Ugh toothache! And right before the weekend!


What the hell do you do when the dentist is closed. It’s Friday and you can’t get an appointment with the dentist in the upcoming week. Take a look at this story about my mother who managed to make it without traditional painkillers by only using patches from LifeWave.

My sweet 70 year old mother has been interested from the very beginning when I first learned about LifeWave. She’s experienced great relief from the patches for different kinds of pain, including in her back and hip. She currently has her own pain packages lying at home and are especially fond of the following:

  • The stress patch Aeon, which is also great for alleviating pain
  • Glutathione, which increases the body’s natural production of the antioxidant glutathione and also reduces inflammation
  • The energy patch Energy Enhancer, which is also great for tired, heavy legs and chronic pain.

She started testing it out and moved on to patches until she feels a difference. If she’s not sure, she’ll pull up the iPad again and look at the TOHUMAN app.

Friday she wakes up with so much pain in her molars that she can barely get around. And you know what: there’s no use in going around with such pain when you can just ring up a dentist (or doctor).

So she makes a call and gets hold of the sweet lady at the clinic who unfortunately isn’t able to help out before Monday. Ugh – that’s an entire week of painful hell. So they strike a deal that the clinic will call my mother up if there are any cancellations or no-shows.

The dentist recommends patches over the phone

Shortly after the call, the dentist himself calls me up – not because he has an available appointment but because he knows that I have LifeWave patches. He once saw my mother with an Aeon on the neck when he was fixing her teeth and he seemed curious about it. My mother didn’t know much at the time, so I told him a bit more about LifeWave.
Instead of making an appointment, the dentist asks my mother to immediately start using the patches. He says that they’ll still let her know if there are any cancellations, but the dentist just can’t promise anything right now.

Glutathione on the cheek

My mother can’t get hold of me but she thinks to herself that the Glutathione should reduce any inflammation, so she puts it on the cheek where the tooth hurts. She also puts an Aeon on the neck to alleviate the state of stress that her body is in due to the pain. Then she drank two large glasses of water and then got a blanket and took a nap on the couch.

There’s a faint pain when she wakes up in the afternoon. The rest of her Friday is bearable and she takes out the patches on Saturday morning to apply a patch in the middle of the cheek. She decides to continue with Aeon to reduce the pain. Her dentist called Saturday morning and asked how it was going. He says that they can see her at the clinic if the pain is getting too much. However, my mom declines – everything’s going well.

On Saturday night she puts on the Glutathione on the cheek again, and she’s completely without pain on Sunday morning.

Pain free in a few days

On Monday she takes off to go to her appointment, but there is no pain and there’s absolutely nothing to look at in regards to the tooth. The dentist is overjoyed on my mother’s behalf and says: “I am looking forward to next time Mai-Britt comes in. I’d like to hear a little more about the patches again.”

By the way, you can always look up your toothache on the TOHUMAN app and get help if you get a toothache! Here, you can find photos of where the patches should be placed.


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