Ouch – my knees, hips and elbows – pain relief at the patching café


I have a very good colleague at the local coffee shop where I work. Marianne is a real force of nature. She’s not afraid of taking responsibility and she is always ready to take a lot of shifts. But recently it’s unfortunately been really hard seeing Marianne while at work. She has had pain in her knees and it’s only gotten worse. Suddenly she has pain in her hips, knees and elbows.

Marianne never sits still and is always in meetings even if she’s in pain. We have several times been able to help her quickly by placing LifeWave IceWave patches on each side of the knees and an Aeon above or below the kneecap. This is what we usually refer to as making a “calf’s snout”, and we also sometimes put IceWave along the legs if there is any localized pain there. It helps temporarily but it’s still sore.

Marianne has patches of her own and is also experimenting with trying to use them in different ways. She also helps out her husband when he’s in pain.

SP6 on the spine

Marianne participated in our most recent patch café as well. Here we try to first patch her up with a LifeWave Aeon patch on the neck. Then we let her sit for about 10-15 minutes. Then we placed the Energy Enhancer under her feet at point K1. The white one on the right side and the brown one on the left foot. After a few more minutes we ask her to walk around. She says that it helps but something is still painful.

When we sit down to talk we start talking about the fact that the SP6 patch can be really good for arthritis pain. So we place a SP6 patch right in the middle of the spine at the base. Marianne wants to drink a glass of water after approx. another 10 minutes. She elbows me a bit in the side and shows me as she reaches out and grabs a glass, which is something she hasn’t been able to do for a long time. She smiles – it’s a pretty amazing feeling.

But now we need to see if things are actually that much better so I ask her to grab the entire thermos and try to lift it. Easy as a breeze! Marianne is amazed, even though she has experienced moments like these before with LifeWave. The patches are just absolutely fantastic in the way that they surprise you.

It’s been some time and Marianne is still doing much better. She has no pain in her hips and elbows. However, she does still use the patches on her knees – IceWave and SP6 placed in the same areas to relieve some remaining pain.

So, what is a patching café exactly?

A patching café is for those who’d like to talk with other LifeWave enthusiasts, or for those who’d like to hear more about the LifeWave patches and products. Please ask your local LifeWave distributor where the nearest patching café is if you are curious to try the patches yourself.

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Following a fantastic, personal experience with LifeWave products during 2014, I became a LifeWave distributor. Every day, I help customers in my shop with LifeWave patches. My clear attitude is that if we can make people deal with the most common "everyday problems" with a LifeWave patch, we can increase their quality of life, and maybe in the long run, the healthcare system can save some money. Contact me at jeanettjensen65@hotmail.com


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