Winter depression? 7 energy boosters for a healthier life


During the winter months I get a call from a good friend of mine. We start talking about how dark it is this time of year. She feels like her batteries are dead. She has no energy and is almost constantly tired and she has a hard time getting through the winter every year.

She knows me and knows that I’m usually like a fish in the water and always have enough energy to get everything done. She also knows that I use all the tricks to keep myself healthy and in tip-top shape. We have had many discussions to be in shape, having profits and having a mood well above average, feeling in flow and with good energy. But when the clouds are heavy, it’s Monday and the slightest rain, and when the temperature is at the bottom end, it can be prohibitive just to get out of bed, she says.

On top of that personal, she and her husband have two minor children. I know that small children require it and that there is not much time left for one self. You do not have time to make everything right for a profit.

Time! We do not have time, she often says. Many claim that they do not have time. To that I can only say: Time is an inexhaustible resource. Just look at it a bit differently. Turn it on your head or turn it all 180 degrees. Time is not something that’s going on – time is something that’s coming. Time is an infinite source. It’s just about how we use it. If you want something else, you have to look at what you can do differently.

But nothing comes as known to himself. It is important to clean up in perhaps inappropriate routines and create space – big or small – for opportunities to occur, something new can come about. Do you want somewhere else, then do something else than you usually do.
Do you dream about standing on the top of the mountain, so do not dream it alone. There must be action to. In the case of the mountain, the ride starts to put one leg in front of the other. After some time – days weeks, months or years – you stand on top. The trip might have been challenging, hard or hard, but you’re standing there. Have you heard this claim before? It’s about motivation, I tell. Maybe a fyord, but it is. Nothing else!

Here are my 7 energy boosters for a healthier life:

1. Less midday light

When the above is said, there is also a natural cause behind the overall reduced activity level and the level of alertness in the winter months. The light controls our daily rhythm, our sleep and metabolism, and it is a fact that there are fewer natural light sources available in winter.

As with plants, we are humans dependent on light. Is the light less, our physiological processes and metabolism – including combustion, are a bit lower or more slow. Therefore, some gain weight gain in the dark. For some, this will regulate in the bright months. From nature’s hand it makes sense. We are supposed to breathe out in winter, vegetarians, rest and gather forces for spring and the coming summer and autumn. A cycle and a breath of life! Perhaps we should go to bed like the bear and sleep in the spring. This would be nice, but can not be realized for most with our modern life.

Do you have the opportunity, then go out into the light in the middle of the day between noon. 11 and 13. It’s good weather, then eat the food package outside and take a block up a tree with the face facing the light. You should not look directly into the sun, but have your eyes directed at this. See or re-read. My post on “Winter Depression” here on the blog. Here you can read about the light role for our mood, energy and sleep. Perhaps something in the article will be useful to you.
I recommend her to introduce “light breaks” in the workplace – the smokers slip to one side and those who want light and air – to the other side.

2. A healthy diet keeps your body going

My friend and I have a longer conversation about what to do to turn the bucket – get some more energy. There will be a conversation about routines, bad habits, lack of exercise, lack of light, too little water, too much sugar and eating habits that are not optimal – some even really bad. Too little sleep.

She knows that every day I am sharp on my diet and my intake of the building block. She also knows that every day I take a large dose of a special omega 3 oil to get the correct omega 6/3 balance. This is something that is extremely important for my cell function and which also affects my hormone system, my nutrition – and taking up drugs and not least for a delayed aging process. The latter is something I think you should be interested in and therefore I am daily user of LifeWave Y-Ages with this omega 3 oil. Why age before time if we can delay the processes with the absence of inflammation and thus reduce the risk of lifestyle diseases so that we stay healthy and “young” longer.

The important thing in keeping an optimal and healthy nutrition, getting vitamins and minerals, and getting the good fats, I’ve repeatedly touched in previous posts: WinFit Series Update 3-4. Especially in the dark and cold time when we lack Vitamin D, it is important to get good fuel from fat and good organic oils – coconut, olives, flax and rapeseed.

A good protein rich diet from fish and poultry with a good fat supplement is also recommended. See winFit posts with recommendations for daily protein intake. Also wrap up the coarse and slowly degradable vegetables/root crops, which are just plenty of here in the winter season.

In turn, turn down for flour, which is just starch and even empty calories without vitamins/minerals. Too much content in the diet with carbohydrate from flour and bread does not provide sufficient building blocks with vitamins and minerals. A diet based on flour / pasta eventually gives malnutrition on minerals/trace elements/vitamins and all studies indicate weight gain, as this type of carbohydrate gives a relative weight gain with fat deposition. The “fast” carbohydrates also cause excessive fluctuations in blood sugar levels.

