4 great patching tips! This is how I’ve helped people with pain relief and panic disorders


I’m always so pleased over how well we’re able to help people help themselves by using light therapy from the LifeWave patches.

The patches are based on a unique, patented technology. I won’t delve into the technology itself too much right now but instead share some examples from my everyday life to explain what the patches actually do.

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I have worked with these alternative and unique products for more than four years – both with humans and animals. The patches are almost always included in my other treatments. I get more and more excited how many people are to grateful for the patches and how many different issues the patches can actually solve in a completely natural and chemical-free way, simply by sending different frequencies of light to the body.

Naturally, the patches should not replace going to the doctor nor common sense.

1. Elbow pain alleviated with Glutathione

Through my business where I help people and animals, I treat people at a place called the Kokkedal Castle. People come here partly because of offers for spa, wellness and treatments. I offer massage and did 15 treatments last weekend. This unfortunately resulted in an overuse injury in my left elbow. That’s what happens when you’re not careful. I immediately put a Gluthatione patch directly on the sore and swollen area on my elbow. Within 10 minutes the pain was gone and I could continue on with my treatments without any further problems. The most amazing thing is that the pain from overusing my elbow didn’t come back.

2. Severe headaches relieved with patches

I recently met a young woman who suffers from almost constant headaches as a result of a concussion. She has been extensively examined by her doctor – but to no avail.

She came to visit me upon the recommendation of her family doctor to see if some of my alternative methods could help. I put the Aeon patch on her. Much to her own surprise she experiences an immediate relief of the headache.

I sent her home with instructions for how to the use the patches made by the American physician Dr. Karen Kan. The instructions focus on creating a balance in the brain by stimulating different points of the patches. She says that she has not had any headaches in the last week when I follow up with her after 14 days.

3. Sciatic nerve pain almost disappears with a pain patch

Some time ago I was at an event. There I meet a woman who suffered a sciatic nerve impingement after lifting something heavy. Those who’ve experienced it know that it is really painful. It can be difficult to walk upright.

She gets the IceWave pain patches in accordance with the instructions that are in the enclosed brochure. Within minutes the pain is relieved by 70-80 percent, and she can walk and stand upright. She is happy and of course gets an extra pair of patches to take home for the day afterwards so that she can switch patches.

4. Anxiety attack eased with Aeon

The other day I treated a woman the Kokkedal Castle. Amid the treatment she got an anxiety attack. She says that she often gets them in small rooms and elevators. I realize that I have to do something to help her out so that she can carry on with the treatment in a calm and relaxing way. It should of course be a really nice experience, preferably.

I get my patches and ask if I can try to help her. Yes, please, she says. I explain to her what light therapy is and that I’ll use an Aeon patch to balance her nervous system.

I put the Aeon patch on her neck and we can resume the treatment shortly. She is sweet, amazed, happy and quite quiet during the rest of the treatment. It’s amazing what such a small patch can do!

Help to self-help

These are just a few of the endless reports of the people I’ve met and where the use of LifeWave has made a big difference. LifeWave patches are available to everyone. The patches have no chemicals or side effects and are both effective and easy to use.

Check out all the good post here on the blog to learn more about the possibilities of these patches. You are also welcome to contact me either by mail or by writing in the comment box.

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Annette Hammerich works with energy therapy and kinesiology on humans and animals, which has given her extensive personal and professional experience with LifeWave. Annette Hammerich is a very experienced dealer with very passionate and knowledgable when it comes to product use on animals. Contact information: +(45) 4264 7770 or ah@touch4health.dk. Visit www.touch4health.dk.


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