How to relieve a cough and lower a fever


Recently my husband came home from work and was feeling really poorly. He had a high fever. He didn’t feel like eating anything, so he just had half a cup of coffee and then went to bed. It’s only 18:15. He had been like that before. Occasionally he’ll just come down with something out of the blue. Whenever it happens, he just has to get a couple of hours worth of sleep and then he’ll wake up brand new – but this time was different.

He began coughing at night and it got progressively worse as the night went on. His fever was still high and he was feeling really bad.

When I come home from work the day after, he’s still just as bad. His fever is still high. He coughs so much that you’d think he’s lungs are turning inside out. He has asthma, so the combination of high fever and a severe cough isn’t a very good one as it makes his breathing very shallow. This also makes him incredibly tired and sleepy all the time.

No fever in 30 minutes

I open back up my TOHUMAN app and search for “fever”. I click on the first suggestion: IceWave on LU9 (around the wrist) and Glutathione on LI4 (the soft area between the thumb and index finger). The fever goes away completely in about 30 minutes, and he starts to get a bit better.

Significantly relieved cough

I do the same to relieve the cough. I open up the TOHUMAN app and search for “cough”. I go for the first suggestion again. It shows Energy Enhancer on LU1 (just below the collarbone) and Glutathione on CV22 (right by the neck hole). It helps and the cough almost disappears. It becomes less severe and he doesn’t cough as often.

Both these patches make him feel not quite as miserable and tired as before.

Relieving the rib pain after coughing

When he coughs, it’s so violent that the bottom of his ribs start hurting really bad, most likely because his lungs are sore. I put on the IceWave patches on each side and a Carnosine patch in between. They sit great, so I try switching to the brown IceWave on one side, brown Energy Enhancer on the other side and a Carnosine and SP6 in the middle. It seems a little better, so the patches stay on.

A trip to the doctor told us that my husband has pneumonia and he is prescribed antibiotics. Fortunately, we have already been able to reduce the fever and cough, and consequently also the discomfort associated with having a high fever and coughing.

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