3. Walking, running, bicycling – all exercise has a positive effect

My girlfriend also knows that I recommend half an hour every day on a bench, a race, or a roller skating/skiing, bike ride or walking. Everything can be used! Common scientific studies have proven to be very beneficial for improved health. Then you can walk to work or wherever you go, then this walk will give increased energy – strengthening of the muscles in the feet and legs/hips/pelvic floor and with a calorie burn that is on average about Three times higher at a fast time than if you ride a bike. The walk is excellent for your health – even if you’re tired. It gives a boost to the energy for the whole family.

If you have the opportunity and profit, just expand on a couple of weekdays where you do high-intensity training approximately. 15-20 minutes – ie. you are striving to make yourself well puffed. This will eventually increase your well-being, improved sleep and increased combustion with the possibility of an initial weight reduction. Read: Winfit Update series.

In LifeWave’s labs and in their research for the WinFit Weight Loss System, studies have shown that just 10-15 minutes of high intensity exercise has a decisive impact on one’s health on all parameters. So, we agree that my friend is reading on the blog where we are many who, with each of our pencil, look and standpoint, impart our input to health and the good life.

4. Drink water – water is essential

It has been said before that water is vital and you should be sure to be well hydrated throughout the day. Daily intake is 30 ml per 10 kg body weight, equivalent to approx. 2.1 liter for a 70 kg person. Coffee / tea / caffeine drink seems dehydrating. You get in fluid deficiency will have a reduced capacity mentally and physically, and it can lead to fatigue and a generally reduced energy level. My friend promises to keep up with the coffee machine in the office and have a water bottle with!

If you feel hungry during the day, it often covers the lack of fluid. Then take a big glass of water and a power snack – which is 10 jumping jacks on the spot or a quick walk up the stairs, around the house or what you can find. Small quick mini-pads outdoors where you get ventilated lungs. And more water.

5. Watch your sugar

We all know that little hunger. It can be tempting to eat something sugary like candy, bread, cookies, energy drinks, caffeinated drinks, etc if you’re tired and stressed or are lacking of energy. What these things all have in common is that their sugar content is staggering. The high added sugar can be a huge problem for nutritional purposes with weight gain. You get a short-term energy boost of sugar intake, but soon after, you are left tired than before. You have just strained your pancreas and its insulin response – the blood sugar gets up and down, and you eventually get an insulin intolerance, which means that your cells are having difficulty absorbing glucose/sugar. Please read or re-read my post on WinFit: “New Year, new Body”.

A quick “power snack” or other mini-activity booster combustion both on the carbohydrate and fat side, giving you an instant free energy kick – feeling without the supply of dull stimulants: coffee/tea/sweets and cakes.

6. Make sure you get enough sleep

Sleep is key when it comes to staying healthy. Lack of – or disrupted – sleep will cause long term health problems. Here we’re talking about the importance of introducing good sleeping habits and getting rid of habits that prevent good, sufficiently long sleep. See my post “Take on the winter” about photo therapy for winter depression. Here you can read about the signal substance melatonin’s role in getting enough sleep.

Lifewave’s patch Silent Nights MD has been scientifically tested in a randomized/double blind study that demonstrates that the Silent Nights patch raises the body’s melatonin level and helps you get better, longer and deeper sleep. This patch has long been approved as a medical tool throughout the EU.

Silent Nights is easy to use together with, for example, our Aeon patch. It has a calming effect on the nervous system, relaxing the brain and increasing the sleep hormone melatonin, which in turn improves breathing and oxygen absorption. This is especially beneficial for people suffering from sleep apnea. Clinical studies show that sleep is increased by 66 percent.

7. Energy boosters from LifeWave

Several of my good colleagues have written on this blog about many of our unique products that could be of great benefit to you. There are products for increased energy in a healthy way, naturally without chemicals and additives, the use of sugar, caffeine or other unnatural stimulants. Read posts about: Corsentials – Y-age series, MAVERIC – the natural energy supplement for the man. Also read previous posts about Theta Mind for you out there who still have these in stock. The product is unfortunately being discontinued but there are discount sales for it. It’s a great boost for your brain and body!

A good life starts with you

What comes first: the chicken or the egg? What is the premise in order for your family to live well? The answer is that you’re living well. If one link in the chain isn’t doing well, it’ll affect all the other ones. If you aren’t being healthy, there’s a risk that everyone else in your family might be living unhealthily. Maybe no one will exercise if you don’t. Poor sleep might spread to the rest of your family.

Nothing arises out of thin air. Start in a place where it makes sense and is easiest to introduce new routines, habits or changes in order to live a life with less fatigue and more energy in your everyday life.


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