A body in balance – cleansing and detox


Our body is a brilliant size. It has a formidable ability to heal itself if we mind you give it the ability to carry out its functions. In energy therapy is any health challenge – whether it’s pain, sleep problems, lack of energy or similar – an expression of blockages in the body’s energy flow. By lift blockages around the body’s energy system, pain and symptoms alleviated. These blocks can be lifted by means of pressure or needle at the acupuncture points, which are located on meridians, so that the energy can flow freely again. Through the influence of acupuncture points connect the outer body with the inner and organs, glands and processes are affected.

Acupuncture and acupressure are recognized and known methods of treatment in the health system. Many dentists and doctors have thus taken acupuncture for themselves. Life Waves patented patch technology is energy therapy, and LifeWave patches also works through the influence of the acupuncture points.

Pure body – healthy body

in order to function optimally should organism maintain biochemical balance. The body has a built-in system, which works to keep the body free of waste products – dispose of waste and pollution, heavy metals, nicotine, etc. A system comprising many organs and physiological processes. This balance is disturbed often by environmental influences that can irritate the various organs and functions and can ultimately cause the body takes damage – both the small and the large.

Udrensning-med-lifewave-plastreThe more we are bombarded with unnatural substances from the environment and our diet, the greater the body’s requirements for cleansing become. We are all in varying degrees faced with this. Common ailments such as headaches, bowel problems, allergies, weight problems, depression, anxiety and pain mm due in large part failure by cleansing systems. There can also draw a direct connection to this overworked mode if you start to look older, feel more tired or lose the special glow that characterizes good health. But all this can be turned in the right direction, if one focuses attention on the phenomenon of cleansing. Targeted cleansing will provide access to energy reserves and imbalances will be restored, then the body again get the chance to do its work.

Cleansing with patches of Y-age series

The LifeWaves patented health technologies are age-old knowledge combined with modern technology. With LifeWave patches we have the opportunity to help people return to a better state of health – a better quality of life.

To enjoy the LifeWave patch technology does not need to be an expert in acupuncture, but just follow the visual instructions in the accompanying product brochures or To Human LifeWave App. LifeWave is for all! A targeted cleansing with LifeWave can easily and effectively be carried out by using the patches from the Y-AGE series consisting of Y-Age Glutathione, Y-Age Carnosine and Y-Age Aeon. Using these three LifeWave patches cleaned, regenerated and strengthened body. In order to supply energy to the organs so they can do their best work, I recommend like that within a detox-cure starts with 5-element protocol with Energy Enhancer, which gently stimulate each organ in a sequence over a 5 day scheme. Cleansing / Detox can take place over 1-4 weeks at a time – as required, and there are protocols that clearly describe how.

On the whole – and even more important during a detox cure – it is to drink water. Tap water is helping to lead the bioelectric energies that LifeWave patches emit and helps flush waste products out of the body. December is the month with fun and Christmas, when the body comes in extra work, so it will be really good to prepare for a detox cure. If things go wrong, there is help available in both symptom lists, Facebook groups and our indispensable To Human LifeWave App where there is patchingforslag Christmas stomachs and other stomachs.


  1. It’s great to be reminded of this topic. Detox and cleansing is basically the answer to most people’s physical issues. “They” just do not know. Beautifully, LifeWave thus provides unique tools available to us in the process. With the growing awareness of the importance of taking care of ourselves – and the messages we can jointly reveal here through the To Human Blog – it allows for a brighter existence for more.

    Lets tell the world …. – and we are working on it …..

    Hugs from Steen.

    • Thank you Steen.
      It’s just old knowledge that the body benefits from a detox a few times a year.
      Unlike previous fast food, decoction of potatoes, vegetables, herbs etc. With Lifewave patches, we can quickly and easily clean unwanted substances. Easy, revitalized and rebuilding!


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