Sleeping patch is pure self-indulgence


I initially started using LifeWave products of an entirely different reason than I use them today. Basically, I started using them because I wanted to be more energized. I had heard of energy patches that could give me the boost I needed; more quality of life and more beneficial. Initially, my focus was definitely to get more energy, but it didn’t take long before I started getting curious about what the other products could do for me. But nothing has worked as well as the sleep patch Silent Nights!

Several of my LifeWave colleagues advised me to try out Silent Nights. The sleep patch works by stabilizing the sleep hormone melatonin. If we don’t produce enough of this sleep hormone – melatonin – we won’t get the deep sleep that we need.

Only when a wonderful colleague of mine showed me an article about the long-term effects of sleep deprivation do to your brain and your quality of life, I realize what was going on. It hit me like a ton of bricks: It was about how I could be at risk for lifelong diseases because I kept waking up at night. I tried out Silent Nights right away after having finished reading the article.

Sleeping all through the night with Silent Nights

I can’t believe that I was so stubborn that I hadn’t tried out these patches before, especially since I had them lying around at home. All I had to do was grab them out of them drawer. But in my own world, I thought I was sleeping just fine. That’s why it was such an eye-opener when I first tried out Silent Nights. But what a difference! I was sleeping all through the night – and I didn’t even wake up to pee!

So now pamper myself with Silent Nights because my sleep and health is important. It’s like I always say: ‘My life – my responsibility.’ What you do is your choice and your responsibility. But don’t be as stupid and stubborn as I was and just try it.

I could write about endless benefits of the Silent Nights sleep patch! Read about them in my next post, where I deal with another major problem that disturbs your sleep tremendously and took me 10 years to start using Silent Nights for.

Remember to pamper yourself. It can make a world of difference.

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In connection with my work as a self-employed florist, I was lacking energy and surplus to get me through the day. It is tough getting up between 3 and 4 in the morning. The energy and surplus is achieved with LifeWave's products. The products afford us so much energy - both the two-legged and four-legged variants. It is our at-home apothecary for both small and great challenges. Both as a preventive measure and in all other circumstances.


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