Football injury: How to relieve your pain in 5 minutes


Daniel is from South America and cleans the staircases in my building. We’ve known each other for about a year. Whenever we meet, he updates me on life and his son back home in Argentina, the industry and the hard work. Sometimes I get to see his latest tattoo, which he is proud of and one of his industry friends continues to decorate him with. He is very happy with them. They stretch over his legs and arms and show up whenever there is a surplus in the monthly budget.

We meet in the stairs on a Monday morning when Daniel says that something bad happened to him during Sunday’s football game. A dirty body hit has resulted in a sharp outward twisting of his ankle. This is a so-called supination injury, where you sprain the ligaments on the outside of the ankle, just in front of the outer malleolus. It often occurs with an injury in the form of over-stretching and/or with small or large tears of portions of the ligaments and blood vessels, resulting in tissue damage that can be both large or small.

It very painful, he says in a mix of English and Danish. He’s still limping, but you’re quite reluctant to call out sick in the cleaning business. So Daniel is at work as usual here more than six days after the injury.

I obviously want to help him, and I never miss out on a chance to help and try out the patches and other products from LifeWave. So I invite Daniel inside to see the extent of his injury: Large swelling and fluid retention with ecchymosis, onset discoloration from the ecchymosis down over the forefoot and toes. A classic!

IceWave – the quick help

IceWave is what we use for acute or fresh injuries, and we do what we always do with Daniel: First, a big glass of water. I give Daniel another glass of water since I know that he doesn’t drink a lot of water and would much rather have Coca Cola all day long, and therefore has a nice caffeine surplus. Then I put on the Aeon on his neck and a set of IceWave over his ankle.

By this I mean that I put the brown IceWave patch on the injury – right on top of the swelling on the outer malleolus – and the white patch on the opposite side under the inner malleolus. Patches can also be placed in other places – see more suggestions in the TOHUMAN app.

Usually we wait 10-15 minutes and make an assessment on a pain scale from “0 to 10”, where “0” means no pain at all. I do this to make it as simple as possible and make sure that as few patches as possible is used. There is no reason to use 4-5 patches if just 2-3 patches will do the job. Sometimes all it takes is one single patch! Aeon and a glass of water will sometimes have remarkable results. But Daniel is busy and his partner is waiting in the building next door. So I get it all done in one go!

After Aeon on the neck and an IceWave throughout the injury, I put on a Glutathione patch on the toe web between the big toe and second toe on his right foot. Glutathione is the body’s most powerful antioxidant and this is what we want to strengthen in order for the other patches to have maximum effect. I put this on along with Aeon, which also enhances the effect of all the other patches.

The patching session doesn’t take more than five minutes. The effect is baffling. Daniel looks at me a bit puzzled and questioningly. He then smiles and shakes his head a little. I remain silent. I tease him a little and say, “Yes, what?” I, of course, know what’s going on.

“It’s gone,” he says.

“Completely?” I ask.

He is utterly surprised and tells me that that all pain has disappeared entirely, resulting in him being able to stand, walk and move normally without any pain at all. He tests all the movements that used to hurt – no pain or discomfort! I tell him he has to take care of his foot now and not overuse it. He’s still injured and he has to let it heal. With that being said, Daniel is out the door with another glass of water. He is happy and beaming like a thousand suns.

Quick and easy pain relief with patches

Pain relief with LifeWave patches is quick and easy – even for those who haven’t used these unique little patches before. We also call them ‘magic patches’ or ‘stickers’. It’s easy, fast and convincing – and they always work. And they come with instructions!

We usually say that if you can tell the difference between right and left, notice the difference between white and brown and put on a regular band aid on a bruised knee, then you’re already trained! Easy peasy!

Get more everyday tips with LifeWave

If you’re having problems and you’re curious about whether the patches can help you, then get in touch with me – see contact information below. Use the chat box at the very bottom of the comment box, if necessary. I always respond!

Follow the blog this spring where I’ll give more everyday stories. These will consist of small, short posts in which I’ll try to go through how to use our patches and some of the other unique products that I work with.

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