Poor sleeping patterns affect your body fat percentage


Do you sleep poorly at night? Did you know that poor sleep affects your the fat percentage of your body and increases your risk of becoming obese?

When training both weight-loss programs and general training courses, I always ask how many hours of sleep you get at night. We put together a sleep plan since it is a very important factor if we want our workout project to succeed.

Sleep at least 7 hours every night (up to 8.5 hours). Too little or poor sleep can make you more hungry. If you’re tired, your willpower and resistance will be low as well. This means that you may find it difficult to keep the focus on the healthy choices and have more cravings for sugar than normal.

Sleep is important

Soveplaster-silent-signtsThe Latest sleep research –  a new British research posted on Forbes.com shows that a fixed sleep pattern is important for a healthy body weight. Sleep plays an important role in our health, appearance, performance and prevention of lifestyle diseases.

The results of the sleep research shows:

  • That a fixed bed with a fixed alarm time can be coupled to a lower amount of body fat.
  • That less than 6.5 hour or more than 8.5 hour of sleep at night produces a higher amount of body fat.
  • That between 8 and 8.5 hours per night was found to have a positive impact and provides the lowest amount of body fat.

Sleep well with Silent Nights

Your sleep quality can be greatly improved through:

  • Fixed bedtime and real wake up.
  • Slept between 7 and 8.5 hours each night – all week.
  • Exercise/workout. Here you must be careful not to work very hard just before bedtime, as it takes a few hours to calm the body.
  • Sleep in a cool, darkened bedroom.
  • Turn off computers and mobile phones an hour before scheduled bedtime.
  • Use regularly sleep patch Silent Nights from LifeWave.


This is a sleep patch with no side effects from LifeWave. Silent Nights relaxes the brain triggers the body’s natural production of the sleep hormone melatonin. It provides a natural, deep and relaxed sleep, improves breathing and oxygen uptake and prevents snoring. Simple and effective! At Body Coach (www.bodycoach.dk) we tested sleep patch Silent Nights, and it works! You are fresh and invigorated all day.

As a personal trainer, it is super important to me that I keep myself in good shape, eat healthy and get plenty of rest so that I optimize my refund in connection with my training. Therefore pamper myself by periodically using Silent Nights from LifeWave.

Use the Tohuman LifeWave app and get advice and guidance for training – apart from their own experience, I see the effect of patches almost daily.

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Michael Skjoldan is a personal trainer, body sds coach (finishing his education in 2016), and independent LifeWave distributor. Michael Skjoldan comes with great competence as training and weightloss coach, works with training, diet changes, and treatment on a daily basis. Read more at www.bodycoach.dk


  1. Dear Michael.
    Thank you for bringing up this topic. It’s an unbelievably important factor – to take care of your night’s sleep. It’s not for nothing that it’s among the world’s most effective two-way method – to prevent prisoners from sleeping. Everything in the body gets smashed. It also happens in the long run – unless we turn our disturbed sleep rhythm. Wish everyone a great night’s sleep with the sleeping and Alavida patch, which can be combined well.

    • Thank you for your comment Steen 🙂 That’s why we start with a talk about sleep in every training and weight loss course. Since a good night’s sleep is the foundation for the will to be held aloud all day long.


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