Ouch, My Tooth – And Right Before The Ski Trip!


It’s Friday night and it’s not just the start of the weekend – it’s also the start of the winter vacation, during which we’re we’re off to go skiing. Suddenly I see my boyfriend gargling his mouth and I have to ask if he’s got a sore throat or something…?

He says he doesn’t; it’s his molar that’s hurting. Everything was fine earlier that Friday morning, but it had started bothering him around lunchtime. Now it’s throbbing and painful.

The pain patch goes on

We don’t have any plans for Friday night, so I serve him a big glass of water and take out the IceWave pain patch. They work together in pairs: The brownish part is placed on the painful area and the white part is placed quite close by. Since there might be some inflammation along the way, I put Glutathione on top of the brown part.

He starts feeling the effect of the patches shortly thereafter. It feels different – in a good way.

He feels much better on Saturday morning, so he takes the patches off before we go outside to spend some time in the lovely winter sunshine. We get back inside after a nice walk and I suddenly see that he’s putting on the patches again. He knows from past experience that he often is able to reap the benefits of the patches for longer than the 12-24 hours that is considered standard effect time. He had merely saved the patches from this morning and put them back on. LifeWave doesn’t recommend reusing the patches, but it is the responsibility of the individual to follow the regulations.

Glutathione at night

The patches stay on all Saturday and at night he is happy. He feels much better. The pain is essentially gone. Before bedtime, he puts on a fresh Glutathione patch, but no IceWave since he’s not in pain anymore. Instead, I choose to put Carnosine on top of the Glutathione as Carnosine is great at rebuilding cells and relieving minor pain.

So why should he drink water?

The patches contain a mixture of amino acids, water and oxygen – and none of it enters the body. The way that they work is that a particular composition of ingredients sends an “order” to the body about a specific reaction. It’s kind of like an alphabet; different words are created depending on how the letters are combined.

The patches works primarily through the body’s meridian lines, and it’s important that there’s a good flow in these in order for you to achieve the best possible results. Think about what happens to your flower bouquet if you don’t change the water in the case. It will start to smell disgusting and the flowers won’t last very long at all, right? So get some fresh water in your body and allow the patches can be allowed to help with everything.

Remember to check out the TOHUMAN app if you’re experience toothache. Good luck relieving your pain!

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