Shoulder pains gone in less than 10 minutes


In December of 2015, I meet 15-year-old Lisbeth and her mother for the first time. They come into the salon because Lisbeth wants to get a hair cut. Her mother has booked an appointment and tagged along for moral support. However, Lisbeth’s mother was the one that needed the most help as it turned out.
“Look Mom! You can get a massage here,” Lisbeth says immediately when they arrive.

Lisbeth’s mother looks at me, clearly interested. She has a painful shoulder. It’s obvious that she’d like to hear more about the massage. I tell her that it is a great Christmas gift to get a gift certificate for a massage. “No, I can’t wait with my shoulder until Christmas. Do you think you could help me now?” she asks.

Lisbeth’s mother is a craniosacral therapist and has already tried to get Lisbeth to treat her by following her instructions. It soothes the pain somewhat but not for long. Lisbeth’s not trained so she obviously can’t provide professional treatment to her mother.

“I can see what I can do, so you can at least keep going,” I say. Immediately lead Lisbeth and her mother to the massage room, and they look at me strangely when I say she should just sit down in the rocking chair. Meanwhile, I get the patches from LifeWave and a bottle of water.

LifeWave Aeon and IceWave

I ask her to drink a bottle of water because it’s really important in order for the LifeWave patches to work. Afterwards I put on the stress-reducing Y-Age Aeon patch. This opens up the flow in the body’s meridian lines in her neck and I then wait a bit to see if anything happens. She feels a bit warm.


The worst pain is in the shoulder right at the edge of the shoulder blade. Here I place a brown IceWave pain patch. She tells me that her three outer fingers often fall sleep/become numb, so I place the White IceWave patch down the outside of her wrist at the outer bone.

After she has been sitting with the patches for a bit, she smiles and says, “I can feel something happening. It’s like when I give craniosacral therapy. I feel warm and the pain is decreasing. It’s absolutely fantastic.”

Afterwards she goes to shop while I cut Lisbeth’s hair. When Lisbeth leaves to go meet her mother, her mother suddenly bursts into the salon with a big smile. She’s radiating with joy and just want to tell me that she no longer has any pain in her arm.

I’m just as delighted as she is to be able to make such a difference for a complete stranger in just 10 minutes. It’s a nice Christmas gift to pass on.

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Following a fantastic, personal experience with LifeWave products during 2014, I became a LifeWave distributor. Every day, I help customers in my shop with LifeWave patches. My clear attitude is that if we can make people deal with the most common "everyday problems" with a LifeWave patch, we can increase their quality of life, and maybe in the long run, the healthcare system can save some money. Contact me at


  1. Super good reading – so nice quick to help in a simple efficient way without chemistry & lt; 3

    What is not to love ….

    Good weekend

  2. The customer was also happy, just cut her today, and we talked just how wonderful it was to get rid of the pain she had been on for a long time in just 10 minutes 🙂


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