WinFit – new and brilliant, weight-regulating and body sculpting system from LifeWave


Many of us have been waiting like children on Christmas Eve. This weekend’s (September 17th, 2016) LifeWave event has been eagerly awaited – that’s for sure. Many have been waiting for something new and brilliant, and they definitely got it: LifeWave and David Schmidt has done it again!

The new WinFit – Body Shaping System – is what we have all have been excitedly waiting for. There is finally a weight management approach that works and provides sustainable, lasting results.

  • No more futile slim-down diets and dieting.
  • No more calorie restrictions and having to starve yourself to lose weight.
  • No more outdated mindset that requires dietary changes to lose weight.
  • No more sweaty, time-consuming hours spent at the gym in order to lose weight or maintain your weight.

Rethinking weight loss with WinFit

WinFit is a new perspective based on common sense losing weight/maintaining losing weight, sculpting your body and increasing muscle mass while burning fat. With WinFit you can eat what you wan and still lose weight – WITHOUT having to any crazy, heavy physical activity to increase your muscle mass.


Increasing muscle mass is the fundamental idea of the WinFit system. It’s especially important due to the fact that improved, increased fat loss requires sufficient muscle mass that matches your calorie intake. This is exactly what you can achieve with WinFit, which for example uses LifeWave’s newly developed patch: the WinFit patch. This uses light, just like the other patches, and is in this case is designed to promote one’s metabolism and increase fat loss.

The WinFit system includes a day program where you’ll eat whatever you want within the healthy category in order to get adequate amounts of protein, vegetables and healthy fats – something I will explain in a follow-up post on how to actually use the WinFit system in your everyday life.

WinFit requires minimal physical effort. During test trials in the laboratory they’ve been able to document the major advantages of using WinFit- Body Shaping System. With just 10 minutes of physical activity two to four times a week, the user can achieve dramatic improvements in increased muscle mass and fat loss.

By using LifeWave’s tried, patented phototherapy in the newly developed WinFit patch,you’ll get dramatic results in short time: Increased fat loss, increased muscle mass and more energy in your daily life.

Why don’t diets work?

LifeWave has asked themselves the question:

  • Why don’t all the diets and dietary changes work the way they should?
  • If you finally through sweat and hard work are able to lose weight the traditional way, why doesn’t the weight loss results hold up in the long run?
  • Is there another, smarter, and more gentle way for the body to lose weight by losing weight and sculpting your body, burning fat while also gaining muscle mass and achieving an attractive figure?

This is now possible with WinFit – a simple, easy option for permanent weight loss and a beautiful body. An improved Body Shape.

Is WinFit the thing for you?

LifeWave has re-imagined the body’s metabolism. By looking at the problem of weight loss in a different way, LifeWave has turned everything upside down and created a system that actually works.

I will use myself as a guinea pig and immediately start my WinFit journey.

If you want permanent change in your body by getting rid of excess fat, rebuilding your muscles, increasing your well-being, having more energy and a different, healthier life – then come on board! I’ll coach you and hold your hand throughout the process.

If you want to burn fat, build muscle and become an improved version of yourself, then please contact me. Let me help you get started. It’ll be great!

(QUOTE, Einstein).

Image: Steen Leithoff

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