How a 54-year-old with Parkinsons improves quality of life


A couple visited me one Saturday afternoon in April three years ago. The man had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease a few years earlier. Very briefly, Parkinson’s results in a number of different symptoms that mainly affect their ability to move; sluggish movements, tremors and muscle stiffness. Parkinson’s is experienced very differently by people and symptoms vary greatly from person to person.

The man of 54 years has, until now, been able to make do with the lowest dose of medication. He has full-time work as a bricklayer. In his spare time he renovates their three-winged farm and cultivate the land, which belongs to. He will not accept – and can not imagine – that it should be different, so something must be done.

LifeWave patches against tremors, worry and pain

After the initial talk, I work from the symptoms he describes to me; Tingling in the hands and feet, pain in his body, trembling hands, difficulty walking, slow speech, pain in particular one leg, and poor sleep.

To achieve peace of body do I first Y-Age Aeon in the neck, and after some time I place the Energy Enhancer on the top of the wrists – at the point TW5. While I wait for effect, I concentrate on the left leg, which drags a bit when he goes because he has pain. I put IceWave pain patch under the feet of the point K1 – white in his right foot and brown under the left.

It has been found that individuals with Parkinson’s disease have low levels of the very important antioxidant glutathione. I of course, place the Y-Age Glutathione on one of the recommended items, so the body itself can form glutathione and boosting levels.

The following video was recorded after injection of glutathione in a patient with Parkinson’s disease:

Pain relief with LifeWave

After a few hours, there has been visible and tangible changes. The rigid facial features are softened and there is new life in the face and eyes. The violent shaking of the hands has dropped significantly, and pain in the leg disappeared.

One of the most powerful antioxidants, melatonin, and when the man also have sleep problems, I recommend the use of sleep patch Silent Nights, which causes the body to produce sleep hormone melatonin, which during sleep repair the internal organs – including the brain.

In addition, I recommend Y-Age Carnosine for use at night. Carnosine is also an antioxidant and a good help to counteract the stiff muscles, while the plaster repair the worn out cells and protects the brain.
When one considers that the damage to brain cells caused by free radicals, it is logical to make sure that there are antioxidants present in the body. Using the patented technology behind LifeWave patches body becomes able to form the aforementioned antioxidants themselves, so the symptoms of Parkinson reduced.

Theta Mind strengthens the brain

A few days later I get a call from his wife, as the smile in her voice tells me that the small patches have several “surprisingly good side.” The man has for several years been unable to sleep on his right side, but that is no more. Already after the first night he is about to push her out of bed.

After a period, I suggest adding Theta Mind*,which strengthens the brain’s cognitive functions. It works by raising some of the brain’s most important neurotransmitters, so the cells can better communicate with each other. The effect of the patches is fantastic and Theta Mind makes it even more amazing. Theta Mind will be enjoyed every morning on the long commute.

Subsequently, there have been several audits at the neurologist, and the dosage of medication is still the lowest. There is also no changes in work and leisure. Here we can really talk about that we work with quality of life and happiness.

Did you know that 7,000 people in Denmark have Parkinson. The average age is 61 years old, when they are diagnosed, but symptoms also occur in people in their late 20s, says Parkinson Society. Read more about Parkinson

*Theta Mind is withdrawn from the market


  1. Great reading – how is it good to make choices about increasing the quality of life and not just accepting and letting it stand.

    So I get completely touched on such stories time after time

    Lovely Thursday, Mai-Britt

  2. Hello Åse
    It is absolutely amazing and see what the difference is that intravenous injection with glutathione is done by the older gentleman in the video. And then you’re just so happy when you know that using Lifewave’s glutathy patch can get our body to raise the body’s glutathione level by up to 300% in just 24 hours <3.


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