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Mia Kamla Marie Bluhm

Mia Kamla Marie Bluhm is a singer, author, painter, and audio healer. When Mia Kamla Marie was struck by cancer, her life turned around 180 degrees. On this blog, she shares her experiences with the healthcare system, her personal crises, and the struggle to become healthy, and how to find the strength, will, and the light. How to find one's own inner force. An interesting and very personal journey.

Something about … SOUND and its healing power!

In my life, I’ve had for cancer, depression, anxiety, PTSD, prolonged stress, abuse of various kinds, low self-esteem and the great challenge of having a particularly sensitive empathy and being an artist, dreamer and...

A bit about cancer and finding power within yourself

Being yourself Once upon a time I wasn’t being my true self. I was quite different. I was the person, I thought, my surroundings wanted me to be. I minimized any personality traits that provoked or challenged...