult to cope with so many impressions at once! When he has had with others, it has always cost him 2-3 days at the other end, where he has no energy. The many impressions pins him for his energy and vitality.

Like most people with Asperger’s, Anders has always had terrible sleep problems. Anders has daily taken his medication for his illness – both to help him in his daily days and not least for sleep.

Sleeping well with Silent Nights

In May of 2015, Anders starts his journey as a LifeWave distributor. It changes his life radically. When he receives his first pack of patches, he begins slowly to test the patches. First, he focuses on his sleep problems. He starts up using the sleep patch Silent Nights and get an incredible effect from day 1. Even after several days, Anders has been a normal circadian rhythm. He wakes up by itself eight o’clock in the morning – no alarm clock. Anders joker also that the only side effect is that he gets tired already at midnight.

Aeon gives ease of mind and energy

The next big change happens when he starts on the dietary supplement Corsentials how he really marks a rush of energy, which he never had before. With Corsentials will also be Y-Age Aeon patch, which is one of his favorite patches.

Aeon patch provides Anders calm and not least energy to be in his own body. It gives him the ability to handle the impression is coming.

Crazy transformation with LifeWave

Today you can see Anders walking through the pedestrian area – even with the energy to smile to the people who opposed him. Before he avoided anything that called contact and almost went with blinders on the eyes of not having to consider all the impressions. Anders says that he can feel that he has become a happier person. He’s got the desire to see and meet with people.

LifeWave has also promoted a great personal development for him. He can now stand in front of a large group of people and holding information meetings on the LifeWave. On info meetings he opens also up for his own personal history – an achievement no one in his family has believed it would happen.

Today Anders quite another. He beams with joy and energy and is present to other people. Anders is now completely free of his medication. He drinks Corsentials every day and uses Silent Nights as needed.


  1. Now I have not met Anders before LifeWave, but Anders keeps in between meetings in Viborg. That makes him really good. I’m impressed with the development Anders has been through in such a short time. Lifewave Rocks !!

  2. Over and over again I am amazed by the help provided by LifeWave’s products.
    It is repeatedly confirmed how important it is to have our nerve energy system balanced.

    It is not without reason that Aeon is LifeWave’s bestselling patch. 🙂


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