How to get through a long work day WITHOUT sore feet and legs


I recently just started a new job where the floor is completely different from the floor that I’m used to working on. After the first two days, my feet and legs were very sore after work – not actual pain, but strong discomfort.

After a few days it hit me: IceWave. Of course! Why didn’t I think of that before? You see, IceWave can reduce soreness. IceWave is an anti-pain patch. In addition to relieving pain. it also has an anti-inflammatory effect. IceWave is used for a number of different problems where pain is part of the picture. I previously wrote a post where I really praised this particular patch for the pain relief it gave me after my wisdom tooth removal

Anyway. I took out a box of patches and just started off with the usual patches, which in my case typically is Y-age Aeon on the neck and Y-age Glutathione below the belly button. Next up is the IceWave patch package. By the way, IceWave consists of a set of two types of patches: one brown and one white patch. The white patch is typically used on the right side, while the brown is normally placed on the left side. I choose to use the whole body point, which is situated right under your feet. It’s called the Kidney 1 and is typically abbreviated to Kd1 (Kidney 1).

Pain patches under your feet

Well, so far I’ve been working with IceWave under my feet. I’ve been running around all day in the same way as before – and today I don’t have any sore feet or legs! I think I’ll put on a fresh pair of patches tomorrow morning…

The image shows the effect of IceWave. The change in color from orange-red tones to yellow-green tones shows reduced temperature in these areas = pain relief.

Ps. Check the information that comes with the pain patches if you need help placing them. Also use the TOHUMAN app, where you can find photo guides that’ll show you where the patches should be placed. You can, of course, always contact me or comment below as well – I promise to answer!

